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"Do you know what makes a great speedster? It isn't their speed. It's being the light that everyone needs when the world grows dark. It's the kind of person they are. The kind of person that always wants to help. That's why being the Flash is your destiny. It's your way of helping others. But it isn't mine."
Iris West-Allen to Barry Allen on her dreams

"Run, Iris, Run" is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-fifth episode overall. It aired on March 13, 2018.



"Run, Iris, Run" starts with Cisco and Wells conceptualizing ways on the best way to ensure the staying three metahumans that were on the transport.

Wells assembles the gathering and starts disclosing to them an arrangement that includes an "insight sponsor," a creation he thought of that would support the knowledge of whoever wears the top.

All together for the top to work, Wells would need to be presented to deadly measures of dim issue. Iris and Caitlin concur with the procedure, yet Cisco differs and will not help Wells on what he thinks about a self destruction strategic.

Upset that the group at last has an approach to stop DeVoe yet can't concur on utilizing the top, Ralph Dibny stomps off. Tailing him to attempt to talk him down, Iris can't talk some detect into Dibny, who leaves STAR Labs.

Barry and Joe are talking over some espresso at Jitters. Joe uncovers to Barry that the chairman of Central City needs to converse with DeVoe, and Joe discloses to Barry that Ralph needs to imitate The Thinker again.

At the Central City bank, a burglar is utilizing his fire-based forces to break into a safe. He's before long drawn closer by an onlooker, who has a go at talking him down from doing it. The two fight, and it's uncovered that the spectator had the option to expel the forces from the fire-employing scoundrel.

Cisco and Joe are on the spot at the bank looking at the softened vault entryway. While scrutinizing the captured burglar, who guarantees he's been a metahuman for a considerable length of time, not making him a "transport meta," the pair finds that the looter's powers do not exist anymore. They were taken by the observer who halted the burglary before.

At STAR Labs, Dibny is helping Wells set up his knowledge top, which winds up ablaze after a concise trial.

Joe and Iris head to the medical clinic, where they're taking a gander at scrutinizing an EMT named Matthew Kim — the ID of the observer who halted the burglar before in the day. Kim confesses to being at the scene, and he gets distrustful that Joe and Iris are attempting to take his forces.

Kim kidnaps Iris holding a surgical blade to her throat when Barry surges in to spare her. In the following fight, Kim's forces cause Barry to lose his speed and rather, moves the ability to Iris.

The group runs tests on Barry and Iris and find that Kim traded the metahuman DNA from Barry to Iris. Caitlin chooses to take a shot at an approach to fix the accident while Dibny, Joe, and Cisco deal with an arrangement on attempting to utilize Kim to remove DeVoe's forces.

The caution at STAR Labs begins going off, and they discover a high rise downtown is ablaze. There are individuals caught on the highest level that the local group of fire-fighters can't reach.

Iris dashes off to the fire and spares the individuals, yet when she returns inside the stop the fire, she gets caught under trash. Cisco vibes to the structure to spare her.

The following morning, the group meets to go over their arrangements. Caitlin advises them that until she's ready to switch Iris' forces and give them back to Barry, Iris should remain the group's speedster.

Barry's preparation Iris when the STAR Labs ready beginnings ringing once more. Mixture's forces have been moved to another meta — one of the individuals at the bank burglary we saw before — who's as of now in a stalemate with Joe and a crew of cops. Iris hurries to the scene to assist.

The new Melting Pot has begun making a warm tornado, and the gathering has come up short on thoughts to prevent the warm twister from spreading. Wells puts on his re-done insight top and concocts an arrangement that comprises of Iris making a tsunami to splash the warm twister.

Following a moment, Iris can make the required tsunami and prevents the lowlife from bringing about any further damage.

The gathering discovers Matthew Kim and persuades him to switch the speed powers among Iris and Barry once more. In the wake of filling Kim in on DeVoe, he chooses to assist Team With blazing attempt and bring down The Thinker.

Barry and Iris are discussing the force exchanging at their place soon thereafter, and Iris gives her better half that she's restarted her Flash-following web journal.

Cisco and Wells are trying out his knowledge top once more, and in the wake of pushing it as far as possible, Wells uncovers the names of the last two transport metas in a practically mental like stat



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  • The episode's title plays off the recurring phrase, "Run, Barry, run", which has been used to encourage Barry Allen to run faster throughout the series. The alternative phrase featuring Iris' name is used by Barry when Iris has to create a tidal wave to put out Jaco Birch's thermal cyclone.
  • Iris’ powers would later be returned to her in the episode, Heart Of the Matter Part 2 when the Speed Force grants her her speed back
  • Cisco is appalled when Harry suggests "Frankensteining" all of the remaining bus metas' DNAs together, referencing the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein in which a scientist puts together body parts to create a makeshift creature.
  • Cisco comments that the heat generated to melt the bank vault - 6,000 °F - is 10 times the power of Mick Rory's Heat gun.
  • After Ralph is anxious that he'll get "terminated" by DeVoe, he claims that he's Sarah Connor, a protagonist of the Terminator franchise.
  • Cisco mentions that DeVoe's machinations are warping his brain, likening the situation to the 2004 film Spider-Man 2.
  • Discussing Harry wearing the Thinking Cap, Cisco vows to pull him out before he "[starts] acting like Locutus of Borg and [starts] assimilating everybody", referencing a character from the Star Trek franchise.
  • When discussing how to defeat DeVoe, Harry suggests ,"We alter each bus meta's DNA by performing intercellular surgery." Cisco responds, "And what? Turn them into chickens?" A similar situation happened on the show Red Dwarf, where an old spacecraft had turned Dave Lister into a chicken.
  • Iris switching clothes with Caitlin using her speed may be a reference to when Barry changed Caitlin's clothes the same way in "Crazy for You".
  • Jaco Birch may be named after J.J. Birch, a pseudonym of DC comic book artist Joe Brozowski who worked for a long time on comics about a fire-related character, Firestorm.
  • Iris' blog post "The Fire within Central City...and Us All" is dated March 13, 2018, the day this episode aired.
  • This is the eighth episode in the Arrowverse and the third episode of The Flash to be named after a character in a civilian sense, after "Sara", "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak", "Who is Harrison Wells?", "My Name Is Oliver Queen", "Alex", "Zari", and "When Harry Met Harry...".


  • When Cisco and Joe West are examining the vault door after Eric Frye melted through it, Cisco says the door was 10 inches thick and required 6,000 °F to burn through it. Yet none of the money, which was laying out in the open no more than a few feet from the vault door, shows any sign of having been exposed to such high heat. The money should have been burned up, or at the very least, greatly singed.