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"Subjugating the world to your rule is not saving it. You would create a wasteland and call it peace."
"Do not misquote Tacitus to me. I knew him well. I have lived long enough to watch civilizations rise and fall. You weep for your son. I have held dozens of my children as they perished from old age. You might be a Time Master, but I'm a master of time. And I play a far deeper game than you could ever hope to comprehend.
Rip Hunter and Vandal Savage

"River of Time" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on May 5, 2016.




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The scene opens in Ancient Egypt, where Savage has Rip in guardianship. He's taking pleasure in tormenting Rip, and takes steps to leave him to decay in his cell until the comets strike.

On the Waverider, the vast majority of the group needs to execute Savage, yet Stein and Kendra are as yet stressed over Carter. Ray and Jax come in to report that Savage had utilized future tech (well past 2166) in his robot, implying that Rip presently accepts the Time Council will approve disposing of Savage.

Savage clarifies that he created time travel and has been going too. He says he's attempting to spare the world a similar way Rip is. After Rip leaves him, he arranges Gideon to get to the Vanishing Point as quick as could reasonably be expected.

In his cell, Carter knows who Kendra is, however that doesn't stop him needing to slaughter her.

Sara goes to visit Rip in his lab, and is concerned he's pushing the boat excessively hard. She says that she's checked with Gideon and that removing Savage from the course of events didn't spare Rip's family. He guarantees her that the boat will hold together - however simply then something blows, shaking the specialty. Savage grins.

The time drive has separated, and Jax is going to begin fixing it, however in light of a worry from Stein, Rip guarantees them that the escape has an auxillary time drive to get them back to 2016.

Savage attempts to manipulate Sara, revealing to her that Hunter will be the death of the group, however she wouldn't like to hear what he needs to state.

In the motor room, Jax is chipping away at the innovation, however the radiation is above adequate levels. He gets hit with a rush of vitality, and in the wake of losing awareness streaks back to when his better half gave him his dad's watch. It's the day he left for the crucial, he advises his mom that he will be on schedule for supper subsequent to bidding farewell to Stein at the college.

At the point when he awakens, he's enduring the outcomes of transient radiation presentation - including quick maturing.

In Rip's examination, Sara comes to him to give him Savage's case that Hunter would sell out the group to spare his family. Tear reveals to her that Savage is right: he mentions to her what happened to Jax, and she stomps out furiously.

In his holding cell, Kendra presents to Carter a photograph of their family, alongside child Aldridge, however he assaults her and attempts to kill her when she gets excessively close. Ray saves her and punches him out, and afterward says he's going to end this.

In Savage's cell, Palmer requests to realize how to free Carter's brain. Savage discloses to Ray that the second he liberates Carter, Ray will lose her eternity. He reveals to Ray that they're very indistinguishable, much the same as he told Rip. He guarantees Shayara adored him following her first revival, however then he lost her to Khufu. That selling out is the thing that set Savage's frenzy into movement. Ray says Savage is his solitary adversary, however Savage says that Carter is their shared foe. At the point when he conjures Ray's first fiancee, Ray exits. He streaks back to meeting up with Felicity before he leaves for the mission. She discloses to him that he has an actual existence to return to, and he guarantees he will after they take out Savage. He says he turned into The Atom to improve the world a spot, so he needs to do this. The two kiss farewell.

At the point when he shows up at Carter's holding region, Kendra is perusing him the restoration supplication that she recounted during their first passing, and stroking his face. Ray sees it, gets angry, and leaves.

Kendra follows Ray, attempting to explain herself. Ray dismisses her justification and reveals to her that Savage is correct: cherishing her is a revile. She reveals to him that Savage is simply attempting to get inside his head, however Ray says that is genuine yet Savage is likewise right, and discloses to her he needs to end things.

In the Med Bay, Jax's blood science is that of a 63-year-old man. The Rogues choose they're burnt out on watching for the unavoidable conclusion and that Jax deserves better. They go to stand up to Rip, disclosing to him that they need to kill Savage, yet Rip says that the time drive is rebooting and they'll be to Vanishing Point soon. Tracker discloses to them that in the event that they need to surrender the mission, they can take the escape back to Central City. The Rogues go to return home, yet Sara says she won't run from a battle.

