Roxxas is a space pirate who attempted to attack Earth in 2968, only to be thwarted by a time-traveling Flash.


Early life

At some point in the 30th century, Roxxas established himself as a notorious space pirate.

In 2968, Roxxas' ship was headed for Trom but for some reason, he decided to change course and head to Earth.[1]

Attacking Earth

Upon arriving on Earth, Roxxas attacked a city but the Tornado Twins managed to rescue all the civilians. A man dressed as the Flash then phased through Roxxas' ship and knocked out all of his soldiers. When Roxxas confronted the speedster, the Flash declared that his pirating days are over. Just before Roxxas could attack the Flash, the speedster threw him to the floor. The Flash demanded that Roxxas leave Earth alone, to which the space pirate complied and flew his ship away.[1]



Behind the scene


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