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"You feel the energy in this room? It's like sitting on a keg of dynamite. You see, wakes are notorious soft spots where the supernatural meets the living world."
John Constantine

"Séance and Sensibility" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-second episode overall. It aired on April 15, 2019.




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The scene starts at Hank's burial service, where Ray is communicating lament for trying Nora out. At the point when he stops by the bathroom, Nora utilizes a spell to show up in the mirror and uncover her blamelessness, causing Ray a deep sense of alleviation. Somewhere else, Constantine discovers that Nora wasn't the one to slaughter Hank — rather, it was Neron acting like his previous darling.

Gideon illuminates the gathering that a time misplacement has been influencing Jane Austen from regularly keeping in touch with her most well known bits of work. After they return in time, they go to a similar wedding as Austen, where everybody obviously goes insane with adoration. The group discovers that whoever's meddling with the timetable made the sexual transformation come a few hundred years ahead of schedule. They pinpoint the chronological error to being brought about by Kamadeva, the Hindu divine force of affection and sexual joy, somebody Zari finds and captures him, however the time misplacement isn't fixed.

Soon thereafter, the imprisoned Kamadeva utilizes his forces to give the ladies on the Waverider close dreams. Mona awakens and lashes out at the loss of Konane, transforming into her wolf partner and pursuing down Jane Austen. After a fast monolog by Austen, Mona stops her frenzy and turns around into human structure.

After the entire group is alert, Zari stands up to Kamadeva again and consents to utilize his "adoration dust" again on the off chance that he consents to it as well. After they take it, they go on a tear around the town moving and singing. The two are going to get hitched when Mona busts in and advises her of the discussion she had with Jane Austen. Zari leaves Kamadeva at the special raised area.

Nate and Zari about kiss, yet the last pulls away. Sara and Charlie take a stab at persuading Zari to lay down with their companion, yet she forgets about it.

Beam remains behind on the Waverider, sneaking Nora in to escape the specialists at the Time Bureau.

Constantine utilizes enchantment to maneuver the soul of Hank into Mick's body. There, Hank clarifies the circumstance he got himself in with Neron.

Nate finds a mystery room in his parent's home, which has documents and a camera. He plays the camera and it's disclosed that Hank wasn't tormenting otherworldly animals, rather he was preparing them so they could be a piece of an amusement park he was taking a shot at working to help make one of Nate's youth dreams.


Preparation ran from October 10 until October 30, 2018. Shooting ran from October 31 until November 13, 2018, with a break on November 12 for Remembrance Day.[1]


  • Zari is shown to be open to having a three-way; notably she says in disappointment "Damnit. This is definitely a dream".


  • The episode's official synopsis states that the team travels to 1809 to deal with a magical fugitive. In the episode however, they actually travel to 1802 to do this.
  • When Sanjay asks Zari if she still wants to marry him after knowing that he has 1,000 other wives, Zari's mouth goes from closed, to open, to closed again between shots.
  • Nate's mother says Hank never knew his father. However, we see differently in Moonshot.