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"We actually call ourselves Rogues."
Mick Rory to Barry Allen[src]

The Rogues is a resistance group led by James Jesse in order to oppose Johnny Quick and his regime in Central City.



At some point after Johnny Quick killed 10% of Central City's populace and created the Quickling, James Jesse founded a resistance group called the "Rogues" to take the villainous speedster town.[1]

First kidnapping

In 2015, the Rogues manage to kidnap a member of the Quickling and brought him to Augustyn Tower. However, Johnny Quick arrived, interrupting the interrogation. While fighting the Rogues, he vibrated the ground with his feet to make the building collapse, killing everyone inside, including Lisa Snart.[1]

Meeting a speedster and victory against Johnny Quick

In 2016, Barry Allen, a speedster has appears in the city and after a rough encounter with Len Snart and Mick Rory, they brought hims to the base to meet Ralph Dibny, Hartley Rathaway and finally their boss James Jesse. They discuss about the Crime Syndicate of America and teach the speedster everything before he is tasked to kidnap a Quickling. The speedster, then kidnap a Quickling called Fred Chyre and interrogates him after revealing some detail about the inside of Speed Central that frighten him since no one is supposed to know about the inside. Later, after that Barry defeated Johnny Quick and free Central City, they lock Quick up in the pipeline where Harley as modified the cavities in the particle accelerator's core chamber of Speed Central to keep an Hyperhuman. Later, Barry would give James the speed formula that increased Quick speed in order to give Central City the possibility of creating an army of speedster against the Crime Syndicate if they ever attack them.[1]

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