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The Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center is the applied sciences division of Queen Consolidated, later Palmer Technologies. The company used advanced scientific and medical technology designed with the intention of making Star City a healthier and safer place.[1] It is located in Star City.


In October 2012, Queen Consolidated broke ground for a new site of the Applied Sciences division, which was named in honor of the late Robert Queen.[2]

Felicity Smoak used a pair of glasses designed in Applied Sciences to pick up sub-visible variations in the UV spectrum in order to uncover the names on The List.[3]

Ted Daniels, a corporate spy, attempted to infiltrate Queen Consolidated through his job in Applied Sciences.[4]

Malcolm Merlyn used the Applied Sciences division to weaponize the Markov Device from Unidac Industries to use in the Undertaking.[5]

In December 2013, Cyrus Gold broke into the Applied Sciences facility and stole an industrial centrifuge.[6]

In April 2014 after Isabel Rochev secured Queen Consolidated in a hostile takeover, she planned to use the resources in Applied Sciences to reproduce the Mirakuru serum, creating more soldiers for Slade Wilson's army.[7]

In an attempt to derail Slade and Isabel's plan, Oliver and Team Arrow were forced to destroy the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center. On Felicity's suggestion, they snuck into the compound and rigged the area with C4 bombs. Oliver was hesitant to detonate the bombs, as the facility was built to honor his father, but reluctantly followed through.[1]

Sometime after Ray Palmer took over Queen Consolidated and renamed it Palmer Technologies,[8] the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center was rebuilt.[9]



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