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"When you wanted to get married, I tried warning you. You may have fallen in love with Clark Kent, but you married Superman, and Superman doesn't get to have a normal life. No matter how much you want one for him, or yourself."
—Sam Lane to his daughter, Lois[src]

General Samuel "Sam" Lane is a retired military general of the U.S. Army and the former director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. He is also the son of an unnamed man and Natalie Lane, the brother of an unnamed woman, the ex-husband of an unnamed woman, the father of Lois Lane and Lucy Lane, and the grandfather of Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent.

After Morgan Edge's defeat, Sam Lane decided to retire from active duty to spend more time with his family.


Original multiverse

Early life

Sam was born in the 1950s into a military family. When he was a child, his father used to bring Sam and his sister to the movies every Sunday. During one of these occasions, they saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, which strongly impressed and terrified Sam. The film would be one of the catalysts which convinced Sam that extraterrestrials were the biggest threat to both the country and the whole planet, since their technology and powers could wipe out the human race in a few moments.[1]

Growing up, Sam followed the family tradition by joining the U.S. Army and climbing the hierarchy until he earned the rank of general. He fathered two daughters; Daily Planet's reporter Lois Lane and military lawyer Lucy Lane,[2] who also served as a legal attaché on his staff. Over the years, Sam's relationship with Lois became estranged, due to his immorality and control issues over her life.[3]

Due to Sam's strong anti-alien ideas, he viewed even Superman as a potential threat to America. Due to this, Sam had tried to establish a partnership with the D.E.O., which he considered inadequate to handle potential alien invaders.[1][3]

Arriving in National City

General Lane arrives at the D.E.O..

General Sam Lane came to National City, as he wanted "Hank Henshaw" to transfer Supergirl to his unit. However, Hank could not, as she did not technically work for the D.E.O. Then, he demanded that Supergirl fight their field robot Red Tornado. Supergirl won the battle, breaking off the android's arm with her freezing breath, and causing damage in his system. As Red Tornado flew, Dr. Morrow said his robot activated the self emergency protocol, so General Lane fired Morrow because he did not cope with the task. The next day, the general had dinner with Lucy and James, to whom he told (in an arrogant/disrespectful manner) that James is not worthy of his daughter - that James surrounded himself with special people because he's not good enough himself. Later, General Lane, Lucy and James were attacked by Red Tornado, and Supergirl rescued them but is forced to allow the android to escape in order to diffuse a tornado it caused. Later, "Henshaw" suggested using alien technology that created the hologram of General Lane to draw out Red Tornado, and Supergirl destroyed it.[3]

Acting director of the D.E.O.

General Lane tortures Astra.

When "Hank Henshaw" was captured by Astra and Non's army, General Lane returned to National City to temporarily perform his duties as director of the D.E.O.; he tortured Astra by injecting her with liquid Kryptonite to learn the location of their base, but she gave them a false position, which turned out to be a trap. Then Supergirl decided to make an exchange of prisoners; despite the fact that the general was against it, he was forced to retreat as Kara stood her ground. After his return, "Henshaw" coldly told General Lane that his presence at the D.E.O. was no longer required, and General Lane and his team left.[1]


General Lane gives the Omegahedron to Maxwell Lord.

When National City was put under the influence of Myriad, Supergirl contacted General Lane and asked him not to let anyone enter the city as she didn't understand what was happening. Later he called her back saying that he had done his duty and asked her to fulfill hers.[4]

Later, Lucy asked his father to release J'onn J'onzz (whose Martian identity had been previously revealed making him a fugitive), but the general refused to do so. However, he allowed J'onn to go with Supergirl to fight Non and Indigo. After their victory, General Lane told J'onn J'onzz that the President granted him a full pardon and re-instated him as the director of the D.E.O. He then took Non's apocalypse device, the Omegahedron, under military custody and later delivered it to Maxwell Lord.[5]

