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For the eponymous character, see Dante Ramon (Earth-2).
"You killed my brother, so now you die."
Rupture upon first seeing Cisco Ramon.

"Rupture" is the twentieth episode of the second season of The Flash, and the forty-third episode overall. It aired on May 3, 2016.



The scene opens as police seek after a suspect in a rapid rush hour gridlock pursue. Cisco calls to Barry to let him know where it's going. Barry, wearing a movement catch suit and running on the infinite treadmill, is being utilized as an optical hallucination to occupy the trouble makers, making them think The Flash is as yet patrolling the avenues. It works, the they stop and give up to the cops.

During the group's festival, Harry repeats that he needs to blow another atom smasher. The group isn't behind it, yet he's sure he can give Barry his forces back.

Barry drives out to see Henry, who is living in a lodge in the forested areas. He's amazed and disillusioned to discover that Barry is weak, that Jay is Zoom, and he specifies that Garrick is his (Henry's) mother's family name. Barry enlightens him concerning Wells' thought, and Henry is stressed over what he would hazard to turn into The Flash once more.

Cisco is attempting to make sense of an issue on the PCs when he and Wells get into a contention; he vibes on his sibling Dante, and leaves.

At the police division, Joe and Wally are discussing today around evening time's arrangements and Wally's vocation plans when Zoom shows up to caution everybody that he's responsible for the city now and will kill any individual who defies him.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells begins to freeze since he doesn't perceive some other method to vanquish Zoom other than getting Barry's forces back.

At the police division, Caitlin begins forcing Zoom about his arrangement, and he says that he realizes they aren't too extraordinary, and she should simply open her clouded side. He runs of, leaving her cuffed to a work area.

At a bar, Cisco meets Dante, who needs to comprehend what's up. The two contend.

In Wells' Time Vault, Joe stows Wally and Jesse away where Zoom can't discover them.

In his office, Harry is chipping away at conditions when Joe comes in. Henry goes along with them, as well, and starts contending with Joe about the best activity. He doesn't confide in Wells, and is concerned that even with his forces, Barry can't beat Zoom.

Barry enters and discloses to them that what they're contending about is eventually his choice, at that point leaves.

At the bar, Cisco sees a report about Zoom taking over CCPD on the TV, and rushes to leave. In the road outside, while he contends with Dante, the pair are assaulted by a metahuman employing a grass shearer like vitality weapon, who calls Cisco "Vibe."

Very soon, the lowlife uncovers himself to be Rupture, the Earth-2 variant of Dante, who's irate about the demise of Reverb.

Back at S.T.A.R., Harry clarifies what rupture's identity is, and that his forces originate from the grass shearer. Cisco starts attempting to make sense of how to isolate him from it.

Barry heads out to consider the atom smasher blast. Iris tails him, and he approaches her for guidance. She says she doesn't have the foggiest idea whether she could experience what she experienced last time if he somehow managed to get injured. He inquires as to whether she's alright and she admits to him that she has affections for him. She leaves, disregarding Barry to think.

At CCPD, Caitlin figures out how to open a cabinet, where there's a mobile phone inside. Before she can utilize it, however, Zoom shows up, conversing with Rupture. He advises Rupture to slaughter the police who have accumulated at Jitters. When Caitlin objects, he cites her back at herself, saying that she once said he didn't be anything however a beast.

Caitlin sends a book to S.T.A.R., disclosing to them that Rupture is going to assault the cops today around evening time. Barry says that they'll need to make sense of how to make all the difference without The Flash, since he won't do it until they're certain that the blast can be contained and the procedure will work.

At Jitters, Joe prepares the other police for the assault. Barry is there to assist, as well, questioning his choice.

At S.T.A.R., Dante has discovered a note that Cisco had abandoned for his family in the event that he didn't endure the outing to Earth-2. Cisco winds up conceding that he has powers. He needs to leave to help with the Rupture circumstance before they can complete their discussion.

