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The Sage Force is one of three other forces that was unleashed during the rebirth of the Speed Force. After Barry Allen and Team Flash discovered that the Speed Force still existed within Iris West-Allen, the team was able to use that energy to restore the Speed Force; thus, ultimately creating the new forces. Its host is currently Bashir Malik.


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After Iris West-Allen touched the artificial Speed Force machine, the residual Speed Force stored in her cells became amplified to the point that the natural Speed Force was reborn.[1]

Future Barry watches birth of the Forces.

The lightning bolt that revived the Speed Force was full of Elemental Force particles.[2] This energy separated into four parts and was disbursed from S.T.A.R. Labs into the atmosphere.[1] Meanwhile, Barry, from 17 days in the future, travels through time and chooses not to stop the dispersion.[2]

Bashir Malik as Psych

At some point after its creation, the host of the Sage Force, Bashir Malik, and the Strength Force (who was controlling its host, Alexa Rivera) attacked the Speed Force which caused the latter to ask for Team Flash's help after recovering.[3]

After returning from the past and his battle with Deon Owens, the host of the Still Force, Cisco Ramon realized that Psych was the host of the Sage Force.[4]

Bashir used his powers against Iris West-Allen, Kamilla Hwang, and Allegra Garcia, showing them their fears. For a moment, Bashir began to fade from existence, allowing the three to flee, but he soon returned afterward.[2]

Bashir evolved his use of the Sage Force to include "magentacles", tentacles of raw energy capable of repelling the Flash and strong enough to fight Fuerza, though Fuerza prevailed.[5]

The spirit trapped in the Psycho Pirate mask managed to escape and piggybacked along Sage Force energy during the near-reverse Big Bang to find a new host; striking Cecile Horton and imprisoning her within her own mind for months.


  • Psionics: Sage Force users are able to augments the user's mind, allowing them to access a multitude of psionic powers.
    • Empathy: Sage Force users are able to make other individuals feel what they want them to feel.
      • Pathokinesis: Sage Force users are able to manipulate the emotions of other individuals.
    • Fear inducement: Sage Force users are able to manipulate the fears of other individuals.
      • Hallucination inducement: Sage Force users are able to trap other individuals within hallucinations with their fears and could cause physical harm to those individuals if hurt inside a hallucination.
  • Energy absorption: Sage Force users can absorb several different types of energy; as Psych able to absorb the lightning thrown at him by the Flash.
  • Bioluminescence: Sage Force users are able to cause their eyes to transform and glow a purple shade.


  • Indomitable will: As Bashir primarily uses fear to subdue other individuals' courage. Cecile Horton amplified Barry Allen's courage around Central City, causing Bashir to disappear into the Sage Force.[3] Iris was able to overcome her fears and stayed focus as Bashir attacked her.[2]

Known users

Physical manifestations

Lightning coloration

Psych emitting purple lightning.

  • Red: When the Sage Force was created it manifested as red lightning which hit Bashir Malik.
  • Purple: For an unknown reason the energy then changed from red to purple. When Barry went back in time and absorbed the particles of the forces, purple lightning hit Bashir's body in an attempt to destroy the Sage Force.


The Flash

Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Sage Force is an energy field that radically enhances the minds of its conduits.
  • It's possible Bashir caused the Force to change color due to being in full control of it from the start; unlike Alexa and Deon, who struggled.