"Area is secure, sir."
—Rob Scott to Oliver Queen[src]

Rob Scott is a bodyguard who was hired as John Diggle's replacement after the latter's resignation. However, Rob himself quit in short order, as he was understandably unable to put up with Oliver Queen's antics.


Rob Scott spent five years as a S.W.A.T. officer of Monument Point's MCU.

In late 2012, Rob was hired by Moira Queen to protect her son, Oliver, after his predecessor, John Diggle, quit. Despite being aware of his client's tendency to escape Diggle's watch, Rob couldn't stop Oliver from evading him, first by motorcycle outside the Queen Mansion and then sneaking out a bathroom window in Big Belly Burger. Rob quit the next day, leaving the position vacant for Diggle when the latter agreed to become Oliver's partner.[1]



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