She streaks back to bidding farewell to Nyssa before leaving on the mission. Nyssa is stunned that she's her old self once more, and brought to tears. She goes to kiss Sara, yet Sara opposes, saying that she's going to spare Nyssa from the League's prison. Nyssa advises her to abandon Nanda Parbat far and carry on with a real existence unbound by her past. Sara says it's harder to do than it sounds yet Nyssa reveals to her anything beneficial is.

At Savage's phone, Stein inquires as to whether Savage recollects the night in 1975, when Savage was offering his eternality to his devotees. Savage concludes that Stein needs him to do it for Jax. Savage says it's Carter's blood that does something amazing, not his own, and attempts to situate stein and Ray against the Hawks. Stein, however, says that Savage has accidentally given him an answer for his concern.

On board the escape, Stein infuses Jax with a soothing; he says that an arrival outing to 2016 should invert his condition, and that while he knows Jax wouldn't walk out in the group readily, he's doing something contrary to what he did when he constrained Jax to go along with him on the outing - yielding himself for Jax. He advises Jax to disclose to her farewell for him.

Martin streaks back to his lab, where he's exploring something. Clarissa comes in to request that he come to lunch with her, however she's made sense of that he's anticipating going through time. He guarantees her that he'll be home before she knows it, and kisses her farewell.

The Rogues come to discover the escape, however it's gone. They're annoyed with Stein, who clarifies he did whatever he needed to do to spare Jefferson's life. Presently, they need to fix the Waverider and carry it to the Vanishing Point.

Ray goes to see Savage once more. He attempts to incite Ray into a battle, and Ray opens the cell and punches Savage. The two beginning battling, and Savage figures out how to get the advantage, taking out Ray and utilizing hsi fingerprints to open the cell and make his break.

Ray educates Rip that Savage is free as a bird, and Rip sends Ray and the Rogues to manage Savage and the now-discharged Carter. The force goes out, because of Savage dabbling with the Waverider, and Rip needs to remain on the scaffold with Stein and Sara to physically get the specialty to Vanishing Point.

In the fight among Carter and Savage against the Rogues and Atom, Savage nearly gets the advantage until Carter is overflowed with recollections of his previous existences and switches sides, reversing the situation. Savage cuts him and Carter falls, inciting Kendra to beat Savage into accommodation. Both Savage and Carter endure, however.

Later at the Med Bay, Kendra apologizes to Ray for everything while he keeps an eye on Carter, yet Ray says that having a messed up heart has at any rate persuaded him he can adore once more. With Savage in care, the group advances toward Vanishing Point, where they're acquired by a tractor bar.

At a court of the Time Council, however, they excuse the proof that Savage has been controlling the time stream for his own closures and detain Rip, discharging Savage to return to 2166. Druce, it appears, has been working with Savage from the start. While Savage insults Rip about his looming murder of Rip's family, Time Master powers drop on the Waverider, where Sara and Snart are finding a spot to cover up.


Preparation ran from February 17 until February 25, 2016. Shooting ran from February 26 until March 9, 2016.[1]



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  • Rip demands the Time Masters' control officer to call the council under General Order of 52 after Vandal Savage is captured, referencing the recurring number 52 in DC comics.
  • This is the first episode in the Arrowverse (out of the TV shows that take place on Earth-1), where Earth-1 doesn't appear physically in the present day. 
  • When Sara inquires about "Jurgens Ridge", this is a reference to Dan Jurgens, the writer/artist of DC Comics' six-issue mini-series, Time Masters: Vanishing Point.
  • In the beginning of the episode when Snart and Mick are talking about an old job gone bad, there is a bottle of what looks like blue milk in front of Mick. This is possible nod to Star Wars, in which Blue milk is popular in the space cantina. 


  • When Rip is listening to Beethoven's symphony, the vinyl sleeve reads "Clariola". When he stops it from playing, it reads "Phonogold".