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Sabrina is the girlfriend of Julio Mendez.


Julio Mendez invited Sabrina and her friend Judith to a double date with Barry Allen. Although Barry's date wasn't well-received by the latter.[1]

The next week, Julio tells Barry that if he has any problem about having a new girlfriend, he should call him and Sabrina.[2]

The next week, she had a "great" night with Julio.[3]

Two weeks later, Julio went to dinner with Sabrina.[4]

Two weeks later, Sabrina went to Joe Kline TV game show to earn money for a good cause with Barry, Julio and Tina. Although went Barry asks her if she wants a coffee, she tells him to give some to Julio since he is too much "distracted" by another woman. Later, when Tina slapped Kline for harassing her, she claps her hand for Tina's courage. When the Ghost crashed the game, she was among the hostages before the two thugs get away.[5]


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