Robert Terrill is the husband of Grace Terrill, the father of Ray Terrill and the late Michael Terrill.


Early life

At some point, Robert met Grace Terrill, whom he married. Later, they had two sons; Michael and Ray. When Michael grew up, he enlisted in the Marine Corps and, after several years of service, he died in a mission.[1]

Living with his family

Robert is a supportive father of Ray. Wishing for him to get a real job like Michael, who went into the military and died in combat. Ray later had lost his job and told his family. Robert suggests once again for Ray to go for a better career now. However Ray later has to go.[1]

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Later Robert arrives home and sees Ray's injuries. Unaware of his career as a superhero, he buys the excuse that Ray had been playing with his other employees. Feeling proud of him before Ray takes off again.[citation needed]


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Season 1

Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Ray Terrill's father was named Langford Terrill. He was a member of the Freedom Fighters and All-Star Squadron during World War II.


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