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"Flash-y the red-nosed speedster. Had a very shiny suit. And if you ever saw him, you might even want to puke. [gags] Merry Christmas, kiddie-winks. I'm back! Citizens, you know, the holidays can be a time for gentle reflection on the year past. Our ups and downs, our triumphs and heartaches. But don’t forget, it can also be a time for disemboweling our enemies. No. My stocking won't be completely stuffed until it's filled to the brim with bloody Flash parts. So what do you say, speed freak? You wanna roast chestnuts?"
The Trickster's televised message to The Flash

"Running to Stand Still" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the second season of The Flash, and the thirty-second episode overall. It aired on December 8, 2015.



The scene opens with Harrison Wells running from Zoom in a fantasy like succession, he's in the Breach Room when Zoom gets him by the throat and holds him up. Wells asks Zoom to let Jesse live, and Zoom puts him down and says "Merry Christmas."

At Jitters, Iris brings her dad a Flash toy for Christmas, and he feels terrible that he doesn't have anything for Barry. He feels a little awful that he never had a child to extravagant his considerations on.

At the investigative lab, Barry and Patty are making out when Iris strolls in on them. Patty returns to work and Barry begins discussing that he is so glad to Iris. She begins to cry, and he considers what's happening. She reveals to Barry that her folks had a child that Joe doesn't think about. His name is Wally West.

Barry embraces her and discloses to her they can reveal to Joe together and it will be alright. Outside, it starts to day off.

At S.T.A.R., Jay and Caitlin are attempting to make sense of how to close the breaks and stop Zoom. The two are by and large so delightful, Cisco ridicules them - and afterward after a touch of parody where Jay imagines there's no Christmas on Earth-2, Caitlin welcomes him to a gathering.

Cisco leaves to go get Wells, however knocks directly into him in transit out.

At Iron Heights Prison, a blows in some enormous windows, and Weather Wizard enters, throwing two watchmen to the side. He acquires the climate with him and utilizations his forces to free Captain Cold and The Trickster, who has been sitting in his cell fixating on executing The Flash, drawing pictures of it and removing tree improvements looking like the lightning jolts.

Joe strolls Barry to the jail, clarifying that Mardon will lose Patty her watchman. She's resolved to follow Mardon, however, and leaves.

At an old Trickster fort, Mardon says each of them three need The Flash dead. Cold asks him what makes Mardon figure he can do it with the additional reinforcement and The Flash being debilitated by Zoom. Snart and Mardon are going to begin battling each other when Jesse chills them off.

At S.T.A.R., Cisco concocts the plan to build up the Weather Wand, and Barry tells the entire gathering that he realizes Cisco did that once previously - in the course of events he deleted a year ago. He leaves and holds up at his lab with Iris to converse with Joe. She reveals to him that Francine was pregnant when she left, and Joe strolls past her to procedure. Peering out the window, he requests more subtleties and Iris reveals to him that the child is Wally. Joe leaves to return to work, saying that he needs time.

At the point when Iris and Barry show up home, Snart is there sitting tight for them. Barry pins him to the divider and undermines him, yet Cold says he's fixed his firearm to explode in the event that he drops it. Snart says he isn't keen on helping murder Barry, however when Barry attempts to select him to help track the others down, he says no thanks to that, as well.

At S.T.A.R., Joe is remaining solitary, considering a period years back when Iris was wiped out at school and he had physical manifestations, realizing that Iris required him. He feels awful that he's never had that for Wally, and that he didn't find a way to find Francine after she left; he said he was being egotistical, and Wally followed through on the cost. Barry attempts to haul him out of the crash.

At the police division, Patty and Captain Singh watch the TVs as Trickster assumes control over the sign and advises the city he needs to execute The Flash, and gets him out. The group makes sense of where Trickster is communicating from by seeing a foundation detail and following him down to a toy organization. At the point when The Flash shows up, Patty is as of now there - as is a little (actually) armed force of lethal dreidels.

Flash gets Patty and makes a twister, lifting them up and out of the toy manufacturing plant. Outside, she discloses her inspirations to The Flash - she censures herself for the stickup that got her father killed in light of the fact that she jettisoned work at the privately-run company that day - and leaves.

At S.T.A.R., Barry calls Patty, who isn't replying. Jay and Caitlin show him the wand model.

At the shopping center, Trickster is imitating Santa and giving out boxes to children to open the following day.

In the Breach Room, Zoom flies into S.T.A.R. Labs, and discloses to Wells he needs to "choose," at that point gives him one more day to do as such, and bounces once more into the break.

