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"Best thing that ever happened to me was the day Mama Cora found me. Second best thing was the day I found that suit. But I can't help but to feel like that suit found me. This city needs hope, Luke. Hell, we all need it, and I saw it today in the face of a young girl who's been told her entire life that hope doesn't exist. Give me a chance, and I can bring that hope back to Gotham."
—Ryan Wilder to Luke Fox[src]

Ryan Wilder (born May 30, 1995)[1] is the daughter of Jada Jet and a late unnamed man, the younger maternal half-sister of Marquis Jet, the adoptive daughter of the late Cora Lewis, and the girlfriend of Sophie Moore. In an alternate timeline created by Eobard Thawne, by 2031, Ryan was married to Sophie.[2]

Once a homeless resident of Gotham City, Ryan found the Batsuit in the wreckage of a plane crash where Kate Kane went missing. Determined to find her purpose and take revenge against Alice, the leader of the gang that killed her adoptive mother, Ryan donned the suit and began acting as Batwoman.

Ryan later received Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton's blessing to operate full-time as Kate's successor, becoming a member of the Bat Team and the second Batwoman, sometimes being referred to as Batwoman 2.0,[3] and stylized as B-woman, the Bat, the Caped Crusader,[4] the Scarlet Knight, Gotham's Defender,[5] and the Bat of the Future.[6] After fighting to rescue Kate, battling against Alice and Safiyah, and helping protect Gotham all while suffering from severe Kryptonite poisoning, Ryan's role on the team quickly went from acting as a stand-in for Kate, to truly becoming Batwoman in her own right, eventually becoming the new leader of the Bat Team in the process. She is currently roommates with Mary and formally works for her as the manager of The Hold Up.

After Kate was found and had her memories returned, she passed the mantle of Batwoman to Ryan and named her the new acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises, before leaving Gotham again. A few months later, while the team searched for Batman's lost trophies with the help of Alice and Renee Montoya, Ryan was able to meet her biological mother, Jada, and her maternal half-brother Marquis. After he killed Professor Pyg to protect their family, Marquis went crazy and began to look more like the Joker. Eventually, Marquis forced Ryan to hand over control of Wayne Enterprises to him and ended up discovering her secret identity as Batwoman by Mary, who had been infected by Poison Ivy. After Mary was cured, Marquis threatened to attack Gotham with Joker's acid bombs, and Ryan ended up using the joy buzzer on him and making him go back to normal.

Some time later, Ryan disappeared during a patrol. But she eventually returned and helped the Flash defeat the Red Death in Central City.


Early life

Ryan was born on May 30, 1995 in Gotham City to Jada Jet and an unnamed man with whom she had an affair.[7] Jada had the attending doctor, Anthony Quadracci, make it seem like she died right after giving birth to Ryan under the alias "Nia A. Wilder" before abandoning her daughter.[4][1] With Ryan's father having apparently died sometime prior, she was sent into foster care and bounced around several homes growing up, unaware of her true parentage.[8] Quadracci was supposed to give Ryan and two million dollars to a couple who couldn't have children; instead, he kept the money and left Ryan at a firehouse.

Young Ryan Wilder and Angelique Martin

Ryan meets Angelique

When she was eight years old, Ryan was transferred into a group home for girls. She attempted to make friends with the other residents, who only bullied her in response. Ryan then encountered Angelique Martin, a fellow foster child who had snuck out of the home, and opened a window to let her inside. Angelique noticed that Ryan read a comic book featuring Ghost Kid, which she also liked. Angelique started reading the book and a friendship formed between the young girls.

Young Ryan in Hero Galaxy Comics

Young Ryan in Hero Galaxy Comics.

One day, Ryan went to Hero Galaxy Comics in Wayside Heights to collect some free comic books, where she was kidnapped by Candice Long, who convinced Ryan to look at the comics in her van. She was taken to a house where she was held for several days. One day, the woman gagged Ryan and told her to be quiet. Ryan saw through the window that there was a student volunteer group asking the woman if she had seen a missing girl. Ryan tried to signal that she needed help until realizing that the group was looking for a white girl, causing her to give up, heartbroken.

Later, the woman also captured Angelique, who actually let herself be captured to find Ryan, who was very happy to see her friend, but feared for her since she herself had been there for weeks without a ransom. Hidden behind the door, Angelique attacked the woman, who retaliated with an aerosol spray that blinded Ryan, who had jumped between the two. Angelique hit the woman with a jar of candy and knocked her out. She then woke Ryan up so they could escape.[9]

Ryan and Cora

Ryan and Cora move to their new apartment.

When she was 14,[10] Ryan was adopted by Cora Lewis. She would develop a strong bond with Cora and come to see her as her actual mother. With Cora's guidance, Ryan was able to graduate from high school and eventually come out as a lesbian, which her adoptive mother was very accepting of.[8] At some point, Ryan received a vase of flowers from Angelique, which she later gave to Cora.[11]

Cora dies in Ryan's arms

Cora dies in Ryan's arms.

On December 13, 2015,[12] Ryan and Cora were moving into a new apartment where they were attacked by the Wonderland gang. The gang killed Cora and their landlord, before proceeding to beat Ryan up until the arrival of their leader, Alice, prompted them to leave. Ryan tried to save her adoptive mother with CPR, only to find that she was dead, leaving her alone to mourn for Cora. Ryan was subsequently instilled with a lasting hatred for Alice and her gang. According to Ryan, her world fell apart that day.[8]

Without a path

Sometime after this incident, Ryan began a relationship with Angelique, though it was troubled due to the latter's criminal habits and drug use. Victor Zsasz came to know about the women's domestic problems.[13] After being together for some time, Ryan noticed that Angelique's addiction had turned her into a different person. Trying to help her girlfriend get clean, Ryan found and stole her drugs. As she left Angelique's house, Ryan was noticed by two Crows Security agents, who catcalled her. In retaliation, she flipped them off, prompting the men to search her. Upon discovering the stash Ryan was carrying, they arrested her for drug possession and distribution. Ryan asserted that the drugs were not hers but the Crows did not believe her, since she refused to give up Angelique.[3]

Ryan is surprised by the thugs

Ryan is surprised by the thugs.

Ryan was sentenced to 18 months in Blackgate Penitentiary, a lesser sentence for a greater charge presented to her by the judge presiding over her case, that she was forced to make a plea deal of. Left with no other choice, Ryan had to cope within the prison’s rough and secluded environment, filled with ragtag occupants. For her own survival, lest she not live to see the day of her release, Ryan improved herself not just in body, but in mind. During this period, Ryan met Crows agent Sophie Moore, and came to dislike her.[14] When Ryan was finally released, she was left living in a van with her mother's plant and struggled to put her life back together from scratch. It was implied that she even took up martial arts and did part-time teaching for people who were at least willing to hire Ryan for her tutelage and training services.[8]

Ryan is saved by Batwoman

Ryan is saved by Batwoman.

One Halloween night, Ryan was walking through the streets of Gotham with a backpack and wearing a cat-ears hairband when she was approached by some criminals who ambushed and tried to rob her. They were about to kill her when they learned Ryan didn’t have much to offer, but she was saved by Batwoman. During the scuffle, Ryan handled and somehow capably threw a Batarang for the first time, disarming a robber from a distance while the vigilante fought the man's cohorts. Ryan then looked on in complete awe and admiration as the Bat-themed crimefightress used her custom grapple gun to depart from the scene.[14]

Becoming the new Batwoman

Taking on the bat suit

Ryan finds the Batsuit

Ryan finds the Batsuit.

Two months later,[14] Ryan was sleeping in her van one night by the riverside, when she was awakened by debris falling from the sky that landed right in front of her van; Ryan went to investigate when she saw an airplane crashing from the sky and into the waterfront. Ryan immediately rushed to the wreckage to search for survivors and found a man in the wreckage. Unlike her adoptive mother, she was able to reach him just in time and revive him with CPR, though Ryan ended up puking, as a result. She looked around and stumbled upon a red and black suit with a wig and figured out that Batwoman had been on the downed plane.

Ryan talks to Susan Stevens

Ryan talks to Susan Stevens.

The next morning, Ryan went to see her parole officer, Susan Stevens, and said that something good had happened in her life. And seeing Ryan's noticeably bright and indeed positive mood, Susan asked if it was a home or a job vacancy, and Ryan said no. Ryan said that nobody wanted to employ a former inmate, even one with a martial arts background like herself. But that did not matter; not with the recent developments happening to her life.

Ryan wearing the Batsuit

Ryan wearing the Batsuit.

Ryan then decided to wear the suit and defeat some members of the False Face Society, and all while also with the intent of grilling them for information on Alice's whereabouts. Choosing to privately don the Batsuit in an unkempt public restroom, she produced it from her bag and proceeded to displace her civilian clothes. It took a while for Wilder to figure out how and even mildly struggled as she garbed the outfit unto her person along with its affiliated accessories (i.e. wiggled cowl, gauntlets, cape, boots and compartmentalized belt) she finishes in the end and there she was; fully-attired in the Batwoman gear and Ryan, for a moment, struck a hands-on-hips pose as she checks herself out and admires the view of her wearing the suit being shown in and reflected back at her from the room's mirror before setting forth to undertake what she intended to do whilst wearing it that night.

Ryan wears the Bat-suit for the first time

Ryan wears the Batsuit for the first time.

She soon homed in on her targeted individuals - a pair of masked thugs loitering by their parked car in a secluded alley and getting ready to get high on some acquired dope. Ryan, with her gear's installed voice filter switched on to make her voice unrecognizable, arrived thinking she could take them by surprise and then subdue them easily in Batwoman's guise, only for one of them to pull her down as she perches upside-down trying to scare him from overhead, slamming Ryan hard against the pavement.

Ryan says boo

Ryan says boo.

Wincing as she was loomed down upon, Wilder curses herself under her breath for her own imprudence by not considering that the False Face Society, and particularly these two members thereof that she was now facing against, may not fear Batwoman. The one who slammed her lunges at Ryan again, grabbing her by the shoulders, but with her right hand she manages to bring out the Grappling gun in time firing it over his right shoulder and at the rafters from above, freeing then pulling the Batsuited Ryan upwards and away from the thug’s hold; only to remain suspended and clumsily swinging to-and-fro there for a brief while as she is continuously shot at by the criminals from below.

Ryan activates Batsuit devices

Ryan activates Batsuit devices.

