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"But still, we have some mysteries left to solve, like our flying Samurai robot... Android Samurai. Samuroid."
Cisco Ramon on Samuroid[src]

A samurai robot, nicknamed Samuroid by Cisco Ramon (a portmanteau of "Samurai" and "Android"), was a combat robot unit at the disposal of the late Clifford DeVoe. Remains of the unit are now owned by Team Flash.


Marlize DeVoe around the Samuroid.

Marlize DeVoe created the first Samuroid as a combat robot for Clifford DeVoe. The robot wreaked havoc in Central City to attract the attention of the Flash. When Kid Flash and Vibe arrived instead, DeVoe used the Samuroid as a communication device as well, demanding to see the Flash within 24 hours. Kid Flash later attempted to counter the robot while dressed as the Flash, but was overpowered. In retaliation, the Samuroid sliced the fibula in Kid Flash's leg.

After 24 hours, the samurai robot was ambushed by a Central City Police Department task force led by Joe West, while Iris West approached and willingly gave herself as a hostage to lure out Barry Allen. Barry, overcoming his temporal dementia-like state, rushed to the scene, catching up with the robot as it was flying near a wind farm. In the ensuing battle, Allen managed to tackle the robot, which fell to the ground and was badly damaged in the process. Later unmasking the robot, the Flash received a last message from DeVoe as the connection was terminated.

Samuroid remains at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Remains of the robot were captured by Team Flash for Cisco Ramon to research.[1]


In the future Nora is from, at some point in or before 2032, the samurai robot's sword was put on display in the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains.[2]

Weapon specifications

  • Physical fighting: The robot was capable of physical fighting, even against a speedster, utilizing both its katanas and some hand-to-hand combat.[1]
  • Flight: Its wings could expand to send Samuroid to great heights, even while carrying someone.[1]
  • Pulse blast projection: Through a swipe or stab of its sword, the Samuroid could discharge light blue energy force from it delivering shock waves or slicing blasts that could devastate a localized area.
  • Speakers: Samuroid's voice can be heard through its samurai mask. While it speaks English, it has been shown to understand Japanese.[1]
  • Weapon recall: Samuroid could launch and recall the blade end of its sword to its hilt for a distanced attack.[1]


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