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"The Arrow of Starling City, formerly known as the Hood, has been unmasked as billionaire Robert Queen. Robert was marooned on an island when his boat went down in the Pacific, an accident that ended with the tragic death of his son, Oliver. Robert Queen was thought dead when—excuse me, I'm receiving word."
Channel 52 News Reporter[src]

Robert Queen was a billionaire, the Starling City vigilante known as The Arrow, formerly The Hood, the ex-husband of the late Moira Queen, the father of the late Oliver Queen and the adoptive father of the late Thea Queen.


Early life

Robert Queen was a prominent billionaire in Starling City. At some point, he married Moira and they had a son, Oliver. On April 18, 1994,[1] his wife had a daughter, Thea, from an affair with Malcolm Merlyn, but Robert raised and loved her as his own.[2]


In 2007, during a voyage on the Pacific with his son, Robert was presumably shipwrecked on Lian Yu, while Oliver perished. Robert was originally believed dead until unknown circumstances lead to his return to civilization.[3]

At some point prior to April 18, 2012, Moira remarried to Malcolm. It is unknown if Robert was still presumed dead by then, or if he had already returned and the couple had divorced.[1]

Becoming the Hood

The revelation of Robert Queen's identity on live television.

Years after Oliver's death, Robert returned to Starling City and became the vigilante named The Hood, later being renamed The Arrow. He also became a renowned hero of Starling. In early 2015, Robert's identity as The Hood was revealed on live television.[3]

By 2019, Robert's mantle of the Hood was taken by Adrian Chase.[1]


The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • This version of Robert is reminiscent of Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint, a DC comics arc in which Thomas became Batman in an alternate timeline, rather than his son Bruce.
    • A similar version of Thomas later appeared on the Earth 2 series as the new Batman of that world.
    • It is also a reference to the New 52 story arc, since in Prime Earth, Robert Queen didn't die in a safari as his New Earth counterpart, but survived to become the first Green Arrow, a member of the Arrow Clan, leaving the title to his son after his death at the hands of Komodo.