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Robot are programmable machines capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, sometimes independent of their controller/creator. They are often designed to mimic human movements, and exceed their biological capabilities, allowing them to achieve feats considered impossible by humans. Robots can be programmed with or without an artificial intelligence, depending on if the creator intends for the robot to be controlled by a designated user, or for it to control itself. Robots in the present day have been seen on Earth-1 and Earth-38 and Earth-X, though not specifically on other Earths.



The Samuroid, facing off against Kid Flash and Vibe.

On Earth-1 there have been numerous robots, such as simple cuddly toys like Beebo as part of the "Cuddle Me Beebo" toy brand.[1]

Brie Larvan also created robots, such as her combat robot[2] and her beloved robotic bees, the latter of which could inject lethal amounts of apitoxin, despite originally being intended for agricultural purposes.[3]

A.M.A.Z.O. also was another robot, invented by Ivo Laboratories with an artificial intelligence and the ability to copy the physiological proficiencies of others.[4] John Deegan, in the guise of Superman, also created a version of A.M.A.Z.O. using the Book of Destiny, although it was easily destroyed by Brainiac 5.[5]

Police robot.

Other robots on Earth-1 include Marlize DeVoe's Samuroid and further Samurai robots, Cisco's primitive Girder combat robot[6] and an unknown metallic creature from a presumably erased future.[7]

Vixen, Green Arrow, Flash, and Mr. Terrific teamed up to defeat a huge robot that was attacking a city.[8][9]


In the future, robots become even more advanced than they are currently. In 2147, A.T.O.M. robots were created based on the designs of the A.T.O.M. Exosuit by Ray Palmer, although his brother Sydney claimed to be the creator.[10] He began the development of autonomous robotic law enforcers, which were used by the Kasnia Conglomerate to act as their defense force, however they were later to be used by Vandal Savage to aid in his conquest of Earth, though this outcome was averted when Ray and Kendra Saunders convinced Dr. Bryce to deactivate them.[10]

The Leviathan.

Robots also become so advanced in the future that they are capable of supporting massive sizes. The Leviathan is an example of this. A large military robot, the Leviathan was capable of wiping out whole settlements with its weaponry. It was created by Vandal Savage and his order in 2166, however the technology used to create it was at least a century ahead of where it belonged, as Savage used time travel to help construct it. It was a danger to the timeline, and would have easily resulted the Vandal Savage's victory, if it had not been for Ray Palmer using his Exosuit to enlarge himself and ultimately destroying the robot.[11]


Red Tornado.

On Earth-38, Red Tornado was a combat android designed by T.O. Morrow to kill Kryptonians. It was autonomous, containing its own artificial intelligence. It took a billion dollars and eleven years to produce, only for it to be destroyed at the hands of Kara Danvers.[12] Krypton also possessed its own robots, created by Kryptonians, particularly as personal assistants with semi-autonomy and a unique AI. Such examples include Kelex, the name of many robots, one of which safeguarded the Fortress of Solitude.[13] It could draw upon an extensive database of Kryptonian knowledge.[14]


On Earth-X, there existed a version of Red Tornado, where it was a military robot used by general Winn Schott of the Freedom Fighters. It was destroyed by the Flash and the Ray to prevent it from destroying a temporal gateway leading back to Earth-1.[15][16]


After the crisis, events from both Earths 1 and 38 were merged into Earth-Prime.[17] In an alternative reality created by the Fates in 2020, where there is an android called Maala, who is an officer aboard the USS Faterider in the fictional show Star Trip.[18]


Robots can have various abilities depending on the technology implemented into them. Robots intended for combat purposes tend to include more weaponry and are more reinforced than simple assistant robots such as Kelex. For example, the Leviathan:

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