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Salvation was a town in the Old West in the Dakota Territory of the United States of Earth-1. The place was a "temporal blindspot" which time travelers can use to hide undetected, albeit not indefinitely.


Prior to 1871, an incarnation of Chay-Ara settled near Salvation after Vandal Savage had killed her husband Hannibal Hawkes.[1]

Also prior to 1871, a young H.G. Wells came down with tuberculosis. His mother, heeding his doctor's advice for a constitutional, took the boy to Salvation to see the American West.[1]

Stillwater Gang

Jeb Stillwater threatens the town

In 1871, Jonah Hex witnessed the town being raided by the Stillwater Gang for many months. Because Salvation in 1871 was a time fragmentation that was invisible to the Time Masters, the Legends arrived to this time and place to hide out from the Hunters. Leonard Snart shot a member of the Stillwater gang for threatening Martin Stein so Jeb Stillwater vowed to make the town pay. Ray Palmer took it upon himself to deal with Stillwater and his gang and save the town, especially after he became the town sheriff since the last one quit. Rip Hunter later dueled Jeb Stillwater in Ray's place and killed Jeb saving the town. The Hunters then arrived and the Legends with Jonah Hex defended the town and killed the Hunters.[1]

While escaping from Mallus, the Legends hid out in Salvation due to it being a temporal blindspot. However, Mallus was still able to find them and he sent his forces to threaten them. As a result, the Legends sent out a distress signal and summoned many of their allies to assist in battle. In the final moments, Mallus himself arrived, and the Legends used the Totems of Zambesi to create a giant Beebo and destroyed Mallus once and for all. Afterwards, the Time Bureau erased the memories of the battle from the minds of Salvation's residents while at the same time returning Mallus' army to their proper time periods.[2]

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