Rosie is a member of the demolition team working for Damien Darhk.


In 2016 she and her two partners were working as a special demolition team for H.I.V.E. They were ordered to take out SCPD captain Lance. They lured him to a building with a fake phone call. When he arrived they used explosives to collapse the building. However captain Lance was able to escape the building with the help of his daughter Laurel.

At their hideout they then got attacked by Team Arrow. Rosie and her team managed to hold them off and she destroyed their laptop before they activated an explosive to destroy the building and then escaped. 


  • Expert markswoman: Rosie can fire her nail gun with great precision.
  • Expert martial artist: Rosie was able to fight Thea and Laurel simultaneously for a long time before she ended up knocked out.
  • Expert explosives and demolition: Rosie can destroy buildings with great precision. During combat she and her team use small explosives. 
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