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"You feel the energy in this room? It's like sitting on a keg of dynamite. You see, wakes are notorious soft spots where the supernatural meets the living world."
John Constantine

"Séance and Sensibility" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-second episode overall. It aired on April 15, 2019.




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The Legends arrive at Hank's funeral to support Nate, as Ray feels guilty since he was the one who gave Nora a second chance. Nate is asked by his mother to give a toast about how Hank was an amazing man, something that he feels unable to do knowing what Hank was doing. Ray feels unable to face Nate, but the latter assures him that he doesn't blame Ray, since he loves him like a brother. In the bathroom, Ray discovers Nora in a mirror who tells him she is innocent, something that Ray believes.

Meanwhile on the Wave Rider, Charlie gives Mona a steak even though she is vegetarian, insisting that meat is now part of her diet as a Kope. Charlie admits to wanting Mona to transform, to see her "wild side", as Mona's shirt displaying the names of Jane Austen characters begins to change, something that Gideon says is a result of a magical fugitive. At the funeral, Nate tells the Legends to go on their mission. When they return to the Wave Rider, Ray behaves strangely and asks to be excused from the mission while he returns to his room. Due to her improved sense of smell, Mona claims that she can smell Nate and "arousal" on Zari, prompting Sara to tell her about how Nate confessed to having feelings for Zari in the previous episode. The Legends arrive in Bath, England in 1802, when a mishap causes Zari to almost be trampled by a horse carriage. The coachman helps Zari to her feet, and manages to charm her. They head to a wedding which Jane Austen attends, but the bride and groom profess their loves for a scullery maid and the bride's mother respectively, acts which were considered scandalous for the time. Other attendees of the wedding also profess their love for one another, as Charlie comments "now this is what I call a wedding".

Ray returns to the Wave Rider with Nora, who tells him that it was Neron/Desmond, something which Ray notes can possibly be proved by Constantine. Charlie returns to the Wave Rider, prompting Ray to hide Nora in his room. Ray and Charlie inform the Legends that the wedding was a second in a series of "Lust outbreaks" in 1802, bringing the Sexual Revolution into existence a couple of hundred years early. Zari goes to ask the coachman they met earlier for information while Sara and Mona go undercover as new town arrivals and meet Jane Austen. Jane Austen notes that since Lord Remington's arrival, the entire town has been acting imprudently. Mona is surprised that Jane Austen is not supportive of romance, prompting her to comment that Mona is either "a liar or a fool" for believing in love. Back at the funeral, Nate confides in Mick about how he has difficulty in giving a toast for his father. Mick tells him since his father is dead, whatever Nate chooses to say will be for himself and not his father. Constantine while passing by a mirror, realizes that Hank's spirit is in the house and tells Mick. After asking the locals, Sara and Mona realize that the coachman is the magical fugitive, something that Zari is aware of after kissing him. The coachman reveals himself to be Kamadeva, the Hindu God of love.

Sara and Mona arrive at the stable to find that Zari has captured Kamadeva. He notes that Zari is the first woman to resist his charms. They imprison him on the Wave Rider as he insists that he only sought to grant people the courage of following their heart's desires. Gideon informs them that history still has not been fixed, but as it is late for the night, they will have to meet Jane Austen again the next day instead. Ray returns with a change of clothes for Nora and offers her his bed while he sleeps in a chair. Nora offers to share the bed with him, in an attempt to awkwardly try and seduce him, but Ray chooses to sleep in a chair much to Nora’s disappointment. Back at the funeral, Nate is writing a toast that tells the truth about Hank, when Constantine and Mick tell him how Hank's spirit is still in the house. Constantine tells Nate that Hank's spirit just needs to tell Nate something before moving on, but Nate refuses to listen. A record player then supernaturally plays, releasing ominous screams, which flies and shatters against a door as Nate leaves the room in defiance. Meanwhile on the Wave Rider, Kamadeva blows mystical dust into the air of the Wave Rider. In her dream, Nora finds a shirtless Ray asking to join her in bed as the other members of the Wave Rider have passionate dreams. While the others discuss their dreams in the galley, Mona is upset after dreaming of Konane, since this is the first time she has seen him after his death. Zari tries to comfort Mona that she didn't know Konane for very long, but Mona insists that love will never be real without taking a chance. Zari tells her in contempt that "it's hard to take advice from someone who's boyfriend turned her into a werewolf." Upset, Mona says that she may be stupid for being a romantic, but it isn't Konane's fault, as she transforms into a Kope. She leaves the Wave Rider and confront Jane Austen.

