"To our imperfect union. Ваше здоровье!"
"Vashe zdorovye..."
Anatoly Knyazev and Oliver Queen having a toast "to their health"[src]

Rossii Chechnya Vodka (Russian: Росси́и Чечня́ Во́дка) is a brand of vodka produced by Hawryliw and sons in Moscow, Russia.


Rossii Chechnya Vodka's label suggests that it's produced in Moscow, Russia, by "Hawryliw and sons". It also says that the brand is a charcoal-filtered vodka distilled from wheat. The name itself suggests a connection with Chechnya, a country in the Russian Federation, notably one of the places of dislocation of John Diggle in 2016.[1][2]


In 2011, a bottle of Rossii Chechnya Vodka was on the bar table in Cafe Lyublyu near a Solntsevskaya Bratva thug named Oleg, whom Oliver Queen questioned about the location of Anatoly Knyazev after returning from his mission with Talia al Ghul.[1]

This particular brand was targeted by Susan Williams in late 2016 during her investigation of Oliver's activities in Russia. A bottle of Rossii Chechnya Vodka was included among the alcoholic drinks in Susan's collection at her Star City apartment, which she poured for Oliver when he came to visit.[3]

On his mission to Russia in 2017, Oliver drank a glass of Rossii Chechnya Vodka with Anatoly after agreeing to go on a mission for the Bratva once again, with Anatoly proposing a toast to their "imperfect union" and health. Anatoly later treated other members of Team Arrow to this drink, with Curtis Holt suggesting a toast in Rory Regan's honor. Anatoly was amused that Dinah Drake was able to hold her vodka the best, calling her "[his] new favorite American" in good humor, a title he previously bestowed upon Oliver and John Diggle.[1]



Season 5


  • The vodka's name can be translated from Russian as "Russia's Chechnya Vodka", though the wording itself is very much uncharacteristic of real life language use.


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