"I've forgiven you for what you did all those years ago... which is why it's going to be much harder forgiving you for this. You exposed the secret of the Desert Rose to the world. Coryana is the garden, and I am its keeper. My family has dedicated lifetimes to protecting its secret. History is littered with colonizers who come with their false ideals and pillage for their own profit. The African Diamond Trade, oil in the Middle East. Coryana is no different. Our garden will be ravaged, and our island will cease to exist."
—Safiyah Sohail to Beth Kane[src]

Safiyah Sohail[1] is the queen of Coryana and the leader of the Many Arms of Death. Subsequently, she allegedly captured Kate Kane and promised Beth Kane to free her twin sister in exchange for Beth killing her brother, Ocean.

However, it is eventually revealed that Safiyah never had Kate, as well as the fact that she was never responsible for causing the explosion on the latter's private jet, as it was all orchestrated by Tatiana in order to drive a wedge between Safiyah and Beth.


Original multiverse

Early life

Safiyah became the ruler of Coryana and created one major rule, after she noted how individuals wasted natural resources, that the Desert Rose, a plant that grew naturally here, was not to be exported from the island. Eventually, Tatiana became Safiyah's second-in-command.[2]

Meeting Beth Kane

When Catherine Hamilton took out one of Coryana's defenses, Safiyah sent Tatiana and the Many Arms of Death to attack one of Catherine's yachts to teach her a lesson. However, they found Beth Kane, also known as "Alice", onboard the yacht. Alice attacked Tatiana and her men before she was captured and brought to Coryana. When Tatiana presented Alice to Safiyah, she wanted to kill her, but Safiyah, noticing Alice's rage towards Catherine and inspired by her determination to escape, decided to train her to be a soldier.[3][4] Safiyah taught Beth to turn her anger into power, teaching her how to fight as well as other skills.

Over time, Safiyah came to have strong feelings for Beth, but could not bring herself to tell Beth. Meanwhile, Safiyah had Beth's combat training handled by Ocean. Later, it was learned that Ocean began instilling Beth with doubts about seeking revenge on Catherine and their growing closeness led to developing a romantic relationship. Upon approaching the two, it was also learned that Ocean stole a Desert Rose and planned to leave the island with it. Furious at Ocean's various betrayals, especially stealing Beth's affection, Sofia had Enigma wipe the couple's memories of each other. In the process, Beth's emerging conscience was suppressed, programming her to become completely consumed by her emotional scars and desire for revenge as Alice. Safiyah had Beth was sent back to Gotham under the belief that she escaped.[3] Unknown to Sofiya, Alice took a Desert Rose with her, violating the rule and drawing Safiyah's anger.[2]

Sending Rifle to Gotham

At some point Safiyah heard about Batwoman and decided to assassinate her.[1] Thus, in 2019, she sent the Rifle to Gotham to retrieve a weapon capable of penetrating the Batsuit from Alice. However, the latter used him to kill the only three people who could fix said weapon right before giving it to him sabotaged. The Rifle warned Alice that Safiyah was going to be pissed for that.[4]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Safiyah as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[5] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[6]

New multiverse

Deal with Julia Pennyworth

Safiyah was approached by Julia Pennyworth, who promised to give her Lucius Fox's journal if she stopped the Rifle from pursuing Batwoman, a condition to which the criminal agreed.[1]

After Julia infiltrated the Lookout, Safiyah called her and asked about her progress on the mission, prompting the latter to reply she will retrieve the journal and give it to her.[7] However, after Julia discovered the journal's true content could be used to kill Batwoman, she terminated their deal which officially puts her in Safiyah's cross-hairs as well.[1] Afterwards, she had Julia stalked by someone who took and gave Julia photographs of herself with Sophie Moore to show them that they were being watched.[8]

Framed by Tatiana

In 2020, Tatiana killed all members of Wonderland gang and left a note saying that Safiyah had done it.[9] Later, Tatiana sent another note to Alice which insinuated that Safiyah was responsible for the apparent death of Kate Kane when her private jet exploded. So, Alice declared war on Safiyah.[10][11]

Getting even

After Alice reveals the secret of the Desert Rose to the world, Safiyah sent Tatiana to retrieve her, but Tatiana brought Sophie Moore here as well.[12]

Later, Safiyah learned that employees of Hamilton Dynamics had mass-produced a vaccine based on the Desert Rose to a poison that was spread by bats infected by Alice.[12] So, she hired Victor Zsasz to kill Mary Hamilton, but he had failed.

