"No. It's a symbol of liberation from people like you, people who think they'll never be held accountable as long as they pretend that what they do is justice."
—Black Mask to Batwoman[src]

Roman Sionis, also known as Black Mask, is the leader of the False Face Society and the CEO of Janus Cosmetics.


Early life

At some point, Roman became the CEO of Janus Cosmetics and had a daughter. She was captured by Crows Security and apparently killed by the original Batwoman.[1]

Leading the False Face Society

Meeting the new Batwoman

After the death of Roman's daughter, he founded and led the False Face Society gang in Gotham City.[2]

The gang drew the attention of Crows Security by selling the drug Snakebite in Gotham; which led the Crows to discover that Black mask leads the gang.[2]

Somehow, Roman got Kate Kane's body after her plane exploded and locked her in a cell. He visited her and said that her family declared her dead, but they would make them believe in life after death.

Roman later ordered the False Face Society to kill Commissioner Forbes. The next morning, he gave an interview to Dana Dewitt regretting the situation.

Roman ordered the gang to kill those involved in the murder, including a witness, Jordan Moore, but she was saved by Batwoman. He later ordered Angelique Martin to be captured, after learning that she wanted to leave the gang. In his hideout, he told Angelique that if she tried to leave the gang, she would die too.

After Batwoman showed up to save Angelique, she was knocked out and tied up. On the other side, Black Mask told the guy who went after Jordan that he failed and was out, before killing him using a fist. Batwoman asked him what the hell he was doing, he said it was an "H.R. matter" and asked if she was a "OSHA" and she replied that she was after Angelique.

Roman asked who she thought he was, with her replying that he is a sadistic drug lord. He then says he understands why she thinks so, but he was only trying to get rid of the Crows and bat vigilantes, after they arrested and killed his daughter. He said he didn't need her help and told his henchman to start the saw, but then Sophie Moore came in and he ran away.

Roman later hired Enigma to alter Kate's memory and left them alone.[1]

Needing a chemist

Upon Black Mask's command, the killers of Commissioner Forbes were terminated to assure their silence.

A week later, Black Mask kills a gang member because the gang member was in charge of distribution and distribution was constantly being interrupted by Batwoman, who declared war on him on television. Black Mask made an example of him in front of other False Face members. He told the others that the supply of the drug is too low for them to allow anyone to disrupt the operation. One of the gang members reminded Black Mask that he had kept secret the formula to Snakebite except for the two chemists, Ocean and Angelique Martin, with one gone and the other in jail.

In his civilian identity, Roman went to Crows Headquarters and told Jacob Kane that he found a container of Snakebite that one of his employees had and wanted it destroyed properly. Jacob was more than willing to help the client.

When Angelique was being moved into witness protection, Black Mask sent gang members to kill her transport guards and to capture the chemist.[3]


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After Roman's daughter was (apparently) killed by the original Batwoman, he decided to become the Black Mask to take revenge on the culprits and change the system. He seems to have no remorse or hesitation about killing someone.


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  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Master tactician/Leader: Roman is highly capable of leading the False Face Society from behind the scenes and in person.[2]
  • Master of deception/Manipulator:
  • Marksman: Roman is quite proficient in the use of firearms.
  • Interrogator/Torturer: Roman is proficient in interrogating and torture.
  • Intimidation: Roman uses a black skull mask and his status as a crimelord to intimidate people.
  • Network: As a businessman and a crimelord, Roman has many contacts in the criminal world and in high society.


  • Handgun: Roman uses a handgun as his sidearm.
  • Mask: Roman wears a black skull mask in order to conceal his identity when operating as Black Mask.[2]



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