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"There's a... a new king in town."
"And I'm the queen."
Sam Scudder and Rosa Dillon[src]

Rosalind "Rosa" Dillon, nicknamed Top by Cisco Ramon, is a meta-human criminal. When she was exposed to the energy of the particle accelerator explosion of S.T.A.R. Labs, she gained the ability to disrupt another individual's sense of balance. In the original multiverse, she was dating Sam Scudder.

In the new multiverse, at some point, Sam was replaced a mirror duplicate and the criminal duo became members of Black Hole. However, Rosa later betrayed Sam and joined Eva McCulloch's team but later left the team after Eva returned to the Mirrorverse. Despite being arrested by the Flash, she was paroled.

During Armageddon, Rosa helped Team Flash track him down, but she betrayed them and teamed up with Despero at the last minute. Despite Armageddon being undone, Rosa would continue to work with Cecile Horton, but somehow Cecile took Rosa's powers away. After the Negative Forces Crisis ended, Cecile's powers went back to normal and Rosa's powers were restored.

In an erased future of Earth-1, by 2024, Rosa and Sam had taken over the criminal underworld of Central City.


Original multiverse[]

Crossing Leonard Snart[]

Rosa after the explosion

Rosa after the explosion.

In 2013, Rosa Dillon and Sam Scudder betrayed their then-partner Leonard Snart by spending the money from their heists shortly after they stole it. Snart was outraged that his co-conspirators would so blatantly flaunt their ill-gotten wealth instead of lying low in the face of pressure from the police, and he confronted the two of them at their hideout in Broome Industries. A physical altercation quickly ensued, with Rosa fighting Snart's thugs while Scudder took on their former partner. Snart eventually threw Scudder against a mirror and prepared to kill him. Rosa rushed to help her boyfriend, but was subdued by Snart's men. It was at this moment that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, spreading dark matter and other elements throughout Central City. While Snart and his accomplices quickly escaped from Broome Industries, Rosa was struck by the energy from the explosion as she tried to help Scudder. She was sent spiraling through the air while Scudder was trapped inside a two-dimensional universe within the mirror, and both became meta-humans as a result of the explosion.[1]

Reuniting with Sam Scudder[]

Sam and Rosa plan to take over Central City

Sam and Rosa plan to take over Central City.

Unlike Scudder, Rosa was not so lucky and wound up in Iron Heights Prison for three years after being arrested by the Central City Police Department, where she was held in a specially-built cell with a door fitted with a new type of glass designed to shield the guards from her vertigo-inducing abilities. When Scudder finally managed to free himself from the mirror universe, he tracked Rosa to Iron Heights and broke her out using his powers. Faced with the reality that Leonard Snart was long gone, the duo decided to go on a major crime spree, robbing banks throughout Central City. During one such robbery, Dillon and Scudder found themselves confronted by The Flash and Jesse Wells but Rosa and Scudder were able to escape through another mirror. The two speedsters set off in pursuit; while The Flash went after Mirror Master, Quick confronted Rosa on top of a skyscraper. Remarking on how much she liked her new nickname "Top", Rosa used her power to disorientate Quick, causing Quick to fall off the roof. This distraction allowed Scudder to ambush The Flash and trap him in a mirror.

New Rogues

The New Rogues.

Team Flash was able to get Barry out of the mirror and used a holographic image of Snart to lure Scudder and Dillon to an abandoned funhouse. While The Flash dealt with Mirror Master, Jesse Quick once more confronted Top, who tried to disorient Quick a second time. Quick however, was able to shake off the dizzying effect and, after taking Top for a superspeed spinning, knocked her out with a single punch. Once The Flash had dealt with Scudder, Rosa was returned to her cell in Iron Heights while Scudder was locked away in his own cell in the same facility.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Rosa as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[2] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[3]

Erased future[]

Rosa and Sam in 2024

Rosa and Sam in 2024.

In the erased future where Savitar killed Iris West, the Flash became a recluse and stopped protecting the city. As a result, Scudder and Rosa, who somehow escaped from prison, had taken over the Central City underworld and do as they please. In 2024, Scudder and Rosa encountered the Flash's younger self, whom they mistook for being the 2024 version of the Flash.[4] Due to H.R. Wells preventing Iris's murder and Savitar's death, this timeline has been erased.

New multiverse[]

Rosa's name is seen amongst Cisco's Who's Who? Binder.[5]

Black Hole and prison[]

Rosa Dillon In Iron Heights

Rosa in Iron Heights.

