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"So if it wasn't Nazis, who were you running from?"
—Sgt. Rock to Kendra Saunders[src]

Sergeant Rock[1] was a sergeant in the United States Army who served during World War II.


Sergeant Rock's death

Rock was slain by Vandal Savage in 1944.

Rock served in the U.S. Army during World War II in Saint-Lô, France. One day, he ran into Kendra Saunders, who was trying to flee from Vandal Savage. Rock believed that she was trying to escape the Nazis. He gave Kendra a pen and paper to write with, before allowing her to stuff her note in to his helmet, despite his confusion over the situation. Just then, Rock was stabbed through the heart with a knife by Savage, killing him. His helmet eventually entered the possession of Rip Hunter aboard the Waverider.[2]



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