Housing Daxamite technology

General Lane aided in the safekeeping of a Daxamite ship following their invasion. However, after it was hijacked by Robert DuBois, J'onn J'onzz called Lane and gave him a stern talking to, threatening to have his stars stripped from him.[6]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Sam Lane as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[7] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[8]

New multiverse

In the rewritten history of Earth-Prime, Sam knows that Clark Kent is Superman and instead of being against him, believes the world actually needs Superman. He attended his daughter, Lois Lane's wedding to Clark and through her, has two grandsons, Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent.[9]

Early life

When Sam Lane was a cadet, he kept Dr. Wiles' husband from getting kicked out of the academy twice.[10]

At some point, Sam became a general and had a daughter named Lois, who always felt that Sam's first priority was his job.[11] When Lois married Superman, Sam warned her that it would get her into trouble and went to the wedding in Smallville.[9]

A new enemy

Sam arrives at the nuclear power plant.

Sam Lane and the army went to a nuclear plant that was about to explode. When he arrived at the site, he asked a worker how long they had before the plant exploded, with her replying that it would only take a few minutes and that radiation would cover the entire Metropolis. Then, using his device, he called the Superman to resolve the situation, and it worked. When Superman landed, they realized that the same thing had already happened to another plant, with Sam saying that the cracks were intentional and that worried him.

The Kent family at Martha's funeral.

He then asked if Lois was not complaining as Clark spent a lot of time away from home and said that he also wanted to take Jonathan fishing, and that maybe Clark could convince Jordan to come along. Clark said he was going to make an appointment with Lois and said goodbye to the General. When Martha Kent died, Sam attended her funeral. Sam later goes on to Kent farm and shows Clark a video that had the Kryptonian language and showed the Stranger who was in the nuclear power plants.[9]

After learning that Lois, Clark and the children moved to Smallville, Sam comes to Kent farm just as Lois takes the twins with her to the town meeting. Sam berates Clark for revealing his secret identity to the children because he feels that it will take a toll on their mental health. The Stranger who had sabotaged the nuclear power plants appeared in the military facility that Sam was in and started attacking the soldiers, so Sam called Superman to stop him. Sam ordered everyone to leave the facility and the Stranger invaded, asking Sam to stop protecting Superman. Then he gives Sam an object with the symbol of the House of El and says that where he comes from, Sam doesn't trust Kal-El and knows what he's capable of. He asks for your help to stop him before Clark arrives and defeats him, which ends up being revealed as just armor. Sam then tells Clark what happened and shows the object. He says the Stranger was there after Kryptonite, making Clark angry. Sam says he had kryptonite so that no one could use it against Superman. In his office, Sam looks at the object and realizes that the word hell is in it.[12]

Sam and Clark at military base.

Days later, Sam goes to the twins' football game and realizes that Jordan has powers. Annoyed, he has an argument with Lois and Clark. He tells Clark that Killgrave has escaped from prison and then tells the children not to catch his father while he is Superman. After arresting Killgrave, the children tell Lois and Clark what happened, making them angry and going to get some satisfaction from Sam. Later, Sam called Rosetti to find out about Project 7734.[13]

Morgan Edge's rise

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When John Henry Irons was apprehended by Superman, he was interrogated to find answers on his secretive background. General Lane then informed Superman that he'd use Lieutenant Jason Trask to torture Irons for information if he couldn't force him to talk. When Lane learned that Rosetti was accessing Project 7734, he tried to convince the returning Superman to let his men apprehend Rosetti.[10]

When Emily Phan and a man attacked Kent Farm, Sam tried to stop them with Kryptonite gas and give Lois and Jon enough time to escape. When the individuals left, Kent Farm was closed and surrounded by soldiers from Lane to protect his family. He and Lois provisionally reconciled, with Sam apologizing for not being a good enough father for her.[11]

General Lane and the DOD used Sequoia as a temporary base of operation when they occupied Smallville in their quest to stop the plans of Morgan Edge.[14]

Changing his priorities

After Morgan Edge's defeat, Sam Lane decided he had given enough to the world and decided it was time to retire from active duty to spend more time with his family, to the pleasant surprise of Lois.[15]