She tumble-rolled then safely landed on all fours back on the alley’s street and getting back up on her feet, Ryan excitedly laughs in relief when she observes there’s not a mark on her as she stood up proper, realizing that wearing suit renders her impervious to gunfire. However, the cowl’s night vision eye-lenses were somehow incited and set into infrared mode by Ryan's somewhat rough landing - causing her to unexpectedly see her attacker's thermal readings though those lenses.

Batwoman's reaction to accidentally shooting a False Face thug

Ryan's reaction to accidentally shooting a False Face thug.

Confused, Ryan begins tapping randomly at the buttons on her gauntlets, unknowingly activating the suit’s tracker and allowing its present location to be detected from the Batcave by Luke Fox. She eventually presses what retracted the lenses and the thugs, wonder and ask themselves if they are being confronted by a "wannabe Batwoman". At that point, Ryan, who was still experimenting with her gauntlets, jabbed at a button on the left one. This launches forth Batarang that embedded itself through the right leg of one of the thugs, excruciatingly sending him down on one knee. Ryan awkwardly apologizes as the injury was accidental and thereby not her intent, not when she planned to interrogate them for some intel and that cannot happen if she incapacitates both of them.

Batwoman threatens a False Face thug

Ryan threatens a False Face thug.

The felled crook badmouths her in response and Ryan decides to use her own words. Telling them that she is searching for someone in the city’s criminal underbelly, and that their society may or may not have the information she seeks — hence the altercation taking place in the alley they are in. But the other masked thug did not appear ready to comply without a drawn-out fight yet. He tries to take this "Batwoman" on, resulting in the latter drop-kicking him onto the hood of his car and then rolling off to its side. The disguised Ryan kicks him again, slumping him by the vehicle’s right front wheel, and then menacingly threatens him with another button on her left gauntlet as she points the wearable item itself at him, hinting that she is still unsure of her suit’s overall capabilities and nor will she take responsibility for what will happen next after pressing that particular button if the goon doesn’t tell her anything useful.

Ryan meets Mary and Luke at Gotham underground sewers

Ryan meets Mary and Luke at Gotham underground sewers.

Obtaining new knowledge that not a single member of her Wonderland gang has been sighted for weeks, Ryan treks down into Gotham's underground sewers and was walking there all by herself when she was found by Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton, thanks to the Batsuit's tracker evidently left still active. Spotting her costumed figure moving in and across of the tunnels, they mistook her for Kate in the Batwoman suit and ran up to Ryan only to see, in disappointment, that the young woman wearing the suit was one of color when she turned to face them. Understanding that they were confidantes of the original wearer of the suit she is currently donned in, whom this encounter just confirmed was the still-missing Kate Kane, Wilder blandly apologizes for disappointing them this way.

Ryan introduces herself to Mary and Luke

Ryan refuses to relinquish the suit.

Mary declares that keeping the suit is pointless, for it has an encrypted GPS tracking signature, and that Ryan must return the suit to them on the grounds that is still the original Batwoman’s property. Instead, Ryan takes off the cowl and formally identifies herself to them, then crassly refuses to return the suit since she has yet to conclude her interests for having it and even derided Kate for what she believes were shallow reasons as to why the billionaire took on the mantle as Batwoman, in response to Mary emphasizing that the Batsuit was explicitly meant to be worn by a hero - and certainly not up-for-grabs or to frivolously adorn someone who merely happened to salvage it from the plane crash that night. Luke chides her, indignantly expressing to Ryan that she doesn’t even begin to understand the full significance of the suit she’s presently wearing, let alone what it stands for whenever Kate wears it.

Ryan says she knows she's not a symbol

Ryan says she knows she's not a symbol.

Wilder confirms that, completely self-aware that what she stood for was practically next to nothing. That she did not have credit to her name and nor was she a symbol or a legacy, prompting Mary to challenge why someone like Ryan - with said questionable worth - should be in Batwoman's literal trappings if that be the case?. Ryan lashes out a retort that all her life she's been disadvantageously cornered and her foster mother, the person in Ryan's life who made it all bearable for the latter, was murdered with her killer still out there roaming free and that is just one case of many not graced by justice in the country; Ryan herself is an unjustly accused person and that she wanted to exact revenge for her mother's untimely death upon the parties responsible.

In conclusion, she callously assures Luke and Mary that she'll hand them back the Batwoman suit once she's finishes what she set out to do. And with that, Ryan used the grapple gun to get away leaving both of them impressed at Ryan's skill with it and simultaneously, stumped at the rogue's macabre conviction.

Ryan reads the article about Kate

Ryan reads the article about Kate.

Ryan then returned to her van and presumably figured out how to deactivate the traceable signal from the suit. In the following morning, she reads a news item in the newspaper about Kate's disappearance; Ryan was researching the person who wore the Batsuit prior to her, for the time of when Batwoman came to her rescue from a couple months back was still fresh in Wilder’s mind. She read and was moved by Kate's due story, leading to Wilder concluding that she was a real hero, suit donned or otherwise. Deciding that Kate Kane’s legacy deserves better and thus the suit needs to be in better hands, she promptly reactivates the installed beacon on the gauntlet so Luke and Mary could discern its location, and then she could surrender it to them when they arrive. Then Ryan fell asleep.

Ryan is woken up by Luke

Ryan is woken up by Luke

She was woken up by Luke's urgent voice on the suit’s communicator compelling her to get up and investigate. And right on cue as Ryan saw, after peering through her ride's rear door window, the Batmobile speeding towards her from behind so she started the van, culminating in a high-speed car chase across the abandoned amusement park where Ryan had her vehicle parked. As she drove past the rides, tents and stalls, Ryan asked if Batman was following her and Luke said "No!" over the comms, that it was actually Tommy Elliot, a fugitive from Arkham who looked like Bruce Wayne and would kill anyone to get the suit, not comforting Ryan in the slightest. Ryan opined to throw the suit out the window in hopes of drawing away the other vehicle’s driver away from her van and give up the chase, but Luke and Mary quickly said and insisted otherwise. For if Tommy got the suit then he would be Gotham's most dangerous person. Luke urges Wilder to get as far away from Tommy.

Ryan is chased by Tommy Elliot

Ryan is chased by Tommy Elliot

At Mary's hesitant suggestion, Luke succeeded at remotely hacking the Batmobile and Ryan managed to lose Tommy. Ryan’s armed pursuer now moving on foot gave her time to put on the suit and tried to catch him off-guard, but he had a shotgun with a single, substitute bullet out of Kryptonite - that was able to pierce the suit - loaded into it. Unaware of that, Ryan, again as Batwoman, descends down from the dilapidated roller coaster's elevated tracks and lands several feet away from Tommy’s back. She announces that she knows the person there with her is not Bruce Wayne; and Tommy responds likewise, saying that neither is she Gotham’s premier queer heroine.

Ryan fights Tommy

Ryan fights Tommy.

Tommy fired, hitting Ryan square in the chest and knocking her down with the shot, and Ryan pretended to be down-for-the-count dead for her shooter to approach in order to collect the Batsuit from her body. When he got close, she rose up, grabs and disarms him, then tries to put Tommy in a submission hold using her legs and an arm around his neck, only for Elliot to roll-flip the dark-clad Ryan over himself breaking her hold. And clambering up her feet first, Ryan swung a low kick that sent her adversary to the grass-covered ground again. Ryan dodges a lunge then kicking him after he careens past her, leading to Tommy slamming to the rear doors of Ryan's van and causing them to open.

Ryan watches Tommy's face leave

Ryan watches Tommy's face leave.

They continued to fight; Tommy swings his fists at Ryan, who avoids them using agile right and left side-steps before thrusting forth a straight kick, stopping Elliot, then doubles it down with a full-clockwise spin hitting Tommy across the face with a right backhand that spun and sends her opponent stumbling to the rear threshold of the Batwoman-outfitted Ryan's van and she follows. Reaching inside for a usable weapon, Tommy grabs then broke her mother's plant in the van. This elicited a big "No!" from Ryan and got her so furious that she violently gets into the altercation, blocking his hits while cleanly landing unopposed some of her own. All of it amounting to her felling Tommy down on his back, then Ryan mounting on him and brutally beating him up on the grass until his fake face came out. Standing teary-eyed but victorious, she informed Luke that it was over.

Ryan shows the piece of Kryptonite to Mary and Luke

Ryan shows the piece of Kryptonite to Mary and Luke.

She went to Wayne Tower, before dawn, where she coolly returned the suit, in a duffel bag, to Luke and Mary noting to them, unimpressed, that the suit was not as impervious as she initially thought and even tossed to Luke the Kryptonite fragment that Tommy fired at her, having apparently performed first-aid on herself to dislodge the shard from her body, much to his and Mary’s concern with the latter wanting to see Ryan’s sustained injury herself since weaponized substance was said able to kill the wearer of the Batsuit, but the latter dismisses it. Ryan apologizes for her part regarding the suit’s present state, then kindly wishes them luck at finding Kate.

Ryan Wilder Kryptonite wound

Ryan Wilder's wound caused by the Kryptonite fragment fired at her by Tommy Elliot.

Ryan takes her leave as Luke further inspects the damaged Batsuit on Kate’s desk; but Mary runs after her forcing the former to stop by the office’s threshold, turning around to face the latter again. The influencer-in-the-making brings up all the things Ryan said the night before as to why she needed the suit, and the homeless vagabond resignedly accedes they were right and that she was not worthy to wear much less use it, and left. She then returned to her van; and that night, Ryan with her beloved plant (now in a new pot) between her legs sat atop of her van as she gazes up to the sky at the Bat-Signal and as she contemplates her recent actions as of late, Ryan winces and she discovers that her fresh Kryptonite wound near her collarbone was affecting her in some way.[8]

Meeting Alice

Ryan at Bolton Security

Ryan at Bolton Security.

She was next seen in formal attire and seated at a job interview at Bolton Security. Ryan, hoping to land a job there as security, confidently discloses her proficiency with the orthodox combative arts and the man, reviewing her offered file and resume, sees that she did time at Blackgate. Tentative, she confirms that though the circumstances that led up to her incarceration there were stacked against her - as she was presented by the judge with a choice in the plea she made, and it was either 18 months or 15 years that all made the difference.

Ryan realizes she won't be hired

Ryan realizes she won't be hired.

