Dr. Robert Wong is a Chinese scientist who was tasked to re-create the Alpha-Omega virus by Chien Na Wei.


Robert Wong, professor at Wan Chai University in Hong Kong, is a renowned biophysician who won the Nobel Prize for his work on complex proteins and antibodies.

Mar Novu took an interest in Robert and set Oliver Queen to retrieve him.

The Hong Kong police had Wong in protective custody for nearly a week when the guards were put to sleep by Green Arrow, causing Wong to run in fear. As he ran, Chinese Triad agents of China White attacked and kidnapped him.

An explosive vest was put on Wong with China White having the detonator; he was beaten up and was then placed in a car and had to wait until Green Arrow gave her a real sample of the Alpha-Omega virus before he was given to the hooded vigilante. Suddenly, a woman with a sword landed between Wong and China White and gunfire occurred; China White told her men to grab the scientist. As the Triads battled the heroes, Wong was grabbed until the Green Arrow subdued the kidnappers. Green Arrow told someone that he could not remove the vest without the detonator.Wong watched as the hero suddenly yelled and ran away.

Soon after, Lyla Michaels took Wong to the Monitor, telling her compatriots that he was "in a safe location".[1]

When Wong left Hong Kong, he started working on Dwarf star particles and created the schematics to build a weapon for the Monitor in an attempt to save the Multiverse from the upcoming crisis.[2]


  • Genius-level intellect/scientist: Wong won a Nobel Prize in biophysics.



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