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The Rupture suit is the protective armored suit Dante Ramon from Earth-2 used as the supervillain "Rupture".


Dante Ramon presumably created the suit for himself after he and his brother, Francisco Ramon, gained super powers following the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. Unlike the Reverb suit, which was all black, Dante's suit was dark red with patches of grey. He wore a cowl-like mask to hide his identity.

Zoom thrusting his claw into Rupture

Zoom jams his clawed hand through Rupture's suit and into his heart.

Dante wore the suit throughout his career as "Rupture", which ended when he was sent to Earth-1 to kill his brother's Earth-1 counterpart, Cisco Ramon. Dante ultimately failed in this task and was murdered by Zoom as punishment.[1] Afterwards, it is unknown what became of the suit.


The armored suit served as protection for Dante himself when in battle. However, Zoom was able to ram his hand so fast into Dante's heart that it broke through the suit, killing him.[1]

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