An unnamed man (died May 2016) was a Gulf War veteran, owner of a pawn shop, and the father of Rory Regan. At some point before his death, he also wielded the Devarim rags.


Early life

The man was given the Devarim rags by his father, carrying on the legacy. He also enlisted as in the Gulf War as part of the first marines, second battalion.[1]


The man came to own a pawn shop in Havenrock.[1] However, when a nuclear missile was redirected to Havenrock on Genesis Day, the man wrapped his son in the Devarim rags, hoping that they would protect him from the fire. Rory's father perished after the missile exploded, but he succeeded in protecting his son, leaving Rory the only survivor of their town.[2]



Season 5

Season 8

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Rory Regan's father is named Gerry Regan, an Anglicized version of Jerzy Reganiewicz. He previously owned the Suit of Souls, which he passed down to his son.


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