Sensing that bringing up her ex-con background was not giving her much headway with the interviewer’s good favor, Ryan continues saying her time at Blackgate hardened her to not only be able to stand for and defend herself if need be, but also sharply assess any given situation to single out potential threats or simply to glean on another person's drives and motives just by the look on their faces. The interviewer leans back on his chair, intrigued but hiding it well, then asks Ryan what she thinks of him and Ryan sighs, saying that he was already prepped to turn down her application.

Ryan arrives at the pharmacy

Ryan arrives at the pharmacy.

Later, Ryan walked between the aisles of a grocery store in what appears to be the Vitamins and Supplement section. Browsing the merchandise, she tried to get an item from one of the shelves when her shot injury, courtesy of Tommy Elliot, began to act up again halting Ryan. She gets flashbacks of the night that Elliot shot her in and through the Batwoman suit. Wincing as she feels around her still-recent wound with her right hand; until the aching begun to wane again, she switches her selection and instead picks up a small container of extra-potent Ibuprofen with her other hand.

Ryan sees the assault going on

Ryan sees the assault going on.

Shrugging and unsatisfied, she calls out for a grocer nearby if they have any generic versions of that particular medication; and that was when Ryan spots an armed robbery in progress; two masked men, whom she did not notice until then, had just entered the establishment. One of them stood as lookout by the entrance and with a shotgun held in his arms, while the other striding towards the counter brandishing a gun at the cashier standing by the counter's other side.

Ryan beats the thugs

Ryan beats the thugs.

The cashier complies, extending out the cash to be taken and then pocketed by the one holding him at gunpoint. But that wasn't enough, it seems; demanding the grocery store's office safe be opened next, the robber hits his hostage over the head with the butt of his firearm when the worker was slow to comply, and in an instant, Ryan was already on the assailant, hitting him in turn over the head with a piece of hard merchandise. The other one sees this and point his weapon at Ryan, forcing her to take cover behind the end of one of the aisles in proximity to both the door and the counter,

Ryan tries to help the old man

Ryan tries to help the old man.

and narrowly avoiding getting shot at the cost of destroying some merchandise. After a second shot was fired, she grabs another grocery item and forcefully throws it at the stalking gunman, drawing out a loud groan from the latter. He brandishes his shotgun to try shooting her for the third time, only for Ryan to close the distance again by sliding across the floor towards him and rising half-way up to intercept his aim. Then, Ryan stands up to kick him up the groin and between the legs. She wrenches the gun from the robber’s hands and followed-up by swinging the weapon’s butt at his head - sending him crashing against the displaying shelf near the entrance.

Ryan is surprised by a Crows agent

Ryan is surprised by a Crows agent.

But at that point, the other robber has stood up and recovered, ambushing Ryan from the side and behind with a rabbit punch that struck her at the back of the head and knocking her down. Miraculously, instead of inciting upon her more harm, he goes to help his felled cohort and together they ran off, leaving the grocery store as Ryan slowly rises up with her right hand over the occipital region of her head. Looking out to see that they're gone, Ryan then rushes over to the incapacitated grocer to inspect his condition. Just then, the sound of a gun click drew her attention back to the door to see a Crows agent pointing a gun at her and ordering her to submit. Ryan could only roll her eyes and she complied with a sad sigh.

Ryan is held on a Crows base

Ryan is held on a Crows base.

She got taken and later seen in one of the crows' interrogation room, and this was not an unfamiliar sight for Ryan. Even less of a stranger was the distinct crow operative who came to badger her; Sophie Moore. Ryan, jaded, looks at Moore as the latter enters the room and both of them exchanged familiarity-filled glances at each other. Walking up to the table at the room's center where the younger woman whose right wrist was cuffed to and already seated at, Sophie tosses her some ice cubes contained in a sealable plastic baggie, then opened up a case file that she brought with her and stood at the table’s other side opposite of Ryan. Moore starts the conversation by humoring Ryan who takes the baggie and gingerly presses it against the aching back of her head, and Ryan similarly responds by teasing Sophie back about her hair, saying she likes it.

Ryan talks to Sophie (1)

Ryan talks to Sophie.

This sours Sophie’s mood a little, who would rather Ryan address her more formally but Ryan pipes up that they were too familiar with each other at that point to not be on a first-name basis. She then wonders if Moore got demoted, given the latter’s status in the Crows' ranks, yet currently overseeing a case of a petty armed robbery. Sophie responds in turn that such was a step-up in Ryan’s case, as she is usually brought in for questioning in regards of drug-related cases; apparently, she used to have a partner in that sad enterprise whom Ryan now parted ways with. Therefore; she could not give Sophie any information in that area. Ryan then defends herself saying that she didn't rob the store, but Moore reviews the file detailing that Ryan was found standing over the unconscious cashier, with the shot gun at the crime scene bearing her fingerprints, and reading that out loud for Ryan to hear.

Ryan talks to Sophie (2)

Ryan listens to Sophie's skeptical comments.

Ryan argues that she in fact tried to stop it from taking place - and a skeptical Sophie understandably has her misgivings of the former playing the role of hero. And given Ryan's recent stint at Batwoman not so long ago, that she of course cannot divulge to Sophie, she could only nod silently at the Jacob Kane's right-hand woman. The room's door opens and in came the same agent who arrested Ryan at the store. He whispers to Moore of having reviewed the establishment's security footage, which confirmed Ryan's side of the story. Sophie scowls at Ryan, who gave her a triumphant smile knowing that Moore has no reason to hold here there now that this whole affair had just been cleared meaning that she'll have to un-cuff Ryan and soon. Sophie apologizes and proceeds to do just that. And she heads over to untether Ryan, the latter cynically comments that the last jumble-up she suffered as result of the crows not doing their job right only resulted in her staying behind bars for almost two years.

Ryan talks to Sophie (3)

Ryan confronts Sophie about the Crows and Alice.

As Sophie undid the cuff, she gives Ryan a piece of advice: if staying in that part of Gotham puts her at a disadvantage day after day, perhaps Ryan should just pack up and move elsewhere where her luck might change. That struck a nerve. Ryan asks where can she find such a place in a city where the word of Crows Security is essentially the law. And they’ve cuffed people like Ryan more times than can be counted because they were easier to bring into custody than a murderous criminal mastermind like Alice, or any member of her gang. She stands up, edges in and gets into Sophie’s face confronting the latter that she knows why Jacob Kane and the rest of Crows has yet to fully resort lethal force in hunting down the Wonderland gang, particularly Alice herself. Sophie gets nervous but hides it; she informs that any feeling of sympathy Jacob may have had for Alice is long gone by now.

Ryan talks to Sophie (4)

Ryan confused by Sophie's comments.

Ryan stares at Sophie, confused and has absolutely no clue as to what the crows agent meant by that. It was then revealed that she thinks Kane being secretly racist as the reason why he had been seemingly lenient towards Alice, by virtue of the criminal being Caucasian. Realizing that she may have said too much, Sophie gets defensive and promptly ushers Wilder away, showing Ryan the way out. Still nonplussed, Ryan repeats and muses on Sophie’s words, looking over her shoulder at Moore standing in the middle of the room as she left.

Ryan at Mary's secret clinic

Ryan at Mary's secret clinic.

After talking to Sophie, Ryan realizes that Alice is Jacob's lost daughter Beth Kane. Ryan goes to Mary's secret clinic to confront her on this and becomes sympathetic to her when Mary reveals she hates Alice as much as she does due to Alice killing her mother. Ryan apologizes and then a doctor bring in Jonathan Cartwright's corpse, leaving Ryan disgusted as Mouse's corpse is covered in bite marks. Ryan stayed with Mouse’s body on a metal slab as Mary conducted her medical forensic tests in the other room when Luke walks in, quipping that people from all walks of life can indeed come in and go from Mary’s secret place either at their own leisure, stressing Ryan’s presence there.

Ryan sees Jonathan's body

Ryan sees Jonathan's body.

Wilder rolls her eyes as Luke himself moves over to inspect the corpse, wondering what manner of fauna could have done this much damage - which he identifies as severe bite marks and apparently too many to count for the assumption that all of it was done by a single individual. Wilder morbidly voices that dying like this counts as unthinkable in her book. Mary approaches, denoting to Fox and Wilder that Mouse’s wounds happened after he died apparently by poison. And not just any poison; Mary affirms that the same toxin that claimed her mother’s life was used. Only one individual outside of Hamilton Dynamics would have access to it; Alice. Just then, the corpse they were observing suddenly spasms. The spasm went on, intensifying until a bat burst from and flew right out of poor Jonny’s chest then glided about in the clinic. Witnessing that, Ryan screams and both Luke and Mary cast incredulous looks at her. Wilder reveals that she hates bats.

Mary recaptures the bat

Mary recaptures the bat.

They later recaptured the bat and placed it inside a glass case. Wilder notes it coming out of Mouse postmortem that Alice must have allowed the bats to feast on his body. Finding the idea disturbing kept on flying within the case’s confines, Mary replies with a grimace that this must be how Alice sees "closure" should be like. Luke walks in with his smartphone in hand and informs them of just receiving a call from Julia Pennyworth. Alice all but admitted to Pennyworth of having a massacre planned out and already in the works, before stabbing her in the back, but Luke told Ryan and Mary that Julia was fine. When Luke and Mary tried to find out where Alice would carry out her plan, Ryan saw a protest being broadcast on TV and realized it would be there. She then warned Luke and Mary. Ryan suggested that she dress up as Batwoman so she can disperse the crowd before the attack, but Luke said they would realize that she was not Batwoman, since she was white and Ryan is a person of color. After a brief discussion between them, Ryan is allowed to wear the Batsuit by giving the people a sighting of Batwoman.

Ryan as Batwoman

Ryan as Batwoman.

Ryan put on the Batsuit and awkwardly landed on the roof of one of the tall buildings near Gotham Plaza. From the Batcave and through communications on the hood of the Batsuit, Luke assures her that no one saw her lose her balance when landing; except him and Mary. Luke at one tells Ryan that she could have used her cape as a parachute to further stabilize her descent, ensuring a disgruntled response from her. Ryan then went to the front of the building so that the protesters could see it, but it didn't work out of the blue. Ryan then waited for tips on how to look legitimately heroic and inspirational as the vigilante she was trying to impersonate. Amongst the protesters, a teenage girl spots Ryan in the Batwoman suit and notifies the others of that, telling them of the vigilant bat returning at last before the public’s eye. Noticing she's garnering the crowd's sought attention just like she and the Bat Team planned-with her spoken words voice-filtered, she proceeded imploring to the rallied protestors to depart immediately from the plaza, for something terrible was about to happen there. Unfortunately, they were unable to hear her as she was very much on top of and several storeys up above the crowd.

