"They'll literally never see it coming."
—Robet DuBois[src]

Robert DuBois, codenamed Bloodsport, is ex-military and a mercenary operating in National City. He was hired by Morgan Edge to bomb the city's waterfront, only to be stopped and apprehended by Supergirl.


Early acts

Robert DuBois joined the military and was stationed at Fort Harrison, where he was part of the security detail.

At some point after his service, DuBois became a mercenary and terrorist. He once led a bombing of City Hall in National City, after which he fell off the radar.[1]

Attacking the unveiling

Several years later in late 2017, DuBois was hired by Morgan Edge to bomb the National City waterfront. For this endeavor, he stole a high-pressure regulator, along with aluminum rods to cover his true intentions. DuBois and his team were pursued by the NCPD and eventually encountered Supergirl. DuBois attacked her with an electric baton, but the superheroine easily defeated him and threw him off the truck. As she was occupied with stopping the runaway vehicle, DuBois escaped with the regulator.

The next night, DuBois broke into his former base to steal a cloaking device from a Daxamite war ship in General Sam Lane's possession. When Supergirl arrived, DuBois used the ship's beams to stun her and attack some nearby soldiers, allowing him to escape once more. With the regulator, DuBois stabilized the internal force of a submarine to withstand the pressure emitted from the cloaking device. Once the submarine was ready, DuBois met with Edge to confirm they could proceed with the plan.

During the unveiling of the Girl of Steel statue at the waterfront, DuBois began firing missiles at the area from underwater, causing earthquakes on the surface. When Supergirl found the submarine, DuBois ordered his men to fire and detonate a stray nuke to incapacitate her. However, Supergirl nonetheless managed to stop the next missile and lift the submarine out of the water, foiling their plans. DuBois was subsequently arrested.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a mercenary and former soldier, DuBois is in remarkable physical condition. Despite Supergirl throwing him 100 yards away onto a car, DuBois was able to quickly recover with no visible injuries and flee the scene.[1]
  • High-level intellect/Military training/Master tactician/Leader: Using his military training, DuBois successfully led missions of weapons theft from army bases and managed to stay hidden from authorities for years. He was able to conduct a series of bombings while leaving no concrete evidence behind and plan an unexpected attack on the waterfront which threw off even the D.E.O.. During his encounters with Supergirl, DuBois used various means of misdirection to occupy her, allowing him to escape twice.[1]
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: During his attack on Fort Harrison, DuBois was able to hack into the base's server and scramble its signal.[1]
    • Expert engineer: DuBois was shown to be experienced with utilizing even extraterrestrial technology, as he concealed a military-grade submarine with a cloaking device from a Daxamite warship while using a regulator to stabilize the pressure.[1]
    • Expert driver/Pilot: DuBois knew how to drive a getaway truck to escape from the police and lead a team in operating a military submarine.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: While unknown to what degree, DuBois has proven to be a capable fighter in unarmed combat, able to take down several soldiers at Fort Harrison.
    • Skilled stick-fighter: In his brief battle with Supergirl, DuBois used an electric baton to try and strike her.


Former equipment

  • Taser baton: DuBois used a baton with an electric charge in an encounter with Supergirl.



Season 3

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