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"Is that a laser gun?"
Aldus Boardman to Rip Hunter[src]

A gun owned by Rip Hunter is used as a sidearm. It resembles a M1895 Nagant revolver, but its cylinder shines a bright blue light and it fires blue energy bolts.[1] He also has at least two other guns in which one fires green energy bolts and the other red energy bolts.


Jonah Hex wields an energy gun

Rip Hunter hands Jonah Hex an energy gun.

Rip used his weapon when he and his team were retreating to his ship, the Waverider, using it to fend off the attacks from Chronos, who was sent by the Time Masters Council to bring in Hunter.[1]

Known users[]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow[]


  • Rip has at least two spare guns, which he lent one of them to Jonah Hex in order to fight the Hunters. The gun's cylinders shined green/turquoise light and fired green bolts. He used the other to find the last piece of the Spear. This gun shines dark red and fires red bolts.
  • While in simulated combat with Miranda Coburn, Rip wielded another revolver-type energy gun.
  • the prop is made from a airgun version of the M1895 Nagant made by Gletcher. The prop is fitted with a custom cylinder, a heavy barrel, and the ejector rod removed.