Rise of Rome is a book detailing the history of Rome.


Rise of Rome contained texts on the history of the city of Rome, including the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. One chapter named "The Ides of March" contained information on Julius Caesar's assassination.[1]



Julius Caesar fell from his reign as Dictator of the Roman Republic, on March 15, 44 BC. Until that time the Ides of March had been known as a time of celebration, a time of festivals. On that March 15 the day became one eponymous with dread. Dread of something horrific about to happen. As did to Julius Caesar forever known to be the one warned, "Beware of the Ides of March". Caesar had been travelling to the capital when he was mobbed by a gang of Senators.

Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) was a Consul of the Roman Republic. Antony heard rumor of the conspiracy to murder Caesar on his way to Theatre of Pompey. Great strives were made to warn Caesar of this plot when Trebonius, a military commander intercepted Antony putting a stop to his attempt to save Caesar from his historical perish.[1]


An illustration of Caesar reigning over the Senate.

After returning Julius Caesar to 49 BC, Nate Heywood used Rise of Rome to see if history was back on track. The image of Caesar reigning over the Senate was replaced by the image of Caesar being assassinated. Shocked, Julius Caesar stole the book and prepared to confront Brutus and Cassius, the two who led the conspiracy against Caesar.

Aberrant timeline: Caesar used the book as his guide in conquering the known and unknown world, eventually colonizing Magna Hesperia, what should've been known as the United States of America.

An illustration of Caesar's assassination.

Current timeline: Time Bureau agent Ava Sharpe, accompanied by two other agents, retrieved the book from Caesar's tent, was ambushed and captured along with the book. After the Legends fought against Caesar's forces, they retrieved the book.[1]


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