Ryan on top of the building

Ryan on top of the building.

Failing to properly hear or comprehend even a single word from what “Batwoman” was saying to them, the protestors stood their ground showering adulation up at the vigilante, much to Ryan’s frustration. Just then, she heard the slow sound of clapping from somewhere behind her. Turning from her perch, she finds a less-than-impressed and condescending Alice, all alone and slow-clapping as she regards Ryan, knowing at once that she is not her sister but also admitting that this person in Kate's vigilante get-up is a complete stranger to her. The shocked Ryan seemed fearful for a second before the surprised look on her face ominously transitioned into fury.

Ryan stares at Alice

Ryan stares at Alice.

Alice mock-congratulates this unknown female wearing Kate’s Batsuit in front of her for easily deceiving the hapless percentage of Gotham. But being talked down as a fraud like that bore no weight for the life-hardened Ryan. She jumps down from the ledge and starts walking slowly in each step on the same level taken towards Alice. Luke tries discouraging the latter from engaging the latter into an altercation, but Ryan disregarded that despite not ignorant of Alice's infamy as a proficient murderer, seeing how the latter had an hand on the demise of her foster mother Cora. Ryan then says that she will kill Alice, which frightens Luke and Mary. Luke said she can't do that, since Batwoman doesn't kill, prompting Ryan to reply that she is not Batwoman, as Luke had said before. Ryan then disables the suit communicator.

Ryan fights with Alice

Ryan fights with Alice.

Whipping out a pair of pistols, Alice repetitively shoots Ryan several times but to no avail since the Batsuit is bulletproof. Alice then realizes that this is the real batsuit. She decides to change tactics and challenge Ryan in hand-to-hand combat, in which Ryan narrowly won and was about to kill her.

Ryan hears the bats arrive

Ryan hears the bats arrive.

So Alice uses a device to summon a swarm of bats that attacks the crowd below, distracting Ryan and allowing Alice to escape. Ryan was going to chase her but Luke managed to say that she had to choose the crowd. So Ryan let Alice escape. Luke espies through the sensors and relays to Ryan that a sub-sonic frequency is pulsing somewhere in the plaza — most likely a hidden transmitter planted by Alice that’s luring the bats there. He recommends Ryan to go down there and find it.

Ryan activates batsuit's eye-lense

Ryan activates batsuit's eye-lense.

Luke also recommends Wilder to incite the cowl’s eye-lenses so he could remotely set their allowed perspective into the mode that “views” sounds inaudible to the unassisted human hearing ability so they hopefully may locate the sub-sonic transmitter. So, Ryan quickly descends and safely sets foot somewhere on the plaza after selecting she should land there and then jumping off from the ledge, cape-parachuting down. Upon landing, she surveys her chaotic environment with and through the Batsuit's white-tinted, sliding cowl lenses over eyes; the Crows, GCPD, Gotham news anchor teams and even the generic civilians already got their hands full with rabid bats in a biting frenzy to pay the new Batwoman much heed.

Ryan finds the device

Ryan finds the device.

Via the said lenses’ detection of sub-sonic, Ryan soon spots the device. The pulsing seems to be originating from one of the newspaper dispensers in a group of such close to where she landed on; so Ryan nears them and singles out the specific dispenser she seeks, disengaging the eye-lenses. That way, she can then see in normal view when casing that particular vessel and urgently rips open its compartment door on the side using both hands, revealing the beeping contraption that Alice hid inside. Ryan takes it, exclaiming to Luke on the comms of her find; then she glances behind her as her mind races on what she must do next. Not too far from where she is was Crows agent Sophie Moore saving helpless citizens from the attack, not noticing until almost too late that a bat was gliding towards her left. Thankfully, the critter was slapped down by Ryan Wilder. The agent observes this new arrival just as the costumed Ryan reciprocates to see if the former was alright. And like with her commanding superior, Sophie quickly distinguishes that this unfamiliar woman now garbed in the Batsuit is not the original.

Ryan saves Sophie

Ryan saves Sophie.

Sophie asks who she was, and the latter pragmatically responds that she is her savior. Ryan then walks past the Crows agent as she converses, through the comms, with Luke on what her next step should be. The latter suggests destroying the gadget and Ryan refuses; for even with the transmitter gone, this colony of poisonous bats will still remain in Gotham. Luke brings up the "suggestion box" idea and one comes up in Ryan's mind on the spot after looking down on and then up from the device in her hand. She says that neither of them shall probably like it. She then enters the Batmobile. Later, the car sped over and across Gotham's paved streets. Soundly overtaking and driving past other moving cars as she steered on the streets - and all the while, a poisonous bat swarm gliding and flapping after the Batmbile.

Ryan drives the Batmobile

Ryan drives the Batmobile.

With Luke in the Batmobile's comms, he and Ryan spar-quibbled for a while on where to best attract the bats chasing the latter without hurt more people. Luke suggests a number of possible sites to bait the bats into - all of which were continually refuted by Ryan as she desperately drove. At some point, Wilder made the Batmobile do a crisp turn to the left, on an intersection, that fleetingly diverted the pursuing bats for a moment before they corrected themselves and went after the again.

Ryan points a gun at a crows agent

Ryan points a gun at a crows agent.

Ultimately, Ryan glimpses a crows' affiliated detainment bus driving towards the Batmobile and that gave her an idea, piquing Luke’s attention. But Ryan defends that it was probably best she let her actions to the talking. She abruptly hits the brakes, decelerating at once before the bus and compelling the latter's driver to follow suit. Noticing this from the Batcave's feeds, Luke demands Wilder of her intent only for Ryan to confess that she isn't so sure herself as she takes the transmitter, exits the Batmobile and strides over to the detainment bus and begs its driver to exit his respective vehicle. When said driver refuses, Ryan reacts by pulling out her grapple gun and brandished it at the Crow operative, intrinsically turning a pressing request between a vigilante and a lawman into an on-the-street stick-up.

Ryan runs away from bats

Ryan runs away from bats.

Forced to do what she said, the driver promptly opens the doors on the right side of the bus and exits it through them. Wilder enters and hangs the transmitter by the bus’ rearview mirror, then closes the vehicle’s passenger doors. Then she jogs towards the bus’ rear door just as the bats concentrate on where she left the device coaxing them onto the device’s position. She opens the door wide for the critters to fly into the bus to collect them all inside, while also raising her cape up and making sure that it covers her well enough to keep them away from herself. It did not take long before every one of Alice’s weaponized bats were now in the bus’ interior’ so Ryan closes it shut before rearing a few steps back and unlatches a compact incendiary from her utility belt; she unpins and tosses it under the bus’ chassis.

Ryan saves a homeless girl

Ryan saves a homeless girl.

Just then, Ryan turns behind her to notice a homeless teenage girl getting up from and out of a ramshackle tent, hearing all that vehicular commotion. Yelling to take cover, Wilder rushes over to her side and wraps the teen in her cape in time just as the bus detonates - killing all the bats. She and the girl she just saved straightened up, as Ryan pulls back her cape from the younger girl, at the sight of the destroyed vehicle; the latter wonders if the person next to her was Batwoman and Wilder declines. But the girl insists that Wilder is Batwoman, to her anyway, looking up with grateful admiration at the disguised Ryan.

Ryan at the Batcave

Ryan in the Batcave.

Ryan later went to Batcave and received Luke and Mary's blessing to operate as Batwoman in Kate's place; at least until Kate returns; becoming the second Batwoman and part of the Bat Team in the process. Ryan started writing for Kate in her diary just like Kate did for Bruce.[14]

Fighting Victor Zsasz

Later, Ryan, as Batwoman, intercepted a transaction between an addict and a masked dealer from the False Face Society. However, her entry was not perfect, as she had a slight stumble when landing that almost unbalanced her after the touchdown, she said she would have made it if the boots didn't tighten. As she threw batarangs to try to stop the dealer, Luke tells her to stop wasting them, because it costs $ 1,000 each. The criminal said she was not the Batwoman and she waited for an answer from Luke, but did not come. The suit started to beep, so she knocked out the thug and asked Luke to call the police since she had another appointment.

Ryan arrived at Susan Stevens' office, who asked her if she was late because she got a job. So Ryan went to Mary's clinic and said she was going to get a call and had to say yes. Mary got a call from Susan, who asked her if she had given Ryan a job at The Hold Up, and Mary said yes, with Ryan pushing her. Mary told Ryan that the job at the club would be a good idea for her to hide her secret identity, as they were going to spend the whole time together. Ryan then questioned her what "all the time" would be like since she would only be Kate's temporary replacement, so Mary said she needed to get back to work. At the Batcave, Ryan, Luke and Mary saw on the news that a man had invaded Hamilton Dynamics and killed two employees. Ryan asked what he stole and Mary said that she did not know what it was, since she had sold her shares and does not participate in the affairs of the council. Ryan then realized that Mary is rich and asked why she earns so little at the club. Luke asked why she started working at Hold Up, and Ryan said that his probation officer kept asking for a job.

Eventually, Ryan also realized that the man who invaded Hamilton Dynamics is Victor Zsasz. Luke asked how she knew him and Ryan said that they know people in common. Susan called Ryan and said she was waiting for her at the club, so she had to go, and said she would look after Zsasz when they found his address. When they found Zsasz, Ryan donned the suit and went over to his apartment, where she found the stolen drive, but Victor was there. Ryan looked for batarangs in the suit and Luke said she used them all, so he asked her to use the bo-staff. Zsasz asked what happened to the previous vigilate and Ryan said she didn't need to answer an old man who uses his skin to sharpen knives. Zsasz said the suit did not belong to her and she was not Batwoman. Then he fired a rocket launcher at Ryan. She manages to dodge by jumping out of the window and returns to Batcave. The Bat Team plugged the drive into the computer and saw a large list of names that Zsasz was going to kill. So Ryan volunteered to speak to him to find out who hired him, not as Batwoman, but as Ryan, with Luke's reluctance. So, she asked Mary to purse of money to make the deal with Zsasz.

She found him at a restaurant and asked if he remembered her. She said she was dating Angelique Martin, so Zsasz decided to listen to her. She asked him to kill Alice since her gang had killed her mother, but he denied it and left. Ryan then asked Luke if she had come close enough to his cell phone. Luke said yes and that the mystery customer was Safiyah.

