Rob is a resident of Central City and the husband of David Singh.


Original timeline

Relationship with David Singh

Rob was shown to be very worried for David Singh, as he was badly injured. However, this timeline was erased by Barry Allen. He told Barry that Singh spoke very highly of him, which surprised Barry.

Current timeline

Rob was rescued from a burning building by the Flash. David Singh was very relieved.

In May 2015, Rob and David went on their honeymoon.[1]

Attending Barry and Iris' wedding

Rob attended Barry and Iris West's wedding as David's plus-one. Suddenly, the ceremony was attacked by Nazis from Earth-X. Rob and David made it to safety, along with the other guests who didn't participate the fight. Afterwards, his memory of the encounter was presumably erased.[2]


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Rob appears to be fairly health-conscious, since David Singh is constantly mentioning the "improvements" to his diet which Rob has made.


The Flash

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Season 3



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