Dr. Rohan Vose is an alien scientist in National City.[1]


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At some point in his life, Rohan became a scientist.

In late 2018, Rohan attended one of Fiona Byrne's support group sessions at Al's Dive Bar. When Kesse Kay, a fellow alien, expressed his happiness in looking normal thanks to his image inducer, Rohan said that aliens should not hide what they look like, to which Kesse replied that it was easier for Rohan, as he just looks like "a Tolkien fan". In the end, Fiona concluded the discussion by advising the attendees to do the best they could in their own ways.

Later, he was attacked by Otis and Mercy Graves, who severed the two thorns on his forearms and used them to raid Rohan's lab, stealing an EMP device.



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