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Russell "Russ" Rogers (died 2019), also known as Rip Roar, was an assassin working for Leviathan. After creating an enormous destructive tidal wave, he was stopped by Supergirl and J'onn J'onzz and incarcerated at the D.E.O.. He was later killed by Leviathan.


Original multiverse

Early life

Russell was William Dey's best friend. At one point in time, he and William were at a bar talking about how Russell was madly in love with Andrea Rojas and how Russell thought her family had many dark secrets.[1] Andrea and Russell were dating. Leviathan wanted to kill him, but Andrea convinced him to let him live and he will be useful. So they turn him into a mindless killer Rip Roar.[2]

Becoming Rip Roar

Russell talks to Andrea.

At some point, Russell became Rip Roar. As he was leaving his house, he was confronted by William who he convinced that Russell was killed by him. He then fought off William and escaped.[1]

Later, Russell was contracted by Leviathan, together with Caroline O'Connor, Breathtaker, and an unknown man who could detach most of his fingers. Russell stole the Marathon Laser from Lex Luthor's vault in Fort Summit. He then met with Margot Morrison to ask how he should use it. She ordered him to change the world. He then went to the Socorro Satellite Station in New Mexico to steal a particle amplifier and was then confronted by Supergirl, whom he blasted with his newly created Fusion cannon so he could escape.[1]

Russell as Rip Roar.

Russell took the laser to Lake Vostok to create an enormous tidal wave. He blasted it at the frozen lake, unleashing an enormous flood. After creating the flood, he was stopped by Supergirl and J'onn J'onzz, both of whom had also stopped the tidal wave. Russell was incarcerated at the D.E.O. where he was questioned, although he wouldn't answer, and identified.[1]


Later, Andrea invaded the D.E.O. and rescued Russell. When they're on the run, Russell was shot and died.[2]

New multiverse

Sometime before 2020, Russell Rogers came to own a company, Rogers Engineering, and befriended William Dey. Whilst William was still working in London, Russell was offered the chance to sell Rogers Engineering to Lex Luthor. However, after refusing, he was murdered, presumably by Lex.[3]


New multiverse

Because of the death of his best friend, William did not trust Lex Luthor and would pursue any lead to prove that he was a villain. He placed himself in danger of being killed by Eve Teschmacher to get damaging evidence.[4]

Kara Danvers was told by Lex that he would reveal her secret identity if she did not keep a rein on William.[5]

Powers and abilities


Original multiverse

  • Powers via Rip Roar suit: All of Russell's powers come from his suit.[1]
    • Enhanced strength: Russell is strong enough to toss a grown man and snap a man's neck with just one hand.[1]
    • Telepathy immunity: Russell's suit makes him immune to all forms of telepathy. Not even a Truth-Seeker can force him to tell the truth when it is attached to him.[1]
    • Mechanical arms: Russell's suit allows to control a pair of powerful retractable mechanical arms that are located in the back of his suit.[1]


Original multiverse

  • Rip Roar suit: Russell's suit is made from technology that allows him to control an extra pair of mechanical arms. The suit is also biologically adhered to protect his mind from being forced to leak information.[1]

Former equipment

  • Fusion cannon: Russell used the Fusion Cannon to blast a hole in Lake Vostok. It was later confiscated by the D.E.O.[1]



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Rip Roar was an Apokaliptian and an enemy of the Young Justice team with powers coming from his New Gods physiology.