"I just wish Ray would make normal friends, you know? I mean, he would rather spend his time with his animals and movies or his weird inventions. Sometimes, I worry that he just gets lost in his own head."
—Sandy Palmer on her son, Ray Palmer[src]

Sandy Palmer is the wife of David Palmer, and the mother of Ray Palmer and Sydney Palmer.


At some point, Sandy married David Palmer and in 1981, she gave birth to twin sons Ray and Sydney Palmer.[1] As Sandy raised the two boys in Ivy Town, she grew very concerned about Ray's lack of friends and always living in his own world, yet still deeply loved him.

In 1988, unbeknownst to Sandy, Ray befriended a baby Dominator, whom he named Gumball, and hid him in his room, which lead him to skip school in order to spend time with his alien friend. Sandy was informed of her son's absence in school and left work to confront Ray at home, severely scolding him. Moments later, Sandy answered the door to Amaya Jiwe and Nate Heywood, who claimed to be animal control workers, with the latter trying to charm her. Sandy expressed her worries about her son, which Ray overheard.

Later, the Dominator queen approached Sandy and took her memories of her meeting with Nate in order to disguise herself as her. Sandy was then wrapped into a cocoon and placed into a tree, where she was eventually found by Amaya. The Dominator used Sandy's visage to seduce Nate.

After Ray reunited Gumball with his mother, the real Sandy was freed from the cocoon and brought into the ruined house. Sandy's memory of the encounter was wiped away and she was provided with a cover story of possums running amok in her home from Nate and the time-traveling future version of Ray. Before the pair left, the future Ray assured Sandy that she was doing "a really good job" with her son.[2]


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Behind the scenes

Ivy Town Times

Ivy Town Times mentions Mrs. Palmer as "Sandy Palmer".

  • In the DC comics, Ray Palmer's mother is named Sue Palmer. She died while Ray was still a young boy. She debuted in Power of the Atom #6 (December, 1988).
  • The character is known only as "Mrs. Palmer" in both episode proper and the credits. However, the newspaper in the beginning of "Phone Home" listed her first name as Sandy.


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