Ryan in the new suit

Ryan in the new suit.

Ryan later returned to Batcave and made some modifications to the suit. She then went to Wayne Tower and received a call from Mary, saying that the Desert Rose had cured the cancer of a patient. Luke realized that everyone on the list had been healed by the rose after the attack of infected bats. Later, Mary said that Zsasz broke into the clinic. Ryan told Luke to keep calling while she went to put on the modified suit. Luke said the suit was perfect and Ryan asked if he had seen the damn wig. When Zsasz was going to kill Mary, Ryan arrived in the new costume and stopped him. They had a brief fight and Zsasz took it down. So Ryan used the bo-staff and knocked him out. Mary came over and said she loved the new wig, Ryan smiled and used the grapple gun to leave.

The next day, Ryan returned to the parole officer. Where they talked about the new Batwoman and Ryan's new job. Susan later said that she should get a new home or she would report it. Ryan then started working on Hold Up. Luke arrived and asked how the journalists got a professional photo of Batwoman, and Ryan said that Mary was taking care of the publicity. Luke gave her a new batarang and Ryan said he would train his aim. Luke apologized for distrusting him and Ryan said he understands, but he needs to give her a chance until Kate comes back. Luke agreed and Ryan asked if she could make any improvements to the Batmobile. Luke said she went crazy and left, making Ryan smile.[13]

Facing her past

Hero Galaxy Comics

Ryan and Mary at Hero Galaxy Comics.

Ryan as Batwoman finds and interrogates a teenager addicted to Snakebite to learn who his dealer is; when she does, she chases him with the Batmobile. Even though her Kryptonite wound hurts, she manages to capture him. Suddenly, the alarm of a jewelry store activates. Ryan arrives there and is surprised by a boy. He made it ring to get Batwoman's attention so she can search for his brother Kevin who has disappeared for weeks. She then tells the Bat Team and asks them to help her, so Ryan and Mary research the possible whereabouts of Kevin. In Ryan's van, Mary asks she to live with her in Kate Kane's penthouse above The Hold Up. They stopped at Hero Galaxy Comics while looking for Kevin, with Ryan thinking he may have been taken from the store as she was.

Ryan meets Jacob Kane

Ryan meets Jacob Kane.

Ryan then tells Mary her story and later calls to ask Angelique Martin for help but she refuses the call. Ryan and Mary peruse old clippings saved by Kate from Beth's disappearance and pinpoint the location of the house of the Candy Lady. Ryan meets with the Candy Lady, but gets attacked and knocked out. When Ryan awakes and frees herself from bondage, she fights the Candy Lady and learns that Kevin has been given to the False Face Society. Just as Kevin is about to kill Jacob Kane, Batwoman attacks the thugs and saves Jacob. The two fight the gang members. Batwoman talks to Kevin and convinces him to renounce his membership and to surrender. Later, Ryan returns to Hold Up, where she meets Angelique Martin. They chooses to rekindle their relationship.[9]

Ryan and Angelique in her apartment (1)

Ryan and Angelique in her apartment.

Batwoman saves Jacob Kane from being killed by apprehending Pike and taking him somewhere to interrogate him later. Ryan returns to the apartment and meet Angelique, who is making breakfast and listening to Vesper Fairchild as Vesper tells her listeners about the art thief Wolf Spider. Angelique sees Ryan's Kryptonite wound and tells her to have it checked, and Ryan says that she is fine. Ryan saw the Bat-Signal and went to find Sophie, who asked for her help. Ryan reluctantly teamed up with the Crows to get the location of Coryana and find Kate. The Bat Team debates the offer and Luke convinces Ryan to make the alliance, citing that he has more of a reason to hate the organization than she does, but he is willing to forgo that if it means the return of Kate. Batwoman watches as Sophie and Jacob interrogate Pike and learn that the Jack Napier's painting is a map to Coryana, before Pike commits suicide.

Batwoman meets Wolf Spider

Batwoman meets Wolf Spider.

Ryan hoped to use a batarang as a way to gain the trust of Evan Blake when she wanted to enter an illegal auction; Blake admired the item and asked Ryan which of the bat female vigilante was the original owner, to which Ryan said "Batwoman 2.0". She fails to pass Evan's test so they deny her entry until Angelique vouches for her. Angelique tells Ryan that she is there as a drug dealer, but Ryan refuses to reveal her reason for being there. Deciding that it would be easier to steal the painting and analyze it at the batcave, Ryan puts on the Batsuit to find Wolf Spider already there, stealing it. The two fight for the painting; the Kryptonite wound slows Batwoman.

Batwoman arrives with the Batmobile and finds Wolf Spider on the ground after he is hit by the Crows. She takes him to Mary Hamilton's secret clinic to heal. Ryan also decides that she is leader of the team and that she should no longer be compared to Kate; she then berates Luke for choosing the Crows over his own father. Batwoman later meets Sophie, who tells her that she has fired the two Crows for their misconduct, but Batwoman is not forgiving and wants Sophie to resign as well.[3]

Wound and cure

When Ryan's wound gets worse after she beat some bandits, Angelique takes it to Gotham General Hospital, where Ryan lies and tells the doctor that she has a spider's bite. Angelique uses her money from being a drug dealer to pay for the medical bill. Ryan tells her to leave this life. When Ryan goes to work at The Hold Up, she is approached by Sophie, who attempts to blackmail Ryan with enough evidence to arrest Angelique on drug charges for her to place spyware on Angelique's phone to search for her supplier. Ryan makes a deal with Sophie.

Ryan makes a Hold Up shirt for Angelique and invites her to work with her, but Angelique denies it. They have an argument and Ryan's wound starts to hurt. When Angelique went to get the remedy, Ryan installs the app in Angelique's phone. They then reconcile. At Batcave, Ryan and Luke receive a call from Mary, who asks them to take the coryana map to her clinic. They discover that something is wrong and Ryan, even in pain, arrives at the clinic and saves Mary and Jacob from Aaron Helzinger. But some criminals appear with Sophie and make her choose between herself and the map. Ryan then chooses to save Sophie. Afterwards, Ryan receives a call from the doctor, who says his wound has radioactive features. When Anglique finds out that Ryan has tapped her phone to the crows, they have an argument, which ends with their relationship and Angelique leaves, leaving Ryan sad.[11]

Mary and Batwoman

Ryan and Mary in Batcave.

When Ryan's wound got worse, she was cared for by Mary and Luke at the Batcave, while she was in pain and experiencing hallucinations. Batwoman later appeared on Angelique's apartment, who was with her new girl. Batwoman said that she was there because she sought Ocean. Angelique feigned ignorance, but gave Batwoman the hint that Ocean was able to grow mushrooms in the city. Batwoman threatened that Angelique could be arrested; noticing that the vigilante was acting injured, Angelique hit Batwoman off the fire escape causing her to fall hard on a car below. She was saved by Luke and Mary and taken to Batcave.

Deciding to take revenge, Ryan tracked Alice to her hiding place, where she was with Ocean. After Ocean left the hideout, Ryan as Batwoman appeared and revealed her identity to Alice, saying that she wanted revenge for her killing her mother. They had a brief fight, but the Batwoman was too weak and let Alice go, but put a tracker on her without her knowing it. Back in Batcave, Ryan tells Mary that she would go to Coryana to save Kate and find Alice and the cure for her Kryptonite poisoning her.[12]

Ryan in Coryana

Ryan in Coryana.

Ryan write in her diary what she think will happen today. Ryan thinks she will find Kate in Coryana and save her. At the Batcave, Ryan, Luke and Mary watch Sophie and Jacob being kidnapped by the Many Arms of Death on screen. Ryan decides to take risks and fly Coryana to save them. Upon reaching the island, Ryan fought Safiyah's men but eventually she was captured and taken to her, where Alice was also with Ocean's fake body. Before being arrested, Ryan told Safiyah that this was not the real Ocean.

So, Safiyah took Alice to stay in the cell with Ryan, who she offered to cure the desert rose and Ryan accepted. During the match caused by Alice, Ryan is found by Sophie. Ryan tells her that Kate was never on the island and that she doesn't want to die alone. Luke tells the communicator that she needs to return to Gotham because they still have a desert rose that can save Ryan from dying.[15] When she arrived in Gotham, she was healed by the Desert Rose.[16]

Facing the False Face Society

Ryan at The Hold Up

Ryan in The Hold Up.

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When Kate is declared dead due to body parts found in Bludhaven, Ryan has permanently taken on Batwoman's mantle. She was at her apartment with Mary when Angelique arrived. She apologized and wanted them to come back. When Commissioner Forbes was murdered, Ryan and the Bat Team investigated and found that Jordan Moore had witnessed what had happened. When Jordan and Sophie were going to be attacked by the False Face Society, Ryan saved them. Jordan revealed to Batwoman that she saw that the driver of the getaway car had a hanger that Ryan knew whose she was, Angelique. So she went after Angelique and confronted her. Ryan said he would protect her and Ange asked how. Ryan thought about telling the truth, but instead she said she knew Batwoman. Ryan then went to the Batcave and told the rest of the Bat Team the truth about Angelique. After a brief discussion, they decided to do it in Ryan's way. Later, Ryan met Jordan and Sophie at The Hold Up.

Batwoman fights the False Face Society

Batwoman fights the False Face Society.

She overheard them saying that they had been saved by Batwoman so she decided to introduce herself as Ryan to Jordan. But Jordan said that Batwoman was a cringe and like the Crows. Then, Ryan got a call from Angelique and went to her apartment, where he found out she had been kidnapped. After an investigation, she discovered Angelique's location to an abandoned place, where she was attacked by members of the False Face Society and arrested. She woke up and saw the Black Mask killing one of the gang members with a saw. After he told his story and that of his daughter, he decided to kill Ryan too but Sophie showed up and freed Ryan. Then she released Angelique and said that she would be fine. But later, Sophie warned Ryan that Angelique would take the blame to protect her. Later, Ryan, as leader, established a set of rules she wanted the Bat Team to follow.[16]

Batwoman disrupts Snakebite distribution by breaking into the False Face Society warehouses. After destroying yet another base, she took Dana Dewitt's microphone and declared war on the Black Mask. Batwoman brings Horten Spence to Mary's clinic after he gets blasted by Kilovolt. Sitting in the Hold Up, Ryan is on the phone with Angelique when she is kidnapped by the False Face Society.[17]

Ryan and Angelique

Ryan and Angelique say goodbye.

