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For the town of the same name, see Salvation (Earth-1) or Salvation (Earth-Prime).
"I don't like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there... somebody else. Because typically, they don't show my level of restraint."
Oliver Queen deciding to take down The Savior

"Salvation" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of Arrow, and the eighteenth episode overall. It aired on March 27, 2013.



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The episode opens with Oliver preparing to go after John Nickel, a local slumlord. Before the Hood can get to him, however, Nickel is grabbed by someone else. Oliver has Felicity look into possible suspects, because he's uncomfortable with another vigilante being loose in the city.

Back on the island, Oliver and Slade are working out an arrangement for Edward to get them a boat.

Roy and Thea's make out session is interrupted by a guy bringing Roy something and referencing an upcoming meeting with someone named Joe. Thea sees that Roy was brought a gun. He tells her "I owe people" but she storms out.

Laurel finds that her parents are fully engaged in the hunt for Sara. She is disappointed Quentin didn't dissuade Dinah from continuing the search, not believing her sister is still alive. Laurel looks at the girl in the picture Dinah found, who her mother insists could be Sara because she's wearing the same baseball cap Sara owned.

John thinks Oliver is "scary calm" and not leading a real life at this point. Felicity calls Oliver with word that a live video is being sent around. It's the new vigilante. He questions Nichols for his crimes against the community, and then shoots him. The voice says more people will answer for their crimes.

Felicity is having trouble tracking the new vigilante's website. John reveals that he got into contact with an NSA friend and the code that's being use by this particular vigilante matches that of someone who called himself The Savior, and he is a former resident of the Glades. The next Savior video features an assistant district attorney, Gavin Carnahan. The Savior references his dead wife, which points Felicity to a former city worker named Joseph Falk.

Moira meets with Frank Chen. They talk about the fact Malcolm doesn't yet know they are responsible for the assassination attempt. Frank thinks Moira should send her family away for their safety.

Thea asks Laurel for advice about Roy. Laurel's advice on Roy, and bad boys in general, (despite her own streak with them) is "Run". Laurel speaks with a contact at the Chinese embassy, looking for information on the girl in the picture her parents think could be Sara. She's told the women is a citizen of the United States.

Felicity finds The Savior's wireless signal. Oliver rushes to the scene in an attempt to save the ADA, but as soon as he gets through looking through the location, the signal has moved. He goes to the next location but can't get there in time. Felicity can't figure out why it seemed like the signal was at those locations when there was nothing there. For some reason, the Savior's signal is sending them to bogus locations. Felicity blames herself when the ADA is shot and killed, because she's the one who is supposed to take care of the technical aspect of their work. 

Oliver returns to HQ and tries to reassure Felicity that what happened wasn't her fault. She thinks that maybe Oliver has the right idea in being alone, because she has no idea how she would explain what just happened today to a normal person. 

Another island flashback, Oliver and Slade meet with Edward. He changes the game, telling them to give him the circuit board or he'll kill Yao Fei Gulong's daughter.

Laurel shows her parents that she's found the woman from the picture, named Jenn. Jenn explains the photo of her was taken in an island fishing village off the coast of China. The name translates from Mandarin to "Salvation". The Lances realize she is not Sara and Dinah is despondent.

Thea drops by to see Roy and tries to stop him from committing a crime. While she argues with Roy, a person injects him with a tranquilizer and abducts him. Thea is knocked aside when she tries to intervene.

Cut to The Savior's next video with Roy. Thea tearfully reveals to Oliver and Tommy at Verdant that she is in a relationship with Roy and he needs their help. 

Malcolm calls Moira with word that a member of the Chinese Triad has been arrested. He's agreed to reveal who tried to have him killed for a reduced sentence.

At Laurel's apartment, Dinah isn't ready to give up looking for Sara. As Quentin tries to convince her to accept the truth, Laurel realizes that Dinah connected Jenn's baseball cap to Sara because she somehow knew Sara took it with her on the Queen's Gambit. Dinah admits she found out Sara was going to spend time with Oliver and blames herself for not stopping her when she had the chance.

Felicity has found the a strange ambient sound on the Savior's recordings. Diggle realizes that it's the rhythm of the old subway - the Savior has been moving around underground in the city's old subway system. He was actually in all the places Felicity found, just in an underground. 

Back on the island Edward order that Yao Fei's daughter be killed. This leads to a huge fight. Oliver, Slade, and Fei's daughter, get away, but are forced to leave an injured Yao Fei behind.

The Hood breaks into the subway system just as The Savior gives Roy ten minutes to make a case for why he should live. After fighting with Thea, Roy counters that he probably should die. No one would care, as he is just a "waste", repeating the words that Thea told him. Just before the Savior can shoot Roy, The Hood shows up. He thinks the Savior should give Roy a second chance but he refuses. The Savior misses his first shot and the Hood kills him to save Roy. 

Dinah is leaving town to return to Central City. Before she walks out, Laurel makes it clear she'd like them to keep in touch and the two make amends.

Thea is reunited with Roy. He looks in his pocket and finds the flechette the Hood threw so he could cut himself loose.

Oliver and Laurel talk about Roy and Thea. Laurel reveals to Oliver about Dinah's visit and the search for Sara, admitting that she too started to wonder if her sister was still alive. Oliver asks Laurel if she'd like to grab coffee sometime, saying he doesn't want to be on an island anymore.

Slade and Oliver return and find the circuit board is gone. Edward was playing them all along. While they were at the meet, his men were searching the island for the circuit board. 

Moira tells Frank she had no choice but to turn over what she knew to Malcolm. Frank is killed by The Dark Archer, who thanks Moira for her loyalty. She asks him to spare Frank's family and he agrees.

In the Arrowcave, Oliver assures Felicity she can talk to him if she ever needs someone to tell about her day. Oliver then realizes that the map of the decommissioned subway station is in his father's journal. Everything that is going on with The Dark Archer and his mother is connected to the Glades.


Preparation ran from January 30 until February 7, 2013. Filming ran from February 8 until February 20, 2013.[1]


  • The episode's title is a reference to a village that Jenn stayed at, where the photo of her was taken.
  • The total kill count for this episode is 6 Slade Wilson: 2 Joseph Falk: 2 Oliver Queen: 1 Yao Fei Gulong: 1
  • Sara Lance and John Diggle are mentioned to be fans of the Starling City Rockets sports team. In the DC comics, the Star City Rockets are a baseball team operating in Star City and were formerly owned by Robert Queen.
  • When Diggle asks Oliver if he was going to hood up while pursuing Joseph Falk, Oliver's response was, "It's the middle of the day!" This could be a reference to The Dark Knight, as Bruce Wayne gave Alfred a similar response before going out in broad daylight.
  • In one shot, a subway train passes by the camera with graffiti of the letter "A" in red on its front. This is the sign of the villain Anarky, who is primarily an adversary of Batman in the comics.
  • Dinah mentions to Laurel that she's taking the red-eye flight to Central City and will be "home in a flash", referencing the hometown of Barry Allen and his superhero alter-ego, The Flash.
  • The scene where Moira finds Frank Chen's blood on her hands and desperately tries to rub it off with a cloth is an homage to Lady Macbeth from Macbeth trying to clean blood off her hands in a similar manner.