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"Bees. I like bees."
Brie Larvan[src]

Robotic bees were microscopic robots designed by Brie Larvan to resemble real-life honeybees. The bees were originally intended for agricultural and then military-grade application, only to become a weapon of crime, assisting their creator in her schemes.


While working at Mercury Labs, Brie Larvan developed the robotic bees intended to be used in agriculture. However, interested to do more, she began developing them for an unauthorized military-grade application. Due to this, Brie was reported and fired.

Wishing to get revenge, Larvan had the bees go after her former co-workers, Lindsay Kang and Bill Carlisle, injecting them with copious amounts of apitoxin, killing them. She was almost thwarted by The Flash, but he was injected with the apitoxin, only barely surviving due to his regenerative factor. Before she could finish with her former boss, Tina McGee, however, the S.T.A.R. Labs team intercepted and Felicity Smoak took control, stopping some from swarming The Flash and redirecting those headed for Dr. McGee, short-circuiting them by directing them through water.[1]

Cisco Ramon later obtained two of the robotic bees and attempted to reprogram them to help with the prisoners in the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator. However, Kyle Nimbus destroyed one of the bees, leaving Ramon to wonder what he should do with the other bee.[2]

Larvan later used her invention once again while attempting to steal Felicity's implantable bio-stimulant from Palmer Technologies. Her robotic bees were upgraded, showing the ability to transform into impassable barriers and an advanced combat robot during her confrontation with the members of Team Arrow.[3]

After obtaining Spencer Young's phone and having Cisco bypass the DNA lock, XS gave it to Brie so that she can control her robotic bees with it[4]

Weapon specifications[]

  • Apitoxin supply: Similar to a typical bee, Larvan's robotic bees held a supply of apitoxin, injecting it in to humans upon command, albeit more than a normal bee.[1]
  • Remote camera: Each bee had a camera on it, remotely linking up to Larvan's base of operations.[1]
  • Transformation: A large number of bees could be able to unite into a single bee-themed humanoid robot, able to go toe-in-toe with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. Alternatively, the bees could morph together into an impassable barrier, or the image of their creator's face.[3]

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