"And this is the Taba'at Shlomo. Also known as the Ring of Solomon. It was passed down to Solomon directly from heaven to trap genies."
John Constantine on the Ring of Solomon[src]

Taba'at Shlomo, known commonly as the Ring of Solomon, is a magical artifact originally forged in Heaven for Solomon to use.


Taba'at Shlomo was passed directly from Heaven to Solomon with the purpose of trapping genies.[1]

At some point in time, Jasper Winters acquired Ring of Solomon and storaged it in his millhouse.[1]

After Winters's passing millhouse went to Liv Aberdine and John Constantine with latter ending up using it as his base of operations to fight the Rising Darkness, among with the artifacts provided. On at least one occasion Constantine used Taba'at Shlomo to engrave the Seal of Solomon onto a glass botle with the purpose of trapping the demon Mnemoth in it, although the attempt was unsuccessful as the bottles were proven not to hold the demon.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics Ring of Solomon is mainly seen as one of the mystical artifacts used by Israeli superhero Seraph.
  • In the real world Ring of Solomon is not mentioned in the Bible and comes from older Hebrew traditions.


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