Mona insists that Jane Austen's books made her an incurable romantic who risked everything for love, with Konane now dead. She calls her a liar who doesn't believe in romance, causing Jane Austen to realize her identity, but Mona insists that she is no longer Mona: "Mona is weak. Wolfie is strong." Jane tells her that she is a firm believer that one should only marry for love, to the point of rejecting the only man who had ever asked for her hand. Mona calms down and transforms back to normal. Zari confronts Kamadeva about the dreams the Legends experience, but he insists that whatever they dreamt was what they desire. Zari tells him how love in her time was a liability, and he tells her a life without love is no life at all. He removes the vial around his neck and says that his real name is Sunjay, a man who gathered the real Kamadeva's ashes in a vial which gives him powers. He told Zari this because he likes her and thinks she secretly yearns to be impulsive and free. Zari lowers the forcefield surrounding him and consumes the ashes from the vial alongside him. Back at the funeral, Nate attempts to give a toast when the lights begin to flicker. Instead of giving any profound words or his original toast, Nate gives a short toast about how Hank was a workaholic who can now rest in peace. Nate's mother then gives a toast on how Hank never knew his father, and wanted to be there for Nate growing up but work was always in the way. When Nate was a child, Hank took a week's leave for a vacation to Disney World. However that morning, Nate had to be brought to the hospital. Knowing Nate was disappointed, Hank rented a Mickey Mouse costume and wore it to the hospital, convincing all the children that Mickey Mouse came to see them. She notes that while Hank had his flaws, he was also "a man who could make you believe in magic." In 1802, Mona asks Jane Austen why she pretended not to believe in love, to which she replies that her beliefs mean her sister and her will be penniless upon their father's death, with her writing rejected by every publisher causing her to give up love. Mona insists that her books will be timeless, and that she is her favorite author. Jane tells her that her books advocate a partnership based on love and mutual respect, not on losing control. Under the effects of the vial, Sunjay and Zari are twirling in the garden, before Zari suggests they get married.

Zari begins to hear music playing, with Sunjay suggesting that she sing since Kamadeva was fond of music. She and Sunjay begin to sing and blows the ashes onto the locals, prompting them to join in. In the galley, Gideon broadcasts their singing through Zari's comms as Ray and Nora share their dreams and confess their love for one another. Sara and Charlie find Zari and ask what is happening as Charlie asks if they are in a Bollywood musical number which Zari replies "You bet your ass it is" and blows the ashes onto them as well, prompting them to join in. Just before they are married, Mona enters to warn Zari not to be swept up in a fantasy, also waking up Charlie and Sara from the spell. Charlie also points out that after having the powers of a love god for years he probably already has a wife, Sunjay admits to not just having one, but a thousand wives already. This realization causes Zari to snap out of the spell. Back at Nate's house, Constantine draws a circle of runes around Mick to summon Hank's spirit into Mick's body. Hank confesses that he made a deal with a demon for unlimited funding in exchange for giving access to magical creatures imprisoned in the Time Bureau. Hank tells Constantine that the demon's name was Neron, before leaving Mick's body. Nate finds a secret basement containing files on Hank's secret project. He finds a tape of Hank explaining a plan to bring one of Nate's childhood dreams into reality: to have a theme park full of magical creatures. Nate realizes Hank wasn't torturing or experimenting on magical creatures, but training them to be in a theme park and that he was wrong about Hank. Nate wishes he had spent more time getting to know Hank, calling him "Dad". In the attic, Constantine envisions his dark side in a mirror mocking him that his sacrifice of Desmond ultimately proved to be for nothing and being drunk instead of taking action. It tells him that he will inevitable fail everyone since deep down he wants everyone in hell, as he "wants the company." In anger, Constantine breaks the mirror and sees Desmond in the mirror who reveals himself to be Neron.


Preparation ran from October 10 until October 30, 2018. Shooting ran from October 31 until November 13, 2018, with a break on November 12 for Remembrance Day.[1]


  • This is the lowest rated episode of Season 4 with a rating of 7.4 on IMDb.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility.
  • This episode aired on Thomas F. Wilson (Hank Heywood)'s 60th birthday.
  • Mona wears a shirt listing her favorite Jane Austen characters, including Elinor and Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility, Elizabeth and Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, and Emma Woodhouse from Emma.
  • When Ray, Zari and Sara are leaving the funeral wake, Ray says "Legends assemble", a play on the rallying cry of Marvel's, "Avengers assemble".
  • Constantine wears a black tie instead of his usual red tie for the funeral. This is the only change to his outfit.
  • Brandon Routh and Nick Zano have revealed that they improvised Ray and Nate's cheek kiss at the funeral wake.[2]
  • While singing, Zari mentions fixing the timeline as a cat, saving a cowboy and keeping his hat, taking Salem's breath away, and getting stuck reliving the same day. These are references to adventures she had in "Legends of To-Meow-Meow", "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly", "Witch Hunt", and "Here I Go Again", respectively.
  • In a delete scene of the episode, Ray and Nora have been shown to be bold with each other due to Sanjay’s magical musical number, and the two end up having sex.
  • This is the second episode not to feature Jes Macallan (Ava Sharpe) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • Zari is shown to be open to having a three-way; notably she says in disappointment "Damnit. This is definitely a dream".
  • Nate refers to Hank's secret project, Heyworld, as his "moonshot". This could be a reference to the episode of the same name in which Henry Heywood dies.


  • The episode's official synopsis states that the team travels to 1809 to deal with a magical fugitive. In the episode however, they actually travel to 1802 to do this.
  • When Sanjay asks Zari if she still wants to marry him after knowing that he has 1,000 other wives, Zari's mouth goes from closed, to open, to closed again between shots.
  • Nate's mother says Hank never knew his father, but this is in contrast which is seen differently in "Moonshot".