Ryan allied with Sophie[18] and later Alice to rescue Ange, since Alice was also after Ocean. A woman in a mask ended up cornering Alice, who asked Ryan for help and she didn't mind.

When Ryan feels that Angelique should hate her, Angelique blames herself and her choices for all that happened. She asks Ryan to accompany her to wherever witness protection can take them. Ryan says that she does not wish to leave Gotham, but Angelique insists that it is a horrible city. Ryan insists that she can't leave, citing the new community center as a beacon of hope that she wants to develop further. Angelique accepts this, hugging Ryan goodbye.[19]

Quiz Bowl

The Quiz Bowl.

After escaping Russell Tavaroff by using the Grappling gun, Ryan returns to her shared apartment to see Sophie getting drunk with Mary. Sophie says that she does not want to drink alone on her five-year anniversary of joining the Crows. The disdain that Ryan has for Sophie is palatable, but the three have a ladies' night, playing "Never have I ever". At the end of the bottle of alcohol, instead of a worm, there is a poisonous caterpillar. The ladies learn that this is their first clue left by Cluemaster for Sophie.[20]

Ryan and Luke are arrested

Ryan and Luke are arrested.

At some point, Ryan told Imani that she had to skip their date because she needed to take Luke to the hospital because his mother was not well. Later, Imani saw Luke talking to Ryan at The Hold Up and asked him about his mother's well-being, and Ryan repeated her story and Luke said that his mother was well. When officers Smith and Medina entered the bar, claiming they had received a noise complaint, Ryan accused them of being racist and she and Luke were arrested for disrespecting them. In prison, Luke and Ryan argue about how either of them should have responded to the situation, so Sophie was thrown into her cell as well. Ryan initially calls out Luke for not speaking during the ordeal and Sophie for benefiting from the settlement as a crow, but they all reconcile and acknowledge each other's experiences. In prison, they meet a man named Eli who (apparently) supported their cause. They are later released by Imani and Ryan administered an antidote to many Snakebite-infected people, while Tavaroff and his squadron of Crows killed others.[21]

Ryan crying

Ryan crying.

When Luke was shot and fell into a coma, Ryan utilizes the Batmobile to find the man who was at Luke's shooting, who uncovers to her that the Crows caused it. Ryan sorts out that Tavaroff was the person who shot Luke, and promises to seek retribution. She targets Tavaroff in a back street, and he contends that Luke wasn't blameless, and has one of the Crows hit her with their vehicle. Back in the Batcave, Ryan calls to Sophie for help in finding the bad Crows. When Tavaroff and other crows planned to kill Jacob with a snakebite making it look like an overdose, Batwoman came and defeated them, saving Jacob and told Jacob him he had to make a decision. The next day, Luke woke up and Jacob cleared his name, disbanding the Crows permanently.[22]

Kate's return

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Ryan as Batwoman entered Janus Cosmetics and fought two security guards; as she searched for Kate Kane. She learned that the guards were members of the False Face Society, but she did not discover Kate's whereabouts. The Bat Team try to track down Kate and Ryan ultimately finds her drinking at The Hold Up.[23]

During the blackout caused by the Black Mask, Ryan had a final duel with Kate with Alice's help; which led to Ryan using the vapors from the Snakebite to purge "Circe" from Kate's mind and even resucitated her after Alice pulled Kate from the river. After Kate returned to normal, she decided to leave Gotham to find Bruce and left the Batwoman's mantle to Ryan. Thanks to Susan Stevens, the parole board releases Ryan from parole. Then Ryan pitches to Luke and Mary to open a community center over Mary's clinic to make it official. When Ryan visited Alice at Arkham Asylum, Alice told her that her biological mother never died in her birth and is still alive.[4]

The missing Bat trophies

The new Mad Hatter

Luke and Ryan search for Poison Ivy weed

Batwoman and Luke search for Poison Ivy Herb.

Batwoman and Luke began the search for the Bat trophies and obtained some of the Poison Ivy herb, which was in the position of traffickers. Returning to the cave, Ryan and Mary thought of a nickname for Luke. Ryan was still thinking about knowing the truth about her real mother. The team discovered that a trophy had been found by a young man posing as the new Mad Hatter, who was a fan of Alice. Ryan visited Arkham to talk to Alice about her connection to the hatter, but Alice had nothing to do with him, and Ryan tried to talk to her about her mother. The Bat Team attended Mary's graduation, but everything went wrong due to the Mad Hatter showing up to force Mary to kill her teacher.

Batwoman sought out Alice to ask for her help and made her see reason by telling her that her father will never come to save her. After arresting the hatter, Ryan and the team celebrated that they already had the controller hat. Eventually, the team gave Luke the nickname Batwing. Ryan found out that his mother's name was Jada Jet thanks to Sophie, but Ryan refused to meet her because if his mother didn't care about me because she would care now. Batwoman reunited with Renee Montoya, who knew her identity from Alice and forced her to work with Alice to find all the trophies.[1]

Meeting her birth mother, Jada Jet

Ryan had to take Alice to the Batcave. The team discovered that the next trophy was the tooth of the original Killer Croc, which got a new wearer. Ryan was visited by Jada, who was upset that Sophie had hacked into the security systems. Ryan was disappointed in her mother. When Whitney Hutchinson was kidnapped by the new Killer Croc, Batwoman and Alice went to the sewers to save the girl, but were confronted by Mason, Steven's father, the real name of the new Killer Croc.

Batwoman vs Killer Croc

Batwoman confronts Killer Croc.

Batwoman was knocked out due to Mason's electrical device, causing Alice to escape. She contacted Luke to catch Alice. Upon getting up, Batwoman confronted Steven and managed to defeat him to rescue Whitney. Batwoman was thanked by Whitney's mother and Montoya. The next morning, Ryan went to visit Jada to reveal that she is his daughter.[24]

Meeting her half-brother, Marquis

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Ryan even met her maternal older half-brother, Marquis who figured out who she was pretty quickly. Ryan left the place, as she was surprised by her mother's attitude. Ryan was comforted by Sophie. The team tracked down the liquid nitrogen from Mr. Freeze, which had been taken by some kids. Marquis decided to help boost her image and even take down their mother.

Batwoman is trapped in the cryo chamber

Batwoman is locked in a cryochamber.

Batwoman saved Nora Fries from the mercenaries and went to save Nora's sister, Dee Smithy, but the mercenaries locked Batwoman in a cryochamber and forced Dee to cool the capsule so that Batwoman would die of hypothermia. Batwoman asked Luke for help and spoke to Sophie about her situation with Jada. Upon being saved by Batwing, Batwoman flirted with Sophie. Batwoman and Batwing successfully obtained the liquid nitrogen and saved Dee. Ryan and Luke argued with Mary about her position on the team. Ryan finally decided to accept his half-brother's proposal.[25]

Ryan and Sophie find a frozen Jordan

Ryan and Sophie see Jordan.

To increase Wayne Enterprises' sales, Ryan agreed to go to Gotham Expo Hotel. Ryan and Luke paid no attention to Mary's problem. Ryan was helped by Charlie Clarke and Marquis to get people to accept her as the new CEO. Because Sophie's sister Jordan disappeared, Ryan helped Sophie find Jordan, but they found her frozen due to liquid nitrogen. Ryan investigated more about the person in charge of the liquid, but found out that the sales of the companies were falling and got into a fight with Marquis.

With the help of Luke, Ryan discovered about the Black Glove Society, a society conspiring in the shadows of Gotham. Ryan found Jordan's friends dead from the liquid and learned that Jordan was next. Batwoman found thermal lamps and took the liquid nitrogen to save Beth and Alice. Returning to the tower, Ryan found out that Jada framed her for lowering sales. Determined, Ryan agreed not to give up and agreed to confront Jada, but first encountered Marquis in The Hold Up to ask him for help in confronting Jada.[26]

Professor Pyg attacks the dinner gathering

Professor Pyg attacks the dinner gathering.

After fighting Lazlo Valentin, aka Professor Pyg, at Jada's house and witnessing Marquis kill him, Ryan confronted her mother about what the Black Glove Society did to Sophie's sister. It was then that Jada revealed what the Joker did to Marquis when he was a kid and gave her some home movies that showed him doing things like throwing something at his mother and spiking his dad's food with peanuts, which he was severely allergic to; while on a camping trip.[27]

Corrupted friend

Batwoman confronts Poison Ivy Mary

Batwoman tries to talk to Poison Mary.

Ryan was avoiding her friends as she was focused on keeping the secret from Jada and Marquis. Ryan argued with Sophie about the situation, but they ended up arguing. When he found out that Mary gained Poison Ivy powers, Ryan donned his Batwoman outfit and went with Batwing to confront her and stop Renee from killing her. Batwoman tried to talk to her, but she let it out, as they never helped her in her situation, and Batwoman along with Batwing lost. Returning, Ryan and Luke swore to heal Mary and were upset that Alice also ran away.[28]

Marquis taunts Ryan

Ryan argues with Marquis.

To heal Mary, Ryan enlisted Jada's help and betrayed Marquis to return to normal after his encounter with the Joker. Ryan received a cure for Mary and they made a plan to locate her as she had bonded with Alice. Ryan learned from his mother that Marquis ran away and returned to the tower, where he found Luke and several guards knocked out, and confronted his brother, who was upset with her, and they began to discuss the cure. Determined, Ryan obtained the cure, in exchange for giving the position of CEO of Wayne Enterprises to Marquis.

Poison Ivy Mary traps Batwoman in vines

Batwoman tries to heal Mary.

After locating Mary and Alice, Batwoman confronted Mary and Alice to give her the cure, but had to fight Mary because she had already joined the evil, and ran off with Alice. Defeated, Ryan, Sophie, and Luke went to Mary's clinic to figure out how to get back on their feet while watching the news as Marquis revealed his new position.[29]

Ryan, Sophie, and Luke had to join forces with Renee Montoya to revive Pamela Isley, the original Poison Ivy, in order to find a medicine for Mary to lose her powers. She talked to Marquis, who was planning a party for his new position, and Ryan kept refusing to join him. To infiltrate the tower, Ryan, Luke, and Sophie went to the party in disguise to trick Marquis. Ryan, Sophie, and Renee stopped the guards and entered the Batcave, where they discovered that the plant there was a Pamela's weed.

