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"How many times are we gonna go through this, Snart?!"
"Until the best man wins!
Barry Allen and Leonard Snart

"Rogue Time" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of The Flash, and the sixteenth episode overall. It aired on March 24, 2015.




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Flash realizes that he's travelled back in time one day, just as Cisco calls and asks him what happened at the morgue. Flash says that he was there the day before, leaving both Cisco and Harrison confused. Upon arrival, Barry discovers that everything happened just as it did a day ago when the coroner was murdered. He confirms that Mark Mardon is responsible and that he wants revenge for his brother's death. The next day, Barry relives what happened when Cisco and Caitlin arrive at S.T.A.R. Labs and Caitlin tries to convince Cisco to go to his brother Dante's birthday dinner. When Cisco refuses, saying that his parents dote on Dante and ignore him, Caitlin offers to go with her friend. Barry tells them that what happened at the morgue and finishes Caitlin and Cisco's sentences. Harrison correctly guesses that Barry travelled back in time and talks to Barry privately, expressing relief he only travelled back a day as not too much could've changed as a result. He warns him against changing that day's events and reliving them exactly as before; if Barry inadvertently changes history, they have no idea what could happen and things could become worse. Later, Harrison goes to his private chamber and has Gideon confirm that his future hasn't changed. Barry goes to the station and remembers Mark injuring Singh. Joe comes out of Singh's office and can tell something is going on with him, but Barry dismisses this and claims his conclusions about Mardon were just lucky guesses before awkwardly excusing himself. Rather than let time continue as it did the first time, Flash speeds to Mark's hideout and captures him before he can put up a fight. He delivers the villain to the pipeline, Caitlin joking that that's got to be a record for them before she and Cisco leave to go to Dante's party. Although Barry dismisses what he did as an act that saved a lot of lives, Harrison annoyedly warns him that the disaster he averted will be replaced by another, possibly something even worse.

Don Santini is at his manor when his men bring Leonard Snart and Mick Rory in. Leonard warns the mobster that Central City is theirs, and advises Santini to leave with his family while he can. When Santini points out that the two men are unarmed, the criminals break free and quickly take out Santini's men with their bare hands. Leonard then tells Santini to inform the rest of his organization that he's taking over. Cisco and Caitlin go to his parents' home for the party, and find Mrs. Ramon busy praising Dante. Dante greets his brother and Cisco introduces Caitlin. When Cisco gives his older brother a present, Dante casually dismisses the gift and walks away. Harrison finds Barry running on the treadmill, attempting to repeat the circumstances of when he travelled back in time. Barry says that he can't go back in time no matter how fast he runs, and Harrison tells him that there could be any number of other factors responsible for opening the wormhole, before reiterating that they are not in the clear yet when Barry says nothing bad has happened. Joe comes by, asking when Barry was going to tell him about Mardon; although he is not mad about it, he is still wanting to know what's going on, however both Barry and Harrison refuse to say anything conclusive before the former goes to meet Linda for lunch. Dante performs a piano piece for the partygoers and then goes over to flirt with Caitlin. He dismisses Cisco's work as an engineer despite Caitlin's attempts to defend her friend. Dante off-handedly insults Cisco, who storms off. Barry meets Linda at Picture News and Linda asks what has been going on with him. She has realized that Barry isn't into her, and advises him to be with Iris since that's clearly who he has feelings for. Meanwhile, Mason is talking to Iris about Harrison, like he did in the original timeline. However, this time Barry interrupts him before he can tell Iris that he believes Harrison murdered Stagg. Barry tells Iris that he and Linda are done, and invites her to meet him at Jitters later to talk. She agrees and once she leaves, Barry tells Mason that he's wrong about Harrison.

That night, Barry and Cisco meet at a bar and Barry tells his friend about his break-up. However, he assures Cisco that he'll soon be meeting someone better. A young woman named Lisa comes over and asks Cisco if she can buy him a drink. Barry leaves his friend to it and Lisa tells Cisco that she's a structural engineer in town for a symposium. When Cisco wonders if someone is playing a joke on him, Lisa kisses him and takes him to a manor: Santini's. Lisa removes her blonde wig and Leonard steps out and tells Cisco that he's Lisa's brother. He tells Cisco that since his and Mick's weapons were taken away, he wants Cisco to recreate them. When Cisco refuses, Mick brings in Dante and Leonard says that if Cisco doesn't co-operate then they'll kill his brother. The next day, Cisco reluctantly recreates the weapons. Dante is tied up there and offhandedly insults Cisco again. Leonard and Mick come in and Leonard quickly realizes that Cisco has sabotaged the firing pin, though isn't concerned and quickly fixes it. Lisa asks for a gun of her own, a gun involving gold. When Iris and Barry meet at Jitters, he says that he knows she's been thinking about him recently. Iris insists that nothing has changed between them, and complains that Barry is making her out to be the bad guy who keeps telling him no when he talks about his feelings for her. Angry, Iris storms out. Barry goes to S.T.A.R. Labs and Caitlin says that Cisco hasn't shown up for work. Joe calls Barry and says that they spotted Captain Cold at Santini's casino. He figures that the villains have declared war on the Santinis. At the casino, Captain Cold and his sister take on Santini's brother and his men. Lisa uses her new gun to cover them in a gold-like spray, freezing them. As the Snarts take out the mobsters, Flash arrives, gets all of the mobsters out, and then grabs Lisa and threatens her with her own gun. Captain Cold calls his bluff, confident that the hero won't shoot. The villain orders Flash to release his sister or he'll have Cisco killed. Flash releases Lisa and Captain Cold says that he'll think about releasing Cisco before leaving with his sister.