At Jitters, Cisco and Barry are set up to extend The Flash to occupy Rupture, who breaks into the bistro to think that its apparently unfilled. "The Flash" shows up and Rupture wastes the coffeehouse attempting to impact him, however can't keep up. When Barry claims to be out of sorts, Rupture attempts to slaughter him and winds up being shot from behind with tazers. He drops his grass shearer and is arrested, yet Zoom rapidly makes sense of that Caitlin sold out him and hurries to murder the police himself.

Showing up at the scene, Zoom murders each cop there with the exception of Joe and Singh, at that point slaughters Rupture for good measure and jumps on a TV camera to declare that The Flash they've been seeing is a multi dimensional image, and that there's nobody left to stop him. He advises Singh to keep his cops off the road, and cautions Barry this is the last time Zoom's adoration for Caitlin will save him.

Back at his lab, Cisco gives his sibling an embrace, saying he needs them to be nearer, in the wake of having seen "Dante" bite the dust directly before him.

In the Time Vault, Wally needs to help. Jesse is more down to business, however Wally provokes her to make sense of what to do.

In the cortex, Wells says there are likely thousands more metahumans that we didn't think about yet, and that Zoom will before long beginning selecting them to his motivation. Barry chooses it's an ideal opportunity to get his forces back.

Harry needs to situate their trial on the rooftop with the goal that when Cisco utilizes Weather Wizard's wand to bring lightning, he will be their lightning bar.

As they get ready to hit Barry with the important factors, Iris discloses to him that whatever occurs, it will never change the manner in which she feels about him. Henry reveals to him that he doesn't need to do this, however Barry says that being The Flash is the best form of him, and that on the off chance that he doesn't have his speed, he can't be that individual.

Lashed to a seat that will divert all the dim issue and antimatter vitality to Barry and ensure the city, the group gets ready to hit Barry with lightning. In the interim, Wally and Jesse are breaking out of the Time Vault. Barry begins to seize during the investigation, yet when he's hit by lightning, rather than being injected with the speed power, Barry is deteriorated. Turning into a haze of vitality, he hits Wally and Jesse as they go into the room.

Zoom shows up and boasts over Barry's roasted uniform, at that point dashes away, leaving everybody in grieving.



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  • To promote the episode, a short comic was released.
  • While helping Barry stop the two robbers using the Flash hologram, Cisco shouts "LEEROY!" This is a reference to "Leeroy Jenkins", a viral video involving the game World of Warcraft.
    • Rupture is later compared to a World of Warcraft character by Cisco.
  • The ending scene of the episode with Barry getting disintegrated during exposure to chemicals, lightning, and dark matter simultaneously parallels the way Jonathan Osterman got disintegrated in the 2009 film Watchmen. The latter character was locked up in an intrinsic field chamber and eventually returned as Doctor Manhattan.
  • When Harry asks Cisco if he still has the "wand", Cisco asks if he means the Wizard's Wand. Harry sarcastically replies that he's referring to the wand for "the Harry Potter convention". Although Harry was being sarcastic, Cisco is curious how Harry knows about the Potter convention.
    • Later, when Cisco uses the Wizard's Wand, he shouts, "Expecto Patronum" in reference to Harry Potter's Patronus Charm.
  • Cisco then immediately follows the above by exclaiming, "Great Scott!" in reference to "Doc" Brown from Back to the Future.
  • Jesse and Wally are hit by the particle accelerator explosion's subsequent energy wave immediately after Barry is disintegrated, a reference to the fact that both characters have speedster comic book counterparts.
  • When Rupture confronts Cisco and Dante, he states, "You killed my brother, so now you die." Cisco comments that Rupture is "Princess Briding [them]" and replies, "We have no beef with you, Inigo." This is a reference to Inigo Montoya, a minor protagonist in The Princess Bride who declared vengeance upon the man who killed his father. In the movie, his memorable quote was, "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
  • Henry's cabin is the same as Jack O'Neill's in the series Stargate SG-1.
  • Henry mentions in passing that his mother's maiden name was Garrick. This is a nod to how Henry's actor, John Wesley Shipp, also portrayed The Flash in the 1990s CBS series The Flash.