Russia is a country on Earth.


The official and national language spoken in Russia is Russian.[1]


Imperial Russia

During Imperial Russia prior to 1916, the Russian mystic and monk Grigori Rasputin healed Tsarevich Alexei Romanov, the son of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Romanova, of his disease. A turn of events caused Rasputin and the Tsarina to fall for each other. Rasputin's influence over the Tsarina was perceived as a threat by Yusupov, the nephew of Tsar Nicholas II, who assassinated him in late 1916. This backfired when Rasputin was resurrected as an encore on January 4, 1917, as Yusupov was murdered by the mystic as revenge. Rasputin was later fought off by the time-traveling Legends, who separated his body parts in separate jars to prevent him reforming.[2]

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