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"You can't stop me, Flash, and you never will."
—The Reverse-Flash believes that Barry will never be able to defeat him

"Rogue Air" is the twenty-second episode of the first season of The Flash, and the twenty-second episode overall. It aired on May 12, 2015.



Rogue Air opens with Harrison Wells telling Eddie Thawne that he will recover everything that was taken from him throughout everyday life.

Across town, Iris meets with Barry at the bistro. Barry guarantees that they'll discover Eddie, who's despite everything held hostage by Wells. Barry then gets a call from Cisco, and goes to STAR Labs. At the Labs, Cisco illuminates the group that Wells' wheelchair shrouded an a cutting edge power source. He induces that the source acted like a battery, charging Well's speed at whatever point he sat in it. At that point, the group understands Wells' vitality signature profound inside STAR's storm cellar. Joe, Cisco, and Barry go to examine.

Following the sign, they reveal Wells' mystery area. Barry seeks after Wells over the city, yet can't get him. In the bedlam, Wells discharges Peek-A-Boo from her cell. She nearly murders Caitlin, yet Iris spares her and curbs Peek-A-Boo. They at that point hear Eddie's weeps for help and find him in a sepulcher beneath. As Eddie is carted away to recover, Iris discovers Eddie's wedding band, implied for her, laying on the floor.

Barry comes back to discover Eddie free from any potential harm. Eddie tells the gathering that he and Wells are connected, and that Wells' genuine name is Eobard Thawne. Eddie depicts the "cutting edge tube" that Wells was growing underground, and how it was the "key" to Well's arrival to what's to come. Cisco at that point distinguishes the cylinder as a cutting edge power source that will re-power the atom smasher. The force source will arrive at its full force in 36 hours, and will reignite the atom smasher at that point. The gathering realizes that the quickening agent's vitality will execute the metahumans put away in STAR Labs, and chooses to send them to the jail island of Lian-Yu, where they'll be protected. Barry says he'll require Joe's assistance in shipping the metahumans.

Joe goes to his manager at Central City's Police Department and approaches her to clear the streets for the metahuman's shipment. She says she can't get included, refering to the various laws that Joe and group have broken by detaining the metahumans without fair treatment. Barry meets with Joe and says that ARGUS can help transport the metahumans to Lian Yu, however they despite everything need prompt help in Starling City. Without CCPD down and out, Barry concludes that the main man he can go to is Captain Cold.

Barry defies Cold at a bar. Cold says he won't assist Flash with guiding his foes away, saying that it's not his concern. Barry in the long run persuades Cold to support him, however with a cost. Snart says he'll think about an adequate cost and return to Barry with one once he chooses.

Across town, Iris discovers Eddie at the CCPD. There, Eddie says what Wells let him know: That Iris will wed Barry rather than Eddie. Tolerating that it isn't his destiny to be with Iris, he parts ways with her and leaves.

At STAR Labs, Snart stands up to Barry and posse and gives his cost. In return for his assistance, Snart requests that each record and document on him be for all time eradicated. Barry acknowledges, yet Joe fights. Barry contends that he'll take the necessary steps to spare the metahumans' lives. Before Joe can additionally dissent, Flash races to the CCPD and carefully eradicates each document on Snart. He at that point carries all physical proof to Snart, who devastates it with his Cold Gun. At that point Snart's sister, Golden Glider, shows up, and the group up authoritatively starts.

Barry takes Cold and Glider back to STAR Labs. Cold reveals to Joe that he can be trusted, while Glider takes a stab at playing with Cisco once more. Cisco is enticed by her charms, yet stands up to. Cisco at that point shows how they'll get the Metahumans out—by means of a business 18-wheeler that has been retrofitted with Wells' mystery power source. Cisco figured out it so that as opposed to driving the metahumans, the source will debilitate them. In the wake of thumping the metahumans out with gas, the posse ships them across town. Sadly, the metahuman detainees wake up in-travel.