Group Flash utilize a gadget they evoked to make sense of Mardon is going to assault the tree lighting function. When Barry discovers him on a close by housetop and attempts to prevent him from assaulting the group utilizing the wand, Weather Wizard takes off. Barry deactivates Mardon's forces. He comes colliding with the ground in the town square, where Santa-Trickster is. They clarify that they've passed out around a hundred bomb-boxes to children, and Barry needs to let them murder him, or they'll set off all the bombs.

At S.T.A.R., Cisco and Wells make sense of an approach to find the bombs and set about doing it. Barry is by and large gradually murdered while they track down the first of the bombs.

As Weather Wizard hands The Flash over to The Trickster to complete, the group utilizes an automaton to send that first bomb through a penetrate in the sky over the city They figure out how to change it to draw in the others and get them all through the break. When the bombs are totally gone, Cisco shouts to Barry's headset and reveals to him the bombs are gone, permitting Barry to utilize his speed and the climate wand to bring the two lowlifess down right away.

At that point, notwithstanding, Patty appears and, utilizing Cisco's "boot" gadget from the season debut, immobilizes The Flash with the goal that she can execute Mardon. Barry figures out how to talk her down, however, and she captures Mardon. Jesse is appropriately intrigued.

At S.T.A.R., Joe comes to see Barry. He's chatted with Francine, and reveals to Barry that he didn't understand he expected to pardon her. He's eager to meet his child.

Joe gives his watch - a blessing from his dad - to Barry, saying he's constantly said he would offer it to his child.

From the work station at S.T.A.R., Barry tells Wells through the two-way reflect that "he" (different Wells) was correct - that perhaps he'll actually never be happy...but just in the event that he clings to his disdain for Wells. He says he pardons him. Simply at that point, Wells-2 sees him taking a gander at him and calls up on the radio, approaching if Barry needs him for something. Barry welcomes him over for Christmas, yet Wells says he can't celebrate without his little girl.

At the West home, Jay helps Caitlin hang mistletoe, and they kiss. There's a thump at the entryway, and it's Patty. She says that she needs to inform Barry regarding something she's been managing alone, and presents to him a coordinating Christmas sweater to hers.

There's another thump at the's Wally. Joe welcomes him in and acquaints him with Iris.

Afterward, Zoom comes to meet Wells, revealing to him time is up. Wells says he realizes why he's sending scalawags: he needs Barry to get all the more remarkable, and quicker, to fill him out for butcher. Zoom brings Jesse to him, and afterward removes her and instructs him to choose. Wells says he will assist Zoom with taking Barry's speed as an end-result of Jesse's life.



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  • This is the second episode of The Flash that Snart appears in that doesn't have the word "Rogue" in the title, the first being "Fast Enough".
  • The title of the episode is taken from the Irish rock band U2 song "Running to Stand Still" from their Diamond-certified album, The Joshua Tree.
  • The episode takes place one month before the events of "Pilot, Part 1".
  • This is the last episode that Barry and Snart interact on-screen due to Snart joining the main cast of DC's Legends of Tomorrow until the Season 3 episode "Infantino Street", before Snart's death in "Destiny".
  • A factory named Okamura Toys is featured in this episode. In the DC comics, Hiro Okamura is the third incarnation of Toyman.
  • The Trickster sings, "Deck the halls with body parts from a girl named Holly." This is a morbid twist on the lyrics to the classic Christmas carol, "Deck the Halls": "Deck the halls with boughs of holly."
  • A reference to Mark Hamill's role as the Joker is made when The Trickster calls The Flash "Flashy", like how Joker calls Batman "Batsy".
  • After the Trickster records a video message to Central City, the way Team Flash finds the Trickster was through an image found within the reflection in the Trickster's eyes. This is exactly how Team Arrow first tries to find Count Vertigo in "State v. Queen".
  • The exploding dreidels are a reference to the Flash villain Top.
  • In Futurama, Chanukah Zombie made dreidels out of "blasting clay", and in this episode, The Trickster makes them out of C4. Both are voiced by Hamill.
  • During the scene in which Barry chases after Mardon, he jumps onto a helicopter. It is later revealed that the helicopter is for Channel 52, but looking at it in the screen makes it appear as New 52, a reference to the New 52 comic books.
  • When Harry tells a child to give him the present from the Trickster, he says, "Your toys; give them to me." This is similar to how the Terminator (portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger) often tells people to hand over things needed, such as clothes.
  • Cisco exclaims, "How do you like them magnets, bitch?" when the magnetization causes all of the bombs to be successfully sucked into the breach. This is likely an overt reference to a quote made by Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman ("Yeah, bitch! Magnets!").
    • This can also be a reference to a quote from the 1959 film Rio Bravo: "How do you like them apples?"
  • This is the first episode of The Flash to feature Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) as a series regular.


  • When attracted by the first bomb, the presents go out of the windows and up to the breach in a curved path. However, magnetism works in a direct straight line so the presents would not be able to get out of the homes this way.