Batwoman and Marquis on the roof of Wayne Tower

Batwoman argues with Marquis.

Batwoman and the other girls went down to the subway, where they found Pamela to wake her up, but she left to help Luke, and had a brief fight with Mary, though she refused to inject her until she saw Marquis holding Luke hostage, and To top it off, Batwoman found out that Marquis knew her secret. To save Luke, Batwoman released the injection, and she and Luke took Marquis to the clinic to try to cure him. Batwoman talked Jada into finding a cure for Mary and bringing Marquis back to her. To his surprise, Ryan found out from Sophie that Renee had the Joker's buzzer, that Renee would never let Alice go free, and they also found out that Montoya escaped with Pamela, who woke up.[30]

Meeting Lena Luthor

Lena and Ryan

Lena gives advice to Ryan.

"While Kate may have been a Paragon, they're not needed anymore. Crisis set the universe back to zero to correct itself, and it's clear it wanted you to be the Bat of the Future."
Lena Luthor to Ryan Wilder[src]

While looking for Mary, Ryan found teenager Tanner Freyr, who had been infected by the Clayface's mud. Later, Ryan met Lena Luthor at Wayne Tower, and Marquis kicked the two out of the building, to which Lena told Ryan that she was used to it. Lena revealed that Kate Kane told the former's best friend, Kara Danvers, that Ryan and Kara would make a good team one day. She then asked Ryan for help.

Ryan later got the cryogenic serum from Jada Jet and Lena stayed to help use it to stop the new Clayface. As Luke Fox tracked him down, Lena told Ryan about the multiverse and the Anti-Monitor Crisis. With the help of Lena, Ryan managed to immobilize Clayface as he tried to attack the Gotham City Hawks and take him to Arkham to be healed. After the villain was defeated, Lena said goodbye to Ryan as she had a date and assured to Ryan that she will get Mary back, just like how Kara never gave up on her.[6]

Defeating Poison Ivy and starting a relationship with Sophie

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Renee Montoya eventually awakes her girlfriend Poison Ivy, who joined Mary in a crime spree. Mary was later found by security, who take her to an ambulance but she was rescued by Batwoman, who say she killed a man, but she didn't remember what had happened. Mary decides to help the Bat Team and pretend to support Ivy to distract her. Ivy drains Mary, but this nullifies her powers and Ryan as Batwoman succeeds to defeat her and gets back Mary. During the battle, Sophie kissed Ryan, starting to develop a crush for her. After saving Jada from Victor Zsasz and after admitting to Sophie that she developed romantic feelings for her, Ryan and Sophie had sex.[31][32]

Ryan discovered Jada's connection to the Black Glove Society when Marquis kidnapped her and four other members to take revenge. Marquis would freeze her like she would him, but Ryan was able to save her along with Barbara Kean, but the other members were killed.[33]

Saving Marquis

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Marquis at Mary's clinic

Marquis is finally cured.

When Marquis threatened to attack the city with Joker's acid bombs, Jada said the press that Franklin died in a fall years ago. Theese allegations put the leadership of Marquis Into question and the Wayne Board has unanimously reappointed Ryan to the CEO Position, calling her previous resignation coerced. Ryan ended up using the joy buzzer in Marquis, making him go back to normal.[5]


In late 2022, Ryan went out on patrol and never came back. Some time later, an unknown speedster in a bat suit appeared.[34]

Defeating the Red Death

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Red Death attacks Batwoman

Batwoman vs Red Death.

After her doppelgänger Red Death defeated the Rogue Squad, Ryan threw a batarang in the villain's armor to nullify her speed, leading to an even fight between the two Ryans, which lasted long enough for Barry Allen/The Flash to wake up and take the Red Death's suit off. She screamed angrily at Barry before Ryan knocked her out. Ryan then went to S.T.A.R. Labs with Team Flash and later returned to Gotham.[35] After first meeting Iris West-Allen in Central City, the two developed a close friendship. Ryan also befriended Alex Danvers and Nia Nal, all of whom would meet in Gotham for a monthly brunch.[36]

Possible future

Battle with Magog

Batwoman's new look

Batwoman saves Bart and Nora from the Necrians.

In a possible future in 2049, Ryan had upgrades to her suit now with portable wings. Batwoman was visited by Bart West-Allen and Nora West-Allen, the current heroes of Central City, who were searching for Magog. She saved them from a group of Necrians, before seeing an evil doppelgänger of Superman. Excited to fight the villain, Batwoman charged at him, before mysteriously disappearing.

Heroes united

Batwoman and the other heroes against Magog.

Ryan had been summoned by Oliver Queen to meet with other heroes and help Nora and Bart. Batwoman, Nora, Bart, Luke, Kara Danvers, J'onn J'onzz, Mia Queen, Ryan Choi, Ray Terrill, Wally West, Ray Palmer, Jefferson Jackson, Scythian Torvil, Kendra Saunders, and other heroes joined forces to face Magog and his supervillains. During the fight, Batwoman was confronted by a clone of the the Needle. Following Magog's defeat in the epic battle, Ryan and Nate Heywood sent the Necrians back in time.[37]

Erased future

Future Team Flash at Eobard and Iris' ceremony

Ryan and the Team Flash see Barry.

In an erased future created by Eobard Thawne, Ryan joined Team Flash after "Reverse-Flash" and Damien Darhk killed Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood, Sara Lance, and Cisco Ramon. Later, she faced Two-Face and an unnamed female speedster, and defeated her with the help of Luke. At some point, Ryan and Sophie married and were planning to adopt a child.[2]

In 2031, she attended Iris West and Thawne's engagement party. Ryan discussed the methods in which her and Sophie, her wife in this timeline, could have a baby. Iris comforted her and told her to follow her heart. When Barry Allen arrived, Ryan hostilely asked what he was doing there.[38] Moments later, a fight broke out between "Team Flash" and Barry. Ryan successfully defeated Barry, causing him to flee from the scene with Iris.

Later, while Iris was hesitant in writing her wedding vows for Thawne, Ryan returned Iris' advice, stating that she should follow her heart as well. In doing so, Ryan told Iris that her and Sophie were planning to adopt a child after an incident at Gotham's waterfront reminded her of Cora adopting her. Ryan then returned to Gotham after being summoned by Luke to assist in apprehending Two-Face yet again.[2]


Ryan Wilder

Ryan in her civilian persona.

"Trust me, I know I'm not a symbol or a name or a legacy."
"Exactly, so why do you think you're worthy of wearing it?"
"Because I'm a number. I am the 327th baby of a black woman who died during childbirth that year. I'm a $20-a-day check to a group home. I'm inmate 4075, serving 18 months for a crime I didn't commit. But I can live with all those numbers because the mama who adopted me, I was her number one, but it turns out she's just one of a quarter million murders in this country who have not seen justice, and that is a number I can't live with. So you can have this damn suit back when her killer is dead.
—Ryan Wilder and Mary Hamilton[src]

Initially, Ryan was cheerful, carefully laid-back and had a happy life.

However, after the death of her adoptive mother and being incarcerated for a crime that she never committed, Ryan's life gradually fell apart due to the fact that she was not able to get a stable job and the criminal justice system not giving her the adequate supplies needed.

After Ryan became the new Batwoman and met the Bat Team, her outlook on life has improved drastically and she now has a family to support her.

Batwoman (Ryan Wilder)

Ryan as Batwoman.

While first starting her journey as Batwoman, Ryan uses the suit to pursue a personal vendetta, without thinking about what wearing the symbol actually entails. Unlike her predecessors, she is not weary to killing her enemies, especially Alice, a criminal for whom she blames her mother's death.

"That suit... it's bigger than me. It's one thing to put it on and it's another thing to wear it."
—Ryan to Mary Hamilton[src]

Upon wearing the suit, Ryan realizes how her actions touch people's lives, especially those in which she has shared a poorer lifestyle with. Ryan uses this revelation as fuel to replace the missing Kate Kane, and fully step into her role as Batwoman. She adopts the no-killing rule that comes with the title, and personalizes her suit to better represent her.

Further along into her vigilante career, Ryan is very stoic and committed to helping and protecting Gotham City and its residents. Coming from an underprivileged background, Ryan's mission of helping Gotham's impoverished citizens is personal and she is willing to do whatever she needs to assist them.