"I wanted you to know that by your world's standards, I am a man of honor. And I take no pleasure in what comes next."
—Sam Lane to Astra[src]

Sam is extremely arrogant, self-righteous, short-sighted and disrespectful, although he genuinely cares about the welfare of his country, he is also quite selfish, as never takes responsibility or even admits to his own mistakes, always trying to shift the blame on others, he is incapable of expressing gratitude, even towards individuals who had saved his life, viewing their actions as only acting for their own selfish reasons, his elitist views even proves their nature when it comes to his parenting, regularly outright noting his disapproval of would-be suitors to his daughters that do not meet his overly-high standards. It can be assumed that he does not have a good relationship with his daughter, Lois; due to the fact that he interferes in her relationships with men.[3]

Sam has a strong view on aliens, deeply hating them simply because they are different, regardless whether or not they are a threat to the human race. He even dislikes anyone who associates themselves with aliens, like James Olsen; due to the latter being close friends with Superman.[3] Though he does imply that watching The Day the Earth Stood Still left a haunting impression on him as a child; this fear could explain why he grew up so distrusting of extraterrestrial life.[1]

Sam is quite immoral, as he had Astra tortured with liquid Green Kryptonite to try and get the location of where her comrades were keeping "Hank Henshaw" he displayed no guilt or remorse for this act; proving that his hatred for aliens goes so far as to believe they don't deserve civil rights. Although he admits that he took no pleasure in it; showing a shred of decency.

"My job is to protect the American people by any means necessary."
—Sam Lane to Superman[src]

In the new multiverse, Sam has much more respect for Superman. What's more, he is even aware of Clark's identity as Superman, meaning he has a better relationship with Clark and Lois. He is also very wise.

When Sam found out Clark and Lois were going to be married, he warned them that the day would come where Clark would have to choose between his duties as Superman and his family. When that day came, Sam didn't hold it against Clark or Lois for choosing their family over Clark's duties, but did remind them of his warning, respected their wishes and left it at that.

Sam enjoys going fishing with his grandson Jonathan.

Sam was an absentee father who put his duties over his own family, which lead to his relationship being strained with Lois since her childhood. He was also somewhat controlling when he saw Jordan display above average physical abilities emphasized the Kent family needs to keep their head down to avoid drawing suspicions to Clark; while true, Sam was still overstepping his boundaries. He also tried to tell the boys not to be too burdensome on Clark since he is Superman, which led to more fallout between him and his family.

After meeting with John Henry Irons, Sam began to think what would happen if Superman turned against the earth and he developed a project called 7734 (a name he got from Irons that when put upside down spells "hell") as a contingency in case such an event occurred. He did express regret that 7734 weapons ended up being used against Superman and acknowledged that he had lost his son-in-law's trust, and would have to work to regain it. After seeing Superman fight for humanity over his own kind and seeing how the kryponite affected Jordan, Sam decided to dismantle 7734; he would dispose of most of the kryponite but keep enough to keep Tal-Rho and Leslie Larr under lock and keep so there won't be enough to supply an army who would kill Clark.




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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, General Sam Lane is an antagonist to Superman, father of Lois Lane and Lucy Lane and husband of Ella Lane. He is a great military leader and believes that people with as much power as Superman prove an ongoing threat to humanity stemming from his natural distrust. A true patriot, he is willing to cross many lines and even go to his death in the defense of his country. This includes working alongside Lex Luthor on several occasions. There is irony in that his daughter is married to Clark Kent, secretly his greatest enemy. Although he appeared to die fighting Imperiex during Our Worlds at War, New Krypton showed that he had faked his own death. Later he committed suicide during the War of the Supermen, though he was later reintroduced following the New 52 reboot. He was also the leader of Project 7734. He debuted in Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #13 (November, 1959).
    • Originally he was introduced as a horse farmer from the town of Pittsdale, before later being reinvented as a U.S. army general.