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"The shaman couldn't sit by and watch his people starve. He could see what no one else could. This was the evil work of a dark spirit."

Samir is a shaman from Sudan.


Shaman observing the boy

Shaman observing the boy.

Samir came from a long line of shamans and at some point an older shaman passed a scared Kusa knife to him.

When Samir was in a rather old age, a hunger struck his village and Samir knew that it was a demon. Trying to stop it he sacrificed Okot, trapping Mnemoth inside him using special scarification techniques.[1]

Powers and abilities[]



  • Occult knowledge: As a shaman, Samir possesses a great occult knowledge.[1]


  • Kusa: Samir has a sacred kusa knife, which was passed down by generations of shaman and has centuries of powerful magic contained within.[1]



Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, the Dinkan shaman who trapped Mnemoth was unnamed and, at first, before trapping the demon inside the boy, he attempted to exorcise the demon, but failed and was forced to trap him inside the body.
  • Samir's name was only seen in the end credits. Otherwise, like his comic book counterpart, he was unnamed.