Rob Reynolds is a former member of the CIA black ops team led by Onyx Adams.


In 2015, Rob was working as a member of Onyx Adams' CIA black ops squad when they disappeared with $100 million in stolen gold from the Syrian government. Later, he defected back to the CIA along with two other members of the team. For the next two years, Onyx attempted to track down and murder Rob through the use of a poison gas attack, as he and the other defectors were the only ones who could link Onyx to the stolen gold.[1]

In 2017, Onyx and the remaining members of her team finally located Rob, who had been hiding out in Star City. He was alerted to their presence and used this opportunity to attempt to grab his go bag from the Haselby Grand hotel. Team Arrow was able to identify Rob on the city's traffic cameras and followed him to the hotel to try and thwart Onyx's plans. Though Rob was able to get his go bag from the hotel concierge, Onyx and her team had by this time already secured the building and planted a device containing poison gas. When the device went off, Rob attempted to escape the building and tried to hijack a limousine, but he was confronted by a gun-wielding Onyx. However, the Green Arrow arrived in time to save Rob's life, incapacitating Onyx while his team dispersed the gas inside the hotel and evacuated civilians. Rob was apprehended by the Green Arrow for his crimes in Syria two years prior.[1]



Season 6


  • Felicity Smoak's file on Rob lists him as being six feet tall, 190 pounds, and single, among other information. Additionally, Rob also has an interest in classic cars.[1]


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