"I'm no hero. I'm a husband, and if this is the end then I have to be with my wife and kid. I'm sorry."
—Ryan Choi [src]

Dr. Ryan Choi is a scientist and a physics professor of Ivy Town University. He is the husband of Amanda and the father of Simone.


Original multiverse

Early life

At some point, he married Amanda and together, and they would conceive a daughter named Simone.[1]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

On December 10, 2019, six months after Simone's birth, Ryan was in Ivy Town on the phone with his wife when he was approached by Ralph Dibny, Iris West-Allen, and Dr. Ray Palmer (who Ryan was a big fan of). The three explained that they were there because Ryan was meant to be the Paragon of Humanity, one of seven heroes who could save the multiverse from being destroyed by the Anti-Monitor. Ryan does not believe them at first and decides to leave to be with his wife and daughter. Iris eventually convinces him to help, and he is brought aboard the Waverider. Once back on the waverider, the heroes are greeted by Harbinger, who has returned after mysteriously disappearing. Pariah also appears and the heroes realize that Harbinger's return is a trap by the Anti-Monitor, who proceeds to kill Mar Novu and destroy Earth-1. Knowing what must be done, Pariah sends the 7 Paragons to the Vanishing Point where the Anti-Monitor can't reach them as the waverider is destroyed and remaining heroes killed by the antimatter wave. At the vanishing point, the paragons witness Superman disappear and be replaced by Lex Luthor who used the Book of Destiny to make himself the Paragon of Truth.[1]

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Erased future

Sometime between 2018 and 2024, Ryan Choi designed Barry Allen a suit that fits inside a ring, which was donned by Barry as the 16th iteration of his suit.[2][3]

New multiverse

Ryan was looking after his daughter, Simone when a shadow demon came to his house to attack him, he is almost killed, but Sara saves him. Later at the bunker, he comes up with the plan to send Mobius to the Microverse.


Initially, Ryan had a lot of doubt in himself, he did not want to believe he was a paragon of anything, however, after spending a month stuck with the other paragons and receiving a few pep-talks, he began believing in himself. He begins opening up and trusting of his new friends.

Ryan is open to trying new things. He was excited at the opportunity of walking on an alien planet and was excited when Barry Allen showed off his speed.



The Flash

Season 5

  • "Nora(mentioned)

Season 6


Season 8

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


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Crisis on Infinite Earths


  • Ryan is most likely the founder of Choi Enterprises, although it's unconfirmed.
  • Ryan is the only human civilian to be chosen as a paragon while everyone else is a trained warrior or superpowered individual in some form.
  • Ryan's daughter, Simone, might be named after one of Choi's comic book creators, Gail Simone.

Behind the scenes


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