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The Rogues, also referred to as the Rogues Gallery, was a group of criminals operating in Central City led by Leonard Snart. The group was disbanded in 2016.



The Rogues were formed by Leonard Snart in his mission to take down the Flash, after the superhero thwarted one of his heists. The first member he recruits is his partner in crime Mick Rory, with both of them brandishing a pair of high-tech weapons, the Cold Gun and Heat Gun respectively.[1]

Fighting the Flash

The Flash vs. Heat Wave and Captain Cold.

The Rogues make their first move by challenging The Flash to a public battle in order to expose his existence. They do so by kidnapping the speedster's friend, Caitlin Snow, and holding her hostage unless The Flash reveals himself. The Flash does indeed show and engages the two criminals in battle, eventually defeating them by making the beams of their weapons cross and cancelling them out. Although he gets defeated, Snart is delighted at the battle and promises he'll do better next time. Both criminals are arrested, but on route of being transported to prison they get broken out by Lisa Snart.[2]

With Lisa Snart now recruited by her brother into the group, the Rogues set about reacquiring their weapons after they were confiscated during their last battle with The Flash. To do so, Lisa seduces Cisco Ramon at a bar and lures him to a manor where the other Rogues are housed. Leonard instructs Cisco to recreate their signature weapons by holding Cisco's brother, Dante Ramon, hostage, along with fashioning a new gun for his sister. Once having their weapons returned to them, Leonard proceeds to use the Cold Gun to freeze Dante's fingers in order to press Cisco to reveal The Flash's secret identity. Later when the Rogues are in the midst of robbing a truck, Barry arrives and whisks Leonard away for a talk. After several attempts to get Snart to either cease his criminal activity or move somewhere else, Barry insults Snart's pride by telling him if he was really that skilled he wouldn't need to hurt anyone. It is also here that Barry refers to Snart's group as a "Rogues Gallery" for the first time, which Snart takes a liking for. Snart promises that his secret identity was safe with him before Barry departs.[3]

Allying with the Flash

Needing help to transport the metahuman criminals incarcerated in the pipeline, Barry recruits Snart to assist him. Snart agrees in exchange for Barry to retrieve all records that the police have on him as well as wiping any files from their database. However, despite Barry upholding his end of the deal, Snart betrays Barry by sabotaging the power dampner that was suppressing the metahumans' powers and allows them to break out. A battle ensues between Team Flash and the escaped metahumans, before Snart intervenes and kills Jake Simmons with the Cold Gun before he could kill Barry. Introducing himself to the escaped metahumans, Snart insists they all go their separate ways but to remember that they owed him one. Barry asks Snart why he did this, to which he crudely remarks it was in his nature as a criminal and it was Barry's fault for misplacing his trust. He also chides that the escaped metahumans were now potential additions to his Rogues Gallery and he soon departs telling Barry that he owed him one too for saving his life.[4]

The Rogues briefly appear in a dream sequence where The Flash defeats them with assistance from Firestorm.[5]

An undercover Barry assists Leonard and Lewis Snart in a heist.

Lisa Snart approaches Team Flash and informs them that Leonard Snart has been kidnapped, requesting their help in getting him back. Barry discovers that Leonard has been held captive by his own father, Lewis Snart, and is cooperating due to a bomb implanted in his sister. To save Lisa's life, Barry poses as a technician and works with the Snarts to pull off a heist to stall for time while Team Flash helped remove the bomb. When Cisco manages to extract the bomb, Barry informs Leonard who in turn kills his father. Lisa thanks Team Flash for helping them, even though Leonard ends up getting incarcerated in Iron Heights.[6]

Mark Mardon breaks Leonard Snart out of Iron Heights, to return the favor from last year, along with Jesse James. Mardon reasons that joined forces the three of them would finally be able to defeat The Flash. However, Snart is reluctant to go with the plan due to The Flash having saved the life of his sister not too long ago. Instead of joining the two other villains, Snart ends up going to Barry's house and warns Barry personally. Mardon and Jesse end up pulling off the evil scheme on their own, with Jesse handing out presents to kids rigged with bombs while Mardon lures The Flash over. Holding the kids of Central City hostage, the two villains force The Flash to stand there and get beaten up without retaliation. However, Team Flash manage to locate one of the bombs and using it to attract the rest of them into a portal vibed up by Cisco. With all the innocent lives now safe, The Flash incapacitates the two villains and throws them back into Iron Heights.[7]


At a later point in time, Snart and Rory are robbing a Central City Bullion exchange and try to escape in a mini-van. However they get intercepted by Rip Hunter who knocks them out and brings them to Star City where they are offered a position on his team. Both Snart and Rory end up accepting, marking the end of the Rogues.[8]

Rewritten reality

In the rewritten reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, Snart and Rory once again went on heists in Central City as the Rogues. Only this time, due to Snart owning all of the banks in the city, the police refrain from arresting him and let the duo partake in their robberies for fun.[9]


When Rip Hunter returns the Legends to their previous lives, Mick Rory tries to reform a partnership in place of Leonard Snart, where he recruits Carmine Broome and gives him the Cold Gun. However Broome's incompetence leads Rory to get frustrated and burn him to death.[10]

A similar group was formed between a partnership between Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon, who previously had a falling out with Snart's gang. Upon learning that Snart has left town, they try to assert themselves as Central City's new supervillain gang. Both are stopped by the efforts of Team Flash.[11]

In one of the alternate timelines created by John Constantine, Mick Rory becomes the new host of the Fairy Godmother who he recruits as his new partner-in-crime. She is seen wielding the Cold Gun and wearing Snart's goggles alongside Rory as they go on a heist.[12]

Several years later, a team known as the Young Rogues was formed by Nora West-Allen where she recruited several supervillains to help her steal meta-tech. However the loyalty of the villains to Nora is short-lived and they eventually turn on her.[13]

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the Rogues are a villainous team comprised of enemies of the Flash, with most iterations led by Captain Cold. This group dislikes being considered supervillains or supercriminals, maintaining a high code of conduct and standards, while avoiding killing during their operations whenever possible.


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