At the point when the truck stops at the ARGUS meeting-point, the gathering prepares to do the switch. Cold's sister approaches Cisco for her own superhuman name, and he (kinda) hesitantly names her as Golden Glider

Inside the truck, the force damper changes and the metahumans recover they controls. They break out of the truck and assault Flash, the pack, and Cold. An enormous fight follows. The Rogues nearly slaughter The Flash, yet Captain Cold and Glider even the tides. Cold says that they should simply consider the night a "draw," and permits them to get away. Presently obliged to Snart, the detainees escape. Flash is at that point understands that Cold fixed the force damper and made the circumstance advantageous for him. Presently with a multitude of Rogues on his side, Cold leaves the Flash alive and says that he "owes him one" as well.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry faults himself for trusting Snart. He looks at himself to the Arrow, saying that Oliver Queen could have facilitated the circumstance. Joe reveals to Barry that he's not the Arrow, and he knows not to go too far among good and bad. Joe makes Barry guarantee to stroll along the clouded side, and Barry concurs. Be that as it may, at that point, Well's atom smasher Barry arrives at it full point.

At the CCPD, Iris reveals to Eddie that in spite of what Wells stated, she will keep on adoring him. Eddie contends back by saying that he generally realized that Iris cherished Barry, and finds a sense of contentment to release her. Iris consents to part ways with him, and the two head out in their own direction.

At the point when Wells comes back to STAR Labs, Barry stands up to him outside. Wells says he'll show Barry why he needs the Particle Accelerator once more, however Barry isn't going to be tricked twice by his foes. As the two get ready to conflict, Firestorm and Arrow show up help The Flash.

Wells puts on his Reverse Flash uniform, and a huge super-controlled battle ejects. Bolt hits Reverse Flash with a nanite-fueled bolt, which quickly depletes Reverse Flash of his speed. From that point, Arrow and Reserve Flash enter a typical road brawl. Reverse Flash rapidly recovers his forces and nearly murders Arrow, yet Barry stops him. Flash at that point baits Reverse Flash to an atomic impact from Firestorm. With Reverse Flash paralyzed, Arrow hits him with another nanite-controlled Arrow. With his forces by and by gone, the Reverse Flash falls and is at last crushed.

Before Arrow leaves, he forebodingly reveals to Flash that he may require his assistance soon. Flash concurs.

With the different legends gone, Flash stands over his most outstanding adversary and revels in his triumph.



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Preparation began March 9, 2015 and ran until March 17, 2015. Shooting began March 18 and ran until March 30, 2015.[1]


  • The title is a play on the 1997 Nicolas Cage film Con Air, which also revolved around the transportation of highly dangerous individuals using an airplane.
  • The episode marks the first time real-life cousins Stephen and Robbie Amell appeared together on-screen. In addition, both of them were credited in the special guest stars bill together instead of separate.
  • This is the first episode to have Leonard Snart/Captain Cold without Mick Rory/Heat Wave. In "Going Rogue", Mick appeared off screen and his voice was heard.
  • The song that plays when Barry Allen meets Leonard Snart is "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner, most likely alluding to Snart's "Captain Cold" alter ego.
  • Hal Jordan, also known as Green Lantern, is alluded to in this episode; when Leonard Snart states that the Ferris Air Testing Facility had been closed down, Barry mentions the reason was because one of its test pilots went missing. Jordan's occupation in the comics is a test pilot for Ferris Air.
  • This is the first episode where Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash can clearly be seen while in the suit, while he is masked. In his other appearances, he vibrated while suited up to disguise his face, aside from when he unmasked himself.
    • This is also the first time Eobard is shown to take his suit out of his ring.
  • This is the only episode of The Flash in which Oliver Queen is not wearing his Arrow suit, but instead a League of Assassins suit (and a League of Assassins bow, which he used as Al-Sah-him).
    • This episode takes place after "The Fallen" and before "Al Sah-him", as Oliver helps Barry fight Reverse-Flash and in return, Barry helps save his friends. Oliver is also shown to be masquerading as Al Sah-him.
  • The quote that Oliver said to Reverse-Flash, "Nanites, courtesy of Ray Palmer", later became a popular internet meme in the Arrowverse fandom, even being referenced again in "Elseworlds, Part 1".
  • While attacking Oliver, Eobard mentions that in the future he hailed from, Oliver died at the age of 86. However, Oliver ultimately dies in the Crisis of 2019, as depicted in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four", during which he was around 34. Thus, it's likely that the timeline was significantly altered at a later point from this episode (likely due to the time-altering destruction of Cicada's dagger in 2019 or possibly even Flashpoint).


  • In "Crazy for You" Cisco states that Peek-a-Boo's cell has one sided glass. However, this is contradicted in the scene where the team puts an unconscious Shawna back in her cell, where we can see through the glass from the inside.