"Come read one out with us!"
—The event's tagline[src]

Romanti-Con 2019, simply known as Rom-Con 2019, was a romance book convention held in Seattle, United States on April 29, 2019.


Mick reveals his identity as Rebecca Silver.

Mick Rory received an invitation from Romanti-Con 2019 sent to Rebecca Silver for her to reveal her appearance for an incentive of $20,000.

Rom-Con was held at a convention center in Seattle, where many authors and romance enthusiasts gathered to meet each other. When Mick and Charlie's plan for the latter to act as Rebecca Silver failed, Mick ultimately revealed Rebecca Silver's true identity to his readers, to which they reacted in shock at first, but was received positively by Mona Wu, who gestured the audience to cheer for Mick.[1]


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