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"I'm no hero. I'm a husband, and if this is the end then I have to be with my wife and kid. I'm sorry."
—Ryan Choi[src]

Dr. Ryan Choi is a scientist and a physics professor of Ivy University. He is the husband of Amanda and the father of Simone. Ryan was revealed as the Paragon of Humanity and helped to save the multiverse from the Anti-Monitor.


Original multiverse

Early life

Ryan with Amanda and Simone.

Growing up, Ryan studied science and eventually became a physics professor and a scientist.

At some point, Ryan married Amanda and together, they had a daughter, named Simone; who was born in June 2019.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Ryan with the other Paragons.

On December 10, 2019, six months after Simone's birth, Ryan was in Ivy Town on the phone with his wife when he was approached by Ralph Dibny, Iris West-Allen, and Dr. Ray Palmer (of whom Ryan was a big fan). The three explained that they were there because Ryan was meant to be the Paragon of Humanity, one of seven heroes who could save the multiverse from being destroyed by the Anti-Monitor. Ryan does not believe them at first and decides to leave to be with his wife and daughter. Iris eventually convinces him to help, and he is brought aboard the Waverider. Once back on the Waverider, the heroes are greeted by Harbinger, who has returned after mysteriously disappearing. Pariah also appears and the heroes realize that Harbinger's return is a trap by the Anti-Monitor, who proceeds to kill Mar Novu and destroy Earth-1. Knowing what must be done, Pariah sends the 7 Paragons to the Vanishing Point where the Anti-Monitor can't reach them as the Waverider is destroyed and remaining heroes killed by the antimatter wave. At the vanishing point, the paragons witness Superman disappear and be replaced by Lex Luthor who used the Book of Destiny to make himself the Paragon of Truth.[1]

Stuck at the Vanishing Point

Ryan working with Lex.

For weeks, the Paragons were stuck in Vanishing Point, as they were the only ones in existence. They all tried to invent ideas and plans to exit. As a scientist, Ryan partnered with Lex on trying to use the materials there to find a solution, but, over time, the partnership and the failures wore them down to the point of insults.

Oliver Queen returned as The Spectre, a ghostly being channeling the power of the multiverse. After giving the Flash a boost, Ryan and the other Paragons were taken into the speed force to reach Mar Novu's past on Maltus.[2]

Maltus, 7,980 B.C.

Supergirl, Ryan, and Lex on Maltus.

Unfortunately, the Anti-Monitor attacked during the trip, resulting in only Ryan, Lex and Supergirl reaching their destination. Lex revealed that he had empowered himself with the Book of Destiny, knocking out Supergirl and leaving to take advantage of Mar Novu's naivety. Lex attempted to do a rewrite of time to benefit him; however, Supergirl took on Lex. Ryan attended to Xneen, Mar's wife, whom Lex knocked out. Ryan explains the consequences of what would happen to the multiverse if Mar went through with the experiment, convincing the man to give up. After breaking up the fight, Ryan was picked up by the Flash along with Supergirl and Lex.[2]

Battle at the dawn of time

Ryan with the Paragons.

Reunited with Paragons at the dawn of time, Ryan was shocked to learn the netherverse still emerged despite him stopping Mar from going through with his trip. Mobius explained another Mar from the multiverse simply came in his place. The Spectre told the Paragons he would ignite the spark of a multiverse, but they would have to fan the flames; he left Lex to figure out how, as even Spectre did not know despite his cosmic awareness.

Ryan helped the Paragons fight the shadow demons, the Spectre clashed with Mobius; the resulting fight caused a bubble of matter, which was the new universe. Supergirl realized they could use Lex's page from the Book of Destiny to finish the new world by focusing on what they embodied as Paragons. Their combined wills finished the universe, blowing up Mobius and fatally wounding the Spectre.[2]

Erased future

Sometime between 2018 and 2024, Ryan Choi designed Barry Allen a suit that fits inside a ring, which was donned by Barry as the 16th iteration of his suit.[3][4]

New multiverse

Battle on Earth-Prime

Ryan protects Simone.

Ryan was deposited on Earth-Prime, with his time as a Paragon seemingly a dream.

Ryan was looking after Simone when a shadow demon came to his house to attack him. He was almost killed, but Sara saved him. Later at the bunker, Ryan came up with the plan to banish Mobius to the microverse. Ryan, Ray, and Harrison Nash Wells, together built a device to shrink the Anti-Monitor; thereby trapping him in the microverse. After the heroes won the fight, Ryan returned to his wife and saw the tribute to Oliver's sacrifice.[5]

Helping "Iris"

In January 2020, "Iris West-Allen" visited Ryan in order to learn more about the technology stolen by Amunet Black.[6]

Erased future

Ryan and the Team Flash see Barry.

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In an erased future in 2031, Ryan was a member of the Team Flash and had a suit that gave him the ability to shrink, similar to Ray Palmer's A.T.O.M. Exosuit. Ryan was a friend of Chester P. Runk in this timeline as well.

Ryan in his suit in 2031.

Later, when Reverse Flash was running across the world, Damien Darhk was downtown Central City to protect him from any danger. After Darhk defeated Frost and Chillblaine Ryan arrived with his suit. Then, Ryan used some technology to make Darhk's knife which was created by his magic as heavy as 200 tons.[7]


Initially, Ryan had a lot of doubt in himself, he did not want to believe that he was a paragon of anything, however, after spending a month stuck with the other paragons and receiving a few pep-talks, he began believing in himself. He begins opening up and trusting of his new friends.

Ryan is open to trying new things. He was excited at the opportunity of walking on an alien planet and was excited when Barry Allen showed off his speed.



Alternate timeline equipment

  • Suit: In an erased timeline created by Eobard Thawne, Ryan wore a protective suit while fighting crime as a part of Team Flash.[7]
    • Wristband: Ryan wore a piece of technology from the suit on his wrist at all times to be able to fire size changing beams from it in case of emergency, such as when Barry Allen, as the Reverse-Flash, attacked Eobard Thawne.[7]


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  • Ryan is most likely the founder of Choi Enterprises, although it's unconfirmed.
  • Ryan is the only human civilian to be chosen as a paragon, while everyone else is a trained combatant or super-powered individual in some form.
    • This could mean that Ryan was chosen because he was the best representation of the "everyman" from the whole of the multiverse.
  • His suit appeared to have elements of both his comic book counterpart and his Injustice 2 counterpart.

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