When Joe arrives with his men, Barry brings him up to speed and Joe tells him to get to S.T.A.R. Labs. However, Eddie comes over, furious with what Barry said to Iris and punches him for it, warning him to stay away from Iris. Barry goes to the lab and Caitlin finds a security camera with footage of Cisco's abduction. Barry, frustrated, admits that Harrison was right about time finding a way to replace what he prevented and pleads with him to discuss what happened in the original timeline, Harrison reluctantly going along with it. Barry is clearly confused about whether Iris still has feelings for Barry, to which Harrison concludes that she likely does but those feelings only exist in her unconscious mind, and without what happened before not forcing them to surface they remain stuck there. The two then discuss the dangers behind travelling in time, Harrison rhetorically asking how many could die if he saved his mother. Caitlin comes in and asks if they've found Cisco. At the Santini manor, Mick pours himself some flaming drinks. The tied-up brothers talk in Spanish and Dante admits that in high school, he stole a girl who had a crush on Cisco. He was jealous of Cisco because he realized that Cisco had a future while he didn't. Dante then breaks free and attacks Mick, who easily defeats him. When Cisco gets free, Mick knocks him out as well and starts beating them. Leonard and Lisa come in and stop him, and Lisa takes Mick to get some dinner. Leonard tells Cisco he seems like a good brother, and he'll let him and his brother go if Cisco reveals the Flash's identity to him. Cisco claims he doesn't know, and Leonard freezes Dante's fingers and says that he can still be saved... if Cisco answers the question. Later, Cisco arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and breaks into tears when telling them what happened. Barry hugs him and says that it's okay, Barry insisting it was his fault for putting him in that position, but Cisco shrugs it off, feeling he doesn't deserve to be there any more and walks out. Joe goes to Picture News and tells Iris what happened between Eddie and Barry. Iris insists that Barry was too late to tell her how he felt, and Joe asks who she really loves. Iris tells her father that she loves Eddie, but Joe tells her that she needs to convince both of them that's how she feel because neither one believe it. Mason comes over and asks to talk to Iris, but Iris says that she has a personal matter and will have to get back to him.

Harrison goes to see Cisco as he packs and takes him to the containment chamber. Cisco concludes that Harrison took him there as a reminder that all of them failed on the night the Reverse Flash appeared but kept going regardless of the setbacks, and Harrison says that he understands he had to choose between to people that he loves. The scientist says that Cisco is only human, and they all want Cisco to stay because they love him. Harrison says that Cisco has shown him what it's like to have a son, somewhat lifting Cisco's spirits. Caitlin calls them both up to the main lab, telling them that Leonard and Lisa attacked the casino to convince the Santinis to move the money... where they could steal it. The Santinis are transporting the money in a truck when Lisa, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave ride up on motorcycles. Flash arrives and yanks Captain Cold off of his motorcycle, stopping the others in the process, and takes him into the forest to talk. Captain Cold addresses the hero as Barry, and Barry removes his mask. When he threatens to take the villain in, Captain Cold says that he has a broadcast prepared to transmit Barry's identity to the world if he's captured. Barry suggests that he find a new line of work, or go to a different city. Removing his goggles, Len says that Central City is his town and he likes the thrill of the game. Barry dares him to keep pushing luck, but insists that no one else will die. He appeals to Len's vanity, saying that if he's as good as he says then he doesn't need to kill anyone. However, Barry warns that if Len or his "rogues" go near his friends or family, he will put them away for good. Amused, Leonard agrees and says that Barry's secret is safe for the moment, and the speedster takes off.

Later at Jitters, Barry is surprised when Eddie hugs him and apologizes for punching him. Iris and Caitlin are there as well, and Iris is equally sympathetic. Caitlin explains that she told the couple that Barry is suffering from Lightning Psychosis (to cover Barry's rage from Rainbow Raider and his genuine love for Iris), and Barry plays along. As few people survive getting struck by lightning, Caitlin explains it's caused Barry's brain to poorly process emotions (so his affection gets amplified along with irritation); she claims Barry has been recieving treatment at S.T.A.R. Labs. When asked why he never brought it Barry laughs it off, saying it really doesn't feel real. Iris assures Barry that they're good and leaves with Eddie, and Barry thanks Caitlin for her assistance.

Mason is working on his story on Harrison when Reverse Flash speeds in and asks what he knows about Harrison. The villain throws Mason across the room and Mason quickly gives him the digital drive with the information. Reverse Flash then kills Mason before reading the story, impressed at what would've been, in his words, the story of the century. He wipes the computer, tidies the office to remove evidence that he was there and takes Mason's body away. Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry asks Harrison if he thinks he made a mistake. Harrison assures him that he did the best he could, and that at any rate they should be grateful the timeline remains intact. Barry is about to ask him about Stagg's disappearance when he sees an Internet article about Mason's disappearance, instead excusing himself. He goes to the station and meets with Joe, and tells his foster father that he was right about Harrison.



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Preparation began December 15, 2014, and ran until January 7, 2015. Shooting started January 8, 2015, and ran until January 20, 2015.[1]


  • As a result of Barry's actions in the previous episode, the timeline that was present has been undone by changing the events.
  • Cisco is forced to reveal Barry's secret identity as The Flash to Leonard Snart.
  • The missing test pilot of Ferris Air that Barry refers to in the episode is an allusion to the DC character Hal Jordan, who is the superhero Green Lantern.
  • Lisa Snart lies she is a structural engineer, the same job that Wentworth Miller's character, Michael Schofield, has in the TV show Prison Break.
  • When talking to Dr. Wells, Barry states that everything is his fault. Wells puts his hand on Barry's shoulder and says, "Brave heart, Barry." In Doctor Who, during the Fifth Doctor's tenure, the Doctor would often tell his companion, Tegan Jovanka, "Brave heart, Tegan" whenever she was in distress.