Roderick Smith is the boyfriend and former right-hand man of Hartley Rathaway.


Roderick and Hartley's henchmen.

At some point in their history, Roderick became involved with Hartley Rathaway as both a criminal and a lover as he eventually became his right-hand man in his Merry Men gang, as well as his significant other.[1]

During a fight on a bridge between Pied Piper and the Flash, he was injured severely by a mixture of Hartley's vibrational tech and the Flash's lightning, resulting in his molecules becoming unstable and essentially taking on a non-solid form. Comatosed and structurally unstable, Roderick was placed in a chamber and kept in Mercury Labs for years.

Roderick and Hartley at S.T.A.R. Labs.

In 2020, Cisco Ramon learned of his plight from Hartley and attempted to cure but initially failed; however, with the use of a Godspeed clone's blood, his molecules were able to be permanently stabilized and he was able to awaken from his coma. It appears that he has no memory of his time in the coma (as is normal for most normal coma patients).

Roderick left S.T.A.R. Labs delighted to be alive and reunited with his lover.[1]


Roderick loves his boyfriend and will battle anyone who would harm him, standing against The Flash to defend Hartley.[1]


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