At some point, Rosa and a mirror version of Sam Scudder escaped Iron Heights and joined Black Hole. Later, Rosa secretly betrayed the Black Hole and sided with Eva McCulloch.

One night, Rosa and some members of the Black Hole were found by Eva, who killed the mirror version of Sam and Rosa pretended to be devastated when she was found by the Flash. Rosa was then arrested and taken to the CCPD, where she was interrogated by Cecile Horton. Rosa tried to use her powers to deceive Cecile but as she was also an empath, she found out. Rosa then told her the truth about joining Eva and that Cecile was afraid to use her real powers. Cecile left the room angry but then returned and used the same trick with Rosa, who revealed that a plane with a bomb was arriving in Central City.[6]


Rosa during Armageddon

Rosa during Armageddon.

During Armageddon, Rosa is now out on parole in local bar playing a game of pool, hustling some of the patrons for easy cash. Until Cecile shows up and converses with her. Rosa slightly taunts Cecile about Joe being dead and Barry going crazy. Cecile shrugs it off and claims she is surprised that Rosa isn’t currently running Scudder’s criminal enterprise and then advises that she shouldn’t have sold them out. Rosa demands to know what Cecile wants and replies that she needs her help with the Flash, Rosa refuses stating that the last time they crossed paths she messed with her head and doesn’t trust her. Cecile then persuades Rosa to help after offering to get her parole restrictions lifted.[7]

Losing her powers[]

Despite Armageddon being undone, Cecile would continue to work with Rosa in the present timeline,[8] but somehow Cecile took her powers away, and Rosa went to the West house to ask for them back. So they went to prison to test with another meta psych; Mona Taylor. But Cecile also stole her powers by accident. Rosa then said that Cecile is becoming one of the most powerful metas in the city.[9] After the Negative Forces Crisis ended, Cecile's powers went back to normal and Rosa's powers were restored.[10]


Rosa is mean, manipulative and trusting, but has shown to have feelings like love for Sam Scudder, at least until she betrays him and joins the Black Hole. She was able to pretend to mourn Sam for the Flash, but was discovered by Cecile Horton, another psych meta, whom Rosa has been helping since Armageddon.

Powers and abilities[]


"Says she has the ability to induce crippling vertigo."
Caitlin Snow on Rosa Dillon's powers[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: After Rosa was struck by the energy of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, augmenting her physiology into allowing her to induce vertigo in people when they look into her eyes.[1] Later, Cecile Horton took Rosa's powers away,[9] but they were eventually restored.[10]
    • Empathy:
      Rosa using her powers

      Rosa using her powers.

      Rosa revealed that after her exposure to dark matter, she started out with empathic powers that were the same as Cecile Horton's. It is unknown how powerful this ability is or what the full extent of it entails.[6]
      • Pathokinesis: Rosa is able to use her ability to feel the emotional states of others in order to manipulate their emotions. She demonstrated this ability after identifying "a kernel" of self-doubt in Cecille Horton and amplifying it to the point where Cecile felt completely empty inside as a result, referencing her alias when pointing out that she essentially "spun, spun, spun her [self-doubt]... like a top."[6]
    • Vertigo inducement: After Rosa was caught in the shockwave of the particle accelerator's explosion, she gained the power to disorient others' sense of balance, triggering a heavy state of vertigo in her victims. Her power works in much the same way as that of Roy Bivolo in that her eyes flash green as well as those of her target, indicating that her power is channeled visually.[1] Rosa was able to create a refraction effect that, when used with the reflection-portals of Sam Scudder, he was able to create portals without a reflective surface.[4]


  • Expert thief: Rosa is an excellent thief, having successfully pulled off multiple heists with her boyfriend, Sam Scudder. Rosa and Scudder even apparently helped Leonard Snart move up from "kicking down liquor stores".[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Rosa was able to fight off two of Snart's thugs simultaneously with a combination of punches, kicks, and takedown techniques, only losing because she became distracted.[1]


  • Balance: When Rosa induces vertigo, she is the only person that is balanced and standing straight, making it easier to attack her.[1]
  • Power-dampening cuffs: Like most meta-humans, if Rosa is wearing power-dampening cuffs, she can't use her powers.[1]


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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC Comics, the Top is a legacy name of multiple villains that used disorientation-related gadgets, as well as superhuman speed and telekinesis; the most well known among them was Roscoe Dillon, a long-time member of the Rogues, who seems to have been the inspiration for Rosa's character in the show.
  • Rosa's powers in the series are very similar to those demonstrated by Count Vertigo in the comics.