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Ronald Collins (born c. 1962)[1] is the corrupt former sheriff of Midvale. He was revealed to have been the murderer of Kenny Li. 11 years later, Collins was accused of attempting to kill Alex Danvers; but he was ultimately not responsible.


Collins was a sheriff in Midvale. He was revealed to be involved in some drug deals to earn more money. Sometime before Kenny Li's death, Kenny took a picture of Collins being involved in a drug deal, which Collins found out and murdered him for.

After Kenny's death, Alex and Kara started investigating Kenny's death. When they were investigating in the woods, they found Kenny's laptop. While checking the computer, learning that most of the pictures on it were encrypted, Kara suggested sending the files to a friend of hers named Chloe, to decrypt the files. They also found a picture of Mr. Bernard and Alex's best friend Josie kissing on an email sent from Kenny saying "I know". to Mr. Bernard, whom they later reported to the police.

Seeing that the two had found the laptop, Sheriff Collins realized Alex and Kara might know about the picture Kenny took of him and tried to kill them by running them over with a dark colored, four door Sedan.

Unaware that he was the mystery driver that tried to kill them the day before, Alex went to the stadium during a game to find Sheriff Collins and ask him for help, thinking that he could assist her in solving the murder of Kenny. Sheriff Collins told Alex to go inside the stadium with him to talk in private.

Meanwhile, Kara got the encrypted files back from Chloe and went through them. Finding out that Sheriff Collins was involved in a drug ring, she called Alex. Realizing that Alex knew about the picture, Sheriff Collins pointed a gun at her and said, "I am really sorry about this".

Sheriff Collins tried to threaten Alex so she would give him the laptop, unsuccessfully. When Alex asked him why he's doing this, he revealed that he was sick of protecting "spoiled rich folks" and that smuggling drugs from Canada would give him a lot more money. He added that he thought he did a lot of good things for the world and see no reason to not give something back for himself.

Meanwhile, Kara decided to use her powers to save Alex. Alex shouted and Kara broke the wall, the debris of the wall hitting Sheriff Collins in the head and leaving him unconscious. He was then arrested and imprisoned.

After solving the murder, Kenny's parents found Kenny's telescope in Sheriff Collins' car and his mom gave the telescope to Kara and Alex as a thank you gift.[2]

11 years later, Collins was released on parole after six failed attempts and moved to National City, within six blocks of Alex Danvers' apartment. At some point after that, he went to a bar, where he was confronted by Alex, as she suspected him of trying to kill her. Collins tried to run when he saw her but stopped to talk when Alex accused him of a shooting. He denied the accusations and appeared to show remorse for his previous actions. Realizing it wasn't him who shot at her and Ruby Arias that morning, Alex left the bar.[1]


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Collins was once a good man who cared about victims of crime and making sure the law wasn't broken, however, after years of as he put it protecting the spoiled rick folks he became corrupt and started using his position to sell drugs in order to make more money. He believed he had done so many good deeds that the world owed him something and that selling drugs was his reward for doing those good deeds.

Although Collins despised it he would kill to keep his drug selling operation a secret like he killed Kenny Li when he had evidence that could prove that he was drug dealing, also when he attempted to kill Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers when they discovered the truth and if it wasn't for Kara's powers he would have succeeded, after spending 11 years later in prison, he became reformed showing great regret and remorse in killing Kenny saying that it's something he's going to live with. Even though so many years have passed he remember's every detail of him killing Kenny; like it was yesterday.



Season 3


  • When Alex, J'onn J'onzz, and Winn Schott tried coming out with suspects that could have shot at her and Ruby, Alex asked Winn to pull up Collins' rap sheet, where it was revealed that he was 56.[1]


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