Rome is the capital city of Italy. In the past, it was established as the Roman Republic whose last dictator was Julius Caesar. Caesar's assassination eventually led to the rise of the Roman Empire.


Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, its citizens worshipped deities similar to the Greeks, such as Mars, the Roman god of war. Romans considered March 15 as the Ides of March, a time for celebrations and festivals.[1]

At one point, Nero watched Rome burn and sang during the disaster.[2]

The Roman Republic

During the time of the Roman Republic, the Senate was established as its governing body.

Caesar's conquest for Gaul led to the Gallic Wars, lasting for eight years.

Aberrant timeline: At Cisalpine Gaul in 49 BC, Caesar stole Rise of Rome from Nate Heywood and used it in his conquest for the world, becoming Emperor of the Roman Empire and eventually colonizing Magna Hesperia, what should've been known as the United States of America.

Current timeline: The Time Bureau and the Legends averted the aberration.

In 49 BC, a civil war between Caesar and the Senate, supported by Pompey, occurred due to Caesar's famous march on the Rubicon.

At some point, Marcus Antonius became the Consul of the Roman Republic.

At some point, Julius Caesar became the Dictator of the Roman Republic, until 44 BC, when he was assassinated by the Senate, led by Brutus and Cassius, at the Theatre of Pompey.[1]

The Roman Empire

At some point after Caesar's death, the Roman Republic was abolished, giving way for the rise of the Roman Empire.[1]

Modern day

In current times, Rome is a popular tourist city and the capital of Italy. Over summer 2017, Lily Stein visited Rome with her boyfriend while on a sabbatical.[1]



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