In Coryana, Safiyah and Alice talked about the past, but Alice was more interested in avenging the death of Kate because she believed that Safiyah had killed her twin sister. After a brief scuffle, Safiyah told Alice that she had not killed Kate and showed Kate's unique necklace to Alice as proof that she knew the whereabouts of Alice's twin sister. Before being drugged and dismissed from Coryana with Sophie, Alice promised Safiyah that she would do a job for her in order to be reunited with Kate. Safiyah told Alice that Kate would be returned to the island after Alice left.[2] The job was for Alice to find and kill Ocean.[13]

To have Ocean killed

Upon learning that Ocean was staying at a hotel just outside Gotham, Safiyah sent members of the Many Arms of Death to kill him; however, they failed.[14]

The next day, Safiyah answered a phone call intended for Tatiana from Alice; Alice wanted to know the real reason as to why Safiyah had sent her to kill Ocean; Safiyah replied that she could tell Alice, but that would make Alice's assignment harder, verifying for Alice that she and Ocean were once lovers. Later, Safiyah was called again by Alice, stating that she had killed Ocean; Safiyah told her to bring the body to Coryana and Alice agreed.[15]

While Alice and Tatiana took "Ocean's body" to Coryana, Safiyah ordered the Many Arms of Death to kidnap Sophie and Jacob Kane and take them to Coryana. When Batwoman was caught and taken to Safiyah, she revealed that it was not Ocean, so she took her face off and found it was true. So she took Alice to stay in the cell with the Batwoman, who she offered to cure the desert rose and she accepted. Safiyah managed to find Ocean and took him to Coryana, where she asked Alice to choose him or her sister. Alice then chose Kate and stabbed Ocean with Safiyah's knife. Safiyah took Alice to the cell where Kate was supposed to be and revealed that she never had Kate and arrested Alice.

Later, Safiyah removed the knife from Ocean's chest, causing him to wake up. She explained to Tatiana that her knife hers was dipped in a potion that caused suspended animation; by removing it. When Safiyah realized that Tatiana had framed her for massacring the Wonderland gang and for being responsible for the apparent death of Kate, she proceeded to stab her with her knife and said to Ocean that she'll only remove it when she has forgiven her. Later, Alice managed to break free and burned the desert roses, leaving Safiyah devastated.[11]


Safiyah is quite terrifying when she is enraged, she is compassionate and charismatic with both physical and psychological prowess, she is beloved by her people and will stop at nothing to protect what's hers; and in a way, Safiyah represents an esteemed matriarch who longs for but, at the same time, keeps what she is not supposed to have away and at arm's reach. Ruling over many subjects on an island under her name, she ironically also sees herself as prisoner bound by her duties, and obligations to Coryana and thus; cannot leave it's borders whenever Safiyah wants.

Safiyah is unforgiving, as seen when she is under very conditional and amendable circumstances, murdered Tatiana in cold blood for bringing Beth Kane back into her life and the Rifle once mentioned that Safiyah's intellect parallels her ruthlessness. She also loves her brother, Ocean deeply and protective to the point of jealousy and going out of her way to manipulating Beth into killing Ocean just so the latter would realize it that Beth could not reciprocate his affections the way Safiyah can.

Safiyah is very knowledgeable; as nothing goes unnoticed by her, specifically when it comes to those who have encountered the Desert Rose.

Safiyah has no tolerance for any form of treachery or deception, when she discovered that her second-in-command, Tatiana had framed her for massacring Wonderland gang and for being responsible for the apparent death of Kate Kane; in order to make Beth hate Safiyah and stay distant from her, she killed Tatiana for her treachery.


  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Safiyah is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; as she was able to easily disarm and overpower Beth Kane, the latter who is a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right.[2]
  • Intimidation: As the queen of Coryana and the leader of the Many Arms of Death, Safiyah commands an intimidating presence, to the point where many of her fellow criminals fear her and knew it's not wise to make her angry.[4] Even Beth and Jonathan Cartwright are terrified of Safiyah.[16]
  • Network: As the queen of Coryana and the leader of the Many Arms of Death, Safiyah is a very infamous figure in the criminal underworld, as she has many connections and contacts all over the world, sending her assassins on missions to Gotham City from somewhere near Santorini.[4]


  • Knife: Safiyah's knife was dipped in a potion that cause suspended animation; by removing it after being nailed to someone.



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