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Samuel "Sam" Scudder, also known as Mirror Master, was an enemy of the Flash and a criminal who used holograms designed by small reflective discs to commit his crimes.


In the 1990s, Sam was trying to steal one of the S.T.A.R. Labs facilities on the west coast to purchase an experimental battery. There, his partner Stasia Masters betrayed and knocked him out, leaving with the battery and leaving him to the police. Wishing to take revenge, Sam tracked Masters to Central City, where he decided to break into another STAR Labs facility and steal an extremely rare crystal that was in Dr. Tina McGee's possession. Then the Flash, with the help of Dr McGee, used a high-powered searchlight to blind Sam and arrest him.[1]

In 2018, The Monitor invaded Earth-90 and seemingly killed all of its residents. Because of that, Sam's fate remains unknown.[2]


  • Miniaturized holographic projectors: Sam used holographic projectors to commit his crimes.[1]


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