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Detective Rivera is a police detective of the Star City Police Department.


Early life[]

Rivera grew up in The Glades, prior to it becoming run down.[1]

The Hood case[]

Detective Rivera happened upon an arrowhead in the corpses of some men. He and McKenna Hall decided to call Detective Lance. Determining that they no one in the area would talk to police, Rivera decided to go undercover for answers. He approached the Netas gang, offering up some cocaine. The following day, they met back up in an abandoned police building. He gave them a briefcase of cocaine and he was almost safe, before someone realized that it was some of their own, noticing their insignia on the briefcase. Before they could kill him, however, The Hood intervened and killed the gang. Rivera turned on his savior, pointing a gun at him. However, The Hood convinced him that he was the one that had to do the killing, and Rivera left to his cohorts outside, realizing they could never truly match The Hood as he was.[1]