Ryan is seen to be witty and comical at times, but can ultimately become very serious and intimidating should the circumstances require her to be. She is greatly admired by almost all law-abiding citizens of Gotham, and is seen to be the hero that represents her city.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a relatively-new vigilante, former martial arts instructor and ex-convict, Ryan is in top physical condition for a woman of her age; she is able to maintain her bodily equilibrium while both moving or staying stationary in variable positions she's in, strong enough to throw or land blows that stagger enemies much larger than herself provided Ryan judges and secures the right fulcrum between herself and her target, quickly outmaneuvering around her opponents with relative ease and easily landing safely well on her feet almost every time after descending from a great height (and that was before Luke informs her that she could have used her cape to stably parachute down for an infallible landing).
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Ryan is very acrobatic individual, able to land on her feet after descending from a great height. Even before she fixed the suit to fit her, Ryan was able to safely land on her feet when facing off against members of the False Face Society. Now that the suit has been tailored to fit her, Ryan now lands perfectly on her feet, especially when grappling onto buildings.
    • Honed senses: When Kate supposedly came back to normal, the Bat Team completely trusted and believed in everything she said. However, Ryan was the only one who didn't trust her, and her senses proved to be correct; it was in fact Circe Sionis pretending to be Kate. She was also able to figure out that Alice didn't actually kill Ocean and that Ocean's "body" was a fake.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a former martial arts instructor and ex-convict, Ryan is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist who (according to her) is versed in at least half a dozen combat disciplines and could even mentor others in that respect. Her combat style seems to comprise of boxing, karate, taekwondo, jujitsu, judo and kali. Although it was inferred that she had been out of active practice for sometime, Ryan was still able to subdue members of the False Face Society and bested Tommy Elliot in their first confrontation. Even Beth Kane took notice and appreciated Ryan's apparent intent to kill following the brief skirmish between herself and this new Batwoman, deeming that the latter will prove to be a "handful" in comparison to Kate Kane, who always stayed her hand from delivering the killing blow when it came to combating Kate's own twin, Alice. Ryan was able to easily subdue the members of Russell Tavaroff's crows and bested Russell himself on two occasions. However, in her only confrontation against Roman Sionis, she was defeated; due to the fact that Roman was using dirty tactics. Ryan later fought on par against Tatiana, forcing the latter to retreat. When fighting against Kate Kane as Circe Sionis, Ryan was bested by her in two of their confrontations, although Ryan managed to best her in their third confrontation, even when Kate was wearing an altered form of the Batsuit. She was able to easily best members of the mercenaries who took Nora Fries, although she lost to the head mercenary; due to her catching Ryan off-guard. Her skills have improved to the point where she was able to easily take down Victor Zsasz, unlike during their first encounter when she was defeated.
    • Master stick-fighter: Ryan is a highly skilled stick-fighter, using her staff to take down members of the False Face Society and Victor Zsasz. In a hallucination, she was able to take down members of the Wonderland gang with a broken broom handle. She was able to easily best Aaron Helzinger using her staff. She is also skilled in using two batons; able to hold her own against Circe Sionis and Tatiana, even causing the latter to retreat. She was also able to take down members of the Arkham Asylum orderly relatively easily by using her staff. In a fight against the mercenaries who took Nora Fries, Ryan was able to overpower the mercenaries with her staff and even fought on par against the head mercenary, although she lost; due to being caught off-guard. She managed to even match Poison Ivy in combat using two batons before being disarmed.
    • Master Knife Wielder/thrower: Initially having trouble with throwing Batarangs, Ryan was trained by Luke in order to properly throw them, now being able to throw them to disable members of the False Face Society. She was able to throw a Batarang in order to stop a member of Russell Tavaroff's murder from leaving as well as throw one into the leg of a member of Arkham Asylum's orderly.
  • Keen-level intellect/Business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: Ryan is a very intelligent individual and a highly skilled tactician; despite her former low-class status, she was able to figure out how to operate most of the Batsuit's advanced tech in record time; albeit it took her longer to master the others - discounting the fact that she faced some difficulty exploiting them in the heat of battle for the very first time. As a former convict of close to a 2-year sentence, Ryan is also experienced in threat assessment, gauging individuals and looking over her shoulder in order to survive, having been in the company of Gotham's worst during her stay at Blackgate, and still thriving in the presence of the unscrupulous and uncivilized living here, and there as a homeless person on the city's treacherous streets. That said, Ryan is very knowledgeable with the transient community of Gotham to know where; such individuals or groups of them can be found clustered together or individually scattered after being pushed aside from the presence of the upper and middle classes, along with where those on the opposite side of the law would usually nest or briefly stay to simply enjoy their leisure. Ryan is also quite an adaptive thinker and problem-solver who can conceive immediate solutions and credible answers, respectively, on the fly; moreover, she is just as quick on her feet enabling her to execute them near-efficiently and close to flawlessly. With these serendipitous qualities, Ryan saw to it that Alice's toxic bats were expunged from the city without risking anyone else as collateral damage, using herself to lure them away as she sped off in the Batmobile. As Ryan puts it, word-for-word to Luke and Mary, her time in the company of criminals acclimated Ryan with the workings of crime, organized or petty, in Gotham's dark underbelly - giving her the insight on how criminality plots and operates, particularly in their city. But most importantly, how to break off said perpetrators and their bearings, if need be, in ways that Kate; due to her privileged upbringing, must have and inevitably overlooked. After significant mental training, Ryan became the Bat Team's "certifiable genius", with the title being given to her by Alice. Ryan is a very capable leader; as she leads the Bat Team in their operations. Ryan is also a skilled businesswoman, as Kate had confidence in Ryan; to the point that she named the latter the new acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises.
  • Expert investigator: Ryan is an excellent investigator; she deducted Kate Kane's identity as Batwoman, after only finding the Batsuit from the wreckage of Kate's plane. After encountering Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton in the sewers, they mistook her for Kate, which only confirmed her presumption. After Sophie Moore unwittingly stated that Jacob Kane no longer holds any sympathy for Alice, Ryan was able to correctly infer that Alice is Beth Kane, and soon after confronted Mary.
  • Stealth: Ryan is able to appear and disappear without much notice. This was seen on Ryan's first night wearing the Batsuit; she managed to sneak up in a dark alley and closed in on two masked thugs, who only detected her presence after she made it apparent with a Batarang she threw at them and when Ryan tried to scare one up-close.
  • Expert driver: Even while near-panicking, Ryan's skills as a driver is at least that she can not only outpace the Batmobile for a time with her van, but even effect evasive maneuvers while driving to evade ordnances fired upon her from the former vehicle by Tommy Elliot. Later, in the Batmobile, she expertly drove the specialized conveyance through Gotham while being pursued by a colony of envenomed bats - making an abrupt turn at one point that momentarily threw them off as they were hot on Ryan's trail.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain/Master survivor: A driven and determined individual, Ryan is nearly fearless and almost never gives up under most situations. After being shot with Kryptonite, Ryan immediately rose up again within seconds to readily fight and took down her shooter; she is able to put up with the lasting effects of the inflicted wound displaying signs of discomfort for only brief periods. Ryan would later display her tenacity in single combat against Alice - matching the latter nearly blow for blow, despite of the apparent size difference between them, until the former finally succeeds restraining the criminal by forcing her down on one knee and then gripping firm with both hands around Alice's neck. One of her greatest displays of tenacity was when she was able to stay awake for quite some time despite being nearly frozen to death. She was also able to drive off Professor Pyg's paralytics not long after being poisoned. Despite getting a stinging feeling when shot by a gun while in the Batsuit, unlike Kate, Ryan does not wince when getting shot with a gun nor makes a face when in pain.
  • Expert escape artist: Ryan was able to escape the grasp of tree roots manipulated by Poison Ivy, presumably without the use of any tools; though the first time, she needed help from an axe-wielding Renee Montoya.
  • Sleight-of-hand: Ryan is able to swap hand-held playing cards with another individual's, with the latter only realizing that her card has been switched for another after returning her gaze into it.


Former weaknesses

Ryan's kryptonite wound gets worse

Ryan's kryptonite infection gets worse.

  • Kryptonite poisoning: After a shot of kryptonite from Tommy Elliot, Ryan's blood changed in color around where she sustained that injury; the veins found in that area have also began to glow an incandescent green and spreading outwards from that point. Sometimes the infection distracts Ryan from her current mission. Ryan had felt exhaustion and even dizziness as the wound had gotten more infected. It was eventually revealed that the kryptonite's radiation was still in Ryan's blood system, as it was slowly poisoning her; the Desert Rose is the only medicine that can cure it. But after being cured from the kryptonite poison; this is no longer a weakness for Ryan.


  • Van: After Ryan got out of Blackgate, she no longer had a home. She acquired a van, which she used as her "home" to live and sleep in. After moving in with Mary Hamilton, Ryan kept the van for sentimental purposes, even opting to move back into it temporarily when Kate Kane returned to Gotham.
  • Batsuit: After finding the Batsuit, Ryan decided to use it to interrogate two members of the False Face Society in an attempt to find and kill Alice. After defeating Tommy Elliot, she graciously returned the suit to Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton. A while later, they agreed to let Ryan use it to aid in her vigilante work as the new Batwoman. Ryan also made modifications to the Batsuit, such as an altered bat-belt and a new wig.
    • Synthetic wig: The second design of the Batsuit had a straight, bright red wig that Kate Kane wore while fighting crime as Batwoman. Initially, Ryan wore the Batsuit with the same wig attached to the cowl, until she later adopted a dual-toned, very curly brown wig with red endings spreading and trailing down the sides of the hairpiece.
    • Voice filter: As Batwoman, Ryan uses a voice filter to disguise her real voice from individuals who knew and could recognize her while wearing the Batsuit.
  • Expandable bo-staff: Ryan uses an expandable bo-staff to aid her in combat.
  • Bat-Belt: Ryan modified the Bat-Belt to better suit her style and figure. She also reorganized the location of each gadget to operate more efficiently. The Bat-Belt is red with a bat-symbol on the front.
    • Batarang: As Batwoman, Ryan uses a roughly bat-shaped throwing weapon and has several of these at her disposal. It was seen that she has a natural aptitude for employing it as a hand-thrown projectile weapon even before coming into possession of the suit and the rest of Kate Kane's Batwoman equipment. Ryan can deploy these either by hand - either as a melee or throwing weapon - or by firing them from a special launching mechanism that Luke included into one of the Batsuit's gauntlets. Luke personally modified one of the Batsuit's custom-built gauntlets into a projectile weapon launcher; pressing a specified button on It would result in a Batarang fired forth from the wearable - an alternative way deploying the normally hand-thrown implement into battle.
    • Grappling gun: As Batwoman, Ryan uses a length of monofilament wire attached to a spool, primarily used for scaling or reeling on to buildings, swinging from one establishment to the next and ensnaring targets.
    • Line launcher: As Batwoman, Ryan uses the line launcher; a baton-shaped gadget that shoots grapnel hooks out of both ends, allowing the user to quickly move from one location to another.
  • Batmobile: While operating as Batwoman, Ryan uses the Batmobile; a heavily modified sports car with many technical features. She painted the car with red trims and bat-symbols to better match her style, and currently uses the vehicle in many of her vigilante escapades.



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  • Ryan's inmate number was 4075.[8]
  • Ryan's favorite color is yellow.[9]
  • Ryan's favorite animal is a snow leopard.[9]
  • Ryan had never been on a plane before she traveled to Coryana.[15]
  • Ryan is 5'4" tall and weighs 120 lbs.[23]
  • Ryan is vegan.[27]
  • Ryan was named after her maternal grandfather, Ryan.[10]
  • As of 2049, Ryan is still Batwoman. This makes her the longest-lasting vigilante to wear the Batsuit on Earth-Prime.[37]

Behind the scenes

  • Despite being an original character created for the series, Ryan made her first comics appearance in Batgirl #50 (December, 2020).
  • The scene of Ryan being saved by Batwoman from thugs on a Halloween night[14] is inspired by Kate Kane's origin story in the comics, when she was saved by Batman from a gang of rapists in Detective Comics #859 (January, 2010).
  • Although Ryan's first official image as Batwoman came out in October 2020, an image of her already in suit with several other heroes was released a month earlier on the DC FanDome, made by artist and publisher Jim Lee.[39]
  • Ryan Wilder is the first starring protagonist to debut in the new multiverse's Earth-Prime.
    • Ryan is also the first character to replace the titular